I denne movella er teksten skrevet på engelsk.
Det er ikke som sådan en historie.
Mere en fortælling over følelser og over komninger.
Den kan måske være anstødelig pågrund af at jeg nok kan komme til at sige nogle
lidt hårde.
En jeg kender har læst nogle af de slemme, og har sagt de var lidt hårde og realstiske.
Men i må vel selv bestemme.


1. Art of the eye


Part 1


If you paint, you will perhaps see something speciel.

In the paint, or other paintings.

Some peopel, most peopel see somethings.

That you dont see.

But some peopel dont see anything.

Does peopel deny the truth.

And some peopel, dont want to see.

Does peopel are scared


Part 2


A painting is almost like a mirror.

Sometimes we see or self, as we are.

Sometimes we see something new.

Sometimes we dont look.


Part 3


When i paint, i feel awesome.

But it is different from time to time.

Some times i are full of feelings.

I paint what i feel, and see.

All worries, pain, anger, love, happiness.

Is comming on the white paper.

All the colors and patterns are,


But some times i am just,


Part 4


One time a very wise person told me that, sometimes when she paints.

It isent always herself.

Sometimes she gets help.

Not from humans, but something else.


Once a upon she believe that it wasent her there was painting, it was someone elses.


But in the end, she found out.

It was her self.


With a little help.



Part 5


Paint is my escape zone.

I feel free, and alive.


It is very hard to explain, i tried.

I just hope you understand now.


But if you dont, there perhaps

is a reason.


Af Cookierocks123 kap. 1

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