Upside Down

You would have thought that turning 15 is fun and happy, but not for Amelia! When her boyfriend starts cheating on her with her best friend, her life is turned upside down and she is no longer the pretty, funny, and popular girl that she used to be. When the mysterious boy from wales arrives at her school, will her life improve or will his good looks and mysterious attitude drive her insane and when it comes to the school prom, will she find true love or will her hope be lost...


2. 15


My Mum, Dad, and Iona (my sister) ran into my room with a pile of envelopes and presents (ALL FOR ME!)!!! I sat up and yawned, just realising it was my birthday and shouted,'OMG! I'm 15!'

I teared open my presents and envelopes and ended up with £120, £60 of vouchers, a box of chocolates, 2 CD's, and best of all, the earings from my parents. they were little grey elephants with colourful rugs on their backs and a shiny diamond at the end of their tails'! I don't know if it was a real diamond but it was real enough to me.

I put them on, got ready, and dashed downstairs and took a pile of the freshly cooked pancakes waiting for me downstairs. They smelt gorgeous and I drizzled a load of honey on them before gobbling them all up! I can be greedy sometimes, but I guess it is my birthday! I ran out of the house, down the road, and gazed at my watch. I had plenty of before Dan arrived and spent a whole day with me, but as soon as i looked up, there he was, waiting, wearing his charming grin on his face! I ran up to him and gave him a massive hug, as he kissed me on the cheek. 'Happy Birthday!' He whispered in my ear, and put his arm round me as we walked into the centre of Scarborough, happy!

 We shopped for a bit, and as a present, he bought me a locket, and slipped a photo of each of us into it. It was beautiful and I put it on straight away. Then we went into New Look, and I couldn't decide between 2 pairs of massive high heels, so he bought me them both, and finally, we got an ice cream each and sat down on the edge of the beach.

We were silent at first , but after we finished our ice cream, he broke the silence, and whispered,'I love you Amelia!' I felt amazing, and sighed and replied, 'I love you too!' I turned around to face him to see his face close to mine, 'I love you a lot,' he said to me, and kissed me. He was bringing me in, close to him, and I couldn't resist so I kissed him back, it felt amazing, like we were properly together and as I moved closer to him he pulled my waist towards him.

I don't know how long we were in that position, but eventually, I pulled away, although I was still holding him close. Finally he said,'it's 5 o clock now, I better take you back cos you don't want to keep your friends waiting.' I nodded, still re- living the kiss, and I felt amazing!

The walk back was silent but I think we were both re living the moment. It was only then when I realised how cool and caring he was and how much I love him, and I'm sure we'd have so much fun tonight together. I wrapped my arm round him as we walked like I was going to loose him any second, and he did the same. We were a perfect couple, and I wanted us to stay together for as long as we live. I know you don't really get many teenage couples staying with each other for the rest of their life, but I felt so sure we would.

We walked up to the door of my house and I said to him, 'see you at the party sweetie!' And in reply he pulled me towards him into another kiss, and when we gently pulled away, he said,'see you at the party babe.'

I dashed inside, shoved my bags off, and ran upstairs and into my room, where as expected, my friends were waiting. Their outfits were amazing! Leah was wearing a buttoned shirt with a skull on it and waist high short shorts, Jodie was wearing a baggy vest top and a short black skirt that started and Lisa was wearing green skinny jeans and a jumper with a panda face on it. They all looked soooo pretty and I wanted to look as nice a them.

I sat down by my dressing table and they got to work. Leah did my make up while Lisa and Jodie did my hair. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best...

I held onto my friends as I walked downstairs blind folded and stood in front of the big mirror in the corridor. I pulled the blind fold off and opened my eyes...

WOW! I gazed at myself in the mirror, amazed! My hair was straightened and down with a flower clip at the side,  holding back my side fringe. My eyes were perfectly framed, and there was a hint of blue eye shadow. My lips were red and sparkly, and my foundation tied the two together. 'Wow,' I said,'You guys have done an amazing job!' I grinned at them and Lisa said,'Thanks, you look amazing, there's only one more thing to do. Me and Jodie finished quite quickly, so we got time to choose your outfit. I hope you like it.'

I smiled and ran upstairs (yet again,) and into my room I looked at my wardrobe and on the door knobs, was the outfit. I stared in wonder, they had picked one of my favourite outfits, my muti-coloured leggings, a tie dye vest top, my camoflauge denim jacket, and my black high heels, a perfect party outfit!!!




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