Upside Down

You would have thought that turning 15 is fun and happy, but not for Amelia! When her boyfriend starts cheating on her with her best friend, her life is turned upside down and she is no longer the pretty, funny, and popular girl that she used to be. When the mysterious boy from wales arrives at her school, will her life improve or will his good looks and mysterious attitude drive her insane and when it comes to the school prom, will she find true love or will her hope be lost...


1. 1 more day

I've spent ages planning my party at the town hall. I cant believe that i'm actually turning 15, tomorrow! it's going to be the best day of my life, and the best party ever; everyone's invited, my friends, my boyfriend, my annoying 13 year old sister and her friends, my BFF Leah, all the hot boys, and even the barbies (the girls in my class that look so fake because they coat themselves with 5mm of make up). I just glad my parents are sticking out of this one cos they definately wouldn't aprove of what's going to happen there. A little bit of kissing isn't bad at all, but to them it is!

My last party was awful. going bowling with your parents watching your every move, isn't my idea of fun, and they didn't even let me and Jay (my ex) go and get the drinks on our own, but now, i can understand why. Jay may have been fit, but he was very OTT! he was always trying to kiss me, feel me, and even trying to get me to go to clubs with the age limit of 18, and wanting to get in the shower with me! I wouldn't let him go that far. It took me ages to have the courage to brake up with him, but when i did, i felt happy, free!

well, I've got Dan now and he's the hottest guy EVER! His sandy coloured hair, and his cheeky grin catches every girls' attention! Especially mine! I feel free with him, i still have a lot of time to hang around with my friends, Leah, Jodie, and Lisa, but I still have a lot of time to be with hem as well! My life was perfect and the party would be sooo much fun! I've even invited Leah round to mine to do my make up and help me decide what to wear and I'm certain she's going to do an amazing job, well her make up always looks amazing so i can trust her to do a good job on me!

My watch seems to tick around sooooooooo slowly,

as I wait,

and wait,

and wait,



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