Not Afraid<3

Serena is bestfriends Liam and has been for a long time. 18 years to be exact. Liam has been in One Direction they havent really seen each other. But what happens when liam and the boys come home. will he remember her and remember everything they ever had? Read to find out;)


3. Wishing You Were Here

I wake up to another bright sunny day. I hop into the shower then dress in black skinny jeans, a hoddie, and some Chuck Taylors. I braid my long blond hair to the side and brush on some massacera. I grab my phone and car keys and sit down on the couch to text my best friend.

S: Hey Hayley do you want ride over to starbucks with me?
H: Sure I'll meet you there

S: Okk thanks

H: You know I love starbucks, and you of course lol

S: Lol yes I know Love you tooooooooooo

H: Lol see you there


I laugh and lock my phone back. Hayley, Liam and I have been be friends since well forever. Me and her always get to laughing about how if maybe the girls at school treated him better then they would be able to say they we're his bestiees. "Where are you going?" Alex asks. "To starbucks with Hayley." I answer. "Hayley, can I come?" He asks smirking. "Um no, so calm you creepy hormonal self down and go away." I say. "Hey, I was just asking." He said defensive. "Well you still cant go." I walk out of the house and get into my car. I drive the five minuets down to starbuck where Hayley is already standing at the front door. "Hey girl." She waves. "Hey whats up buttercup." I reply. "Oh you know just waiting for you to show up.'' She smiles. "Sorry Alex caught me and when he found out who I was going with he wanted to come." "Oh fun.'' Exactly.'' I smirk as we walk in and order our coffe. "You know, I still miss Liam, Its like after The X-Factor he just forgot about us." Hayley sighs. "Yeah I know.'' I say. We talk about life and things then leave, but what she said was so true I cant stop thinking about it. "He doesnt have time for us does he?" I ask myself. I sigh, this is one of those days I wish that he would come home and wrap his arms around me, telling me he missed me. this is one of those days I just wish he was here.

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