Not Afraid<3

Serena is bestfriends Liam and has been for a long time. 18 years to be exact. Liam has been in One Direction they havent really seen each other. But what happens when liam and the boys come home. will he remember her and remember everything they ever had? Read to find out;)


4. Coming Home

Liams POV

Ok I'm going home today!! But this time, ALL the boys are coming with me! I'm so excited, its hard being away from home all the time. But you get used to it. My mom said 'Come strait home when you get off the plane!!' so that's what I'm going to do!

Mrs. Payne's POV

I am so happy!!! My Liam is coming home today!!! I decided to throw him a small party in honor of him coming home!!

Hayleys POV

Oh my gosh!!! Liam is coming home!! do you know how excited Serena is going to be?! lets just say really excited! She doesn't know that he's coming home. I told everybody not to tell her and to txt us when he gets to his house!!! she is going to be so surprised!!

Serenas POV

Tonight Hayley and I are going to have dinner with Liam's family. Just not Liam, maybe i'll call him tonight. Yeah! That's what i'll do!!

*Phone rings*

S- Hello

H- Hey gurlll!!! i'll be at your house in 5 minutes!!

S- kk girl! see you soon!

H-kk bye!!

*end of call*

"HOLY CRAP! I'M NOT DRESSED!" I ran up stairs and threw on a sweater, jeans, a scarf and toms. I still have a minute left!

*knock knock knock!!*

"Coming!" I yelled "hey! im ready!"

"Great! Lets go!!!" she replied

*skipping car ride*

"Wow. I haven't been here since.." I was cut off by Hayley

"2 weeks ago?"

"oh yeah!" we laughed Hayley opened the door and walked in. But not me. I stood there in shock of who was inside that house. someone that I had not seen in a LONG time. "Liam?"


Hope you guys liked this chapter!!! I know I did!! giant boo bear hugs! -Sarah

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