Not Afraid<3

Serena is bestfriends Liam and has been for a long time. 18 years to be exact. Liam has been in One Direction they havent really seen each other. But what happens when liam and the boys come home. will he remember her and remember everything they ever had? Read to find out;)


5. New and Old Friends

Liam's POV

I was in shock. Serena Williams was standing right in front of me. my best friend. "Serena? Serena Williams?" by this time we were the only ones in the room. "Is that really you?" she laughed "Yeah. its really me!" she did a spin "but you! you've changed a lot! are you sure your Liam Payne?" of coarse I laughed. "I don't know... I could be a mass murderer." I said mysteriously, she laughed "Very funny! but I missed you so much!!" I gave her a huge hug "I missed you too" *cough, cough* I let go of her and turned to see my 4 band members. "Liam? would like to explain?" Harry said "Oh uh, this is Serena. She has been my best friend since birth! I haven't seen her since I don't even know." *knock knock* "Come in!!" I yelled the door opened and in walked Danielle " hey baby!!" she ran up and hugged me "Surprise!" I looked at Serena but she looked away and walked out of the room "Danielle!!" I pulled away "what? just coming to visit my boyfriend!" "im not your boyfriend we broke up get out!!" I pushed her out the door and shut it. "ok were did Serena go?"

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