There Is Only One Chance (second part to One night that changed everything)

Amelia had been kidnaped, knocked out, and flew halfway across the world with 5 boys. She is now in the ER fighting for her life...


7. Where are you all?

Amber`s POV:

I had woke up to Louis gone. I got up and took a shower, then went to get some coffee. All of the boys were gone... I went to check in Harry`s room to see if Amelia was there. "Amber?" She said in her morning voice "Ya, its me. Do you have any clue where the boys are?" I said. "Yes, Harry told me that they had to go to a meeting. They will be back around lunch." She said getting up out of bed. "That's 3 hours!" I said shocked. "Harry left me some money to go buy a new phone. So we can do something today!" Amelia said. "Ok whatever, just hurry up getting dressed and shit and we can go. I`m going to ring up Louis really quickly ok?" She nodded. "Don`t be long." I said. "Ok mother...." She said sarcastically.

* phone call *

L: Hello?
A: What the fuck Lou?!

L: Oh I`m sorry I forgot to tell you I had a meeting.

A: Sorry doesn`t cover it Tomlinson.

L: Do you want me to come back? I can ask since I have the least solos so I can hang out with you and Amelia.

A: Whatever, just please don`t worry me like that. You know I can get worried easily.

L: Yes I know love. I will be back there in 20 minutes.

A: Ok

L:I love you so much and I really am sorry.

A: I love you too. And, its fine really.

L: B-Bye love

A: Byeeee

L: Oh one more thing.

A: What?

L: Our meeting was cut short so we are all going to be home in 15 minutes ok? I have to go now bye.

* end of call *

"AMELIA HURRY THE FUCK UP!! THE OYS ARE GOING TO BE HERE IN 15 MINUTES!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "I`m already ready!" She yelled back.

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