There Is Only One Chance (second part to One night that changed everything)

Amelia had been kidnaped, knocked out, and flew halfway across the world with 5 boys. She is now in the ER fighting for her life...


6. You Agree! YAY

Amber`s POV:
 I felt bad for Amelia, so I talked to Lou about it. "What`s wrong darling?" Lou asked me. "Its Amelia. I feel bad for what I said back at the hospital so I took some time to think about it and I do want to move back to California." I looked at Louis hoping he would agree with my decision. "Ok babe. But, we have to find a house big enough for the seven of us." I nodded. "I don`t want Harry to pay for this all by himself." I said, raising my eyebrows. Louis looked at me funny. "We will think about it in the morning ok hun?" He said cupping my cheeks and placing a light kiss on my lips. "Ok, I guess you are right. I love you." I said. "I love you too. Now get some sleep."

Amelia`s POV:

"Hey Harry?" I asked. "Yes babe?" He said grunting "Can I ask you a question?" I said. He sat up "What about" He replied. "I`ve been getting letters from family members and they are concerned about me...the only thing is, I couldn`t afford my own phone, so I can`t get ahold of them." I said. "I don`t know. We need to buy you a phone missy." He said letting out a small laugh. "I know." "What type of phone do you want?" He said. "I don`t know.. and iPhone or something." He gave me a kiss and held me closer. "We will think about it in the morning ok? No worries. I love you princess. Now, get some sleep." I nodded and proceeded on what he told me to do.



Hi. Sorry I haven`t been on I have gotten really sick and it sucks butt. But I`m back! Yay

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