There Is Only One Chance (second part to One night that changed everything)

Amelia had been kidnaped, knocked out, and flew halfway across the world with 5 boys. She is now in the ER fighting for her life...


10. Small Bumps

Amelia`s POV:

I was standing in the shower, my head down letting the droplets go through my long hair. I hummed a random melody in my head and thought about what I was going to tell Harry about my cuts. Honestly, I had no clue. Knowing Harry though, he will absolutely want a reason. I need to just- ow. Was that from my gut? Oh my god I feel sick. I turned the water off and rapped the towel around my body. "Harry come up here now!" I said sternly. "What is it doll?" I looked down at the bloating stomach. "I felt something down there Harry..." "Well, it was nice talking to you bye." I grabbed his shoulder. "Am I... pregnant?" I shrieked. He nodded. "The fuck Harry? Why don`t you wear a condom? I hope you know I can`t keep the child. I`m only 17." I snapped. "I understand." I gave a faint smile. "Harry." "Yea?" He replied. "That means we need to kill it." He covered his mouth. "Not like that. We have to not let it breathe. I`m so sorry." He couldn`t do this. And, I felt exactly the way he did. 

*back to the hospital*

"Okay, we will put you under laughing gas so I don't think you will feel this." The doctor said. As soon as he put the mask over my face everything went blurry and I got dizzy. A sharp pain went through my gut and about ten seconds later it was out. I sat up.

"Only One Chance. Gone."

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