There Is Only One Chance (second part to One night that changed everything)

Amelia had been kidnaped, knocked out, and flew halfway across the world with 5 boys. She is now in the ER fighting for her life...


3. Shot

 Amelia's POV:

"Then I will live with you." Harry said. I looked at him, saw the sadness and overwhelming depression in his eyes. "Harry, we both know I live in a place where there are many paparazzi and girls, I think you haven't thought this through yet." I said, my eyebrows rising. "I'm going to live with you. I don't care about anyone else, I love you and I can't let you out of my life." Harry looked at me his big green eyes now sparkling at me, from the tears. "Ok, but by now I have been missing and I probably don't have a house to live in." I complained. "And I have no fucking money or shit." I looked at Harry who has calmed down. "I will pay for it then. Please, just let me take care of you." I nodded. Then the doctor walked in, looking at my results. "She can leave tomorrow. But our results show that she had one broken rib, and a strange color of the skin change." He said. "Skin color changes?" Harry said in a deep, raspy voice. "Like from her normal color to a very vampire like pale. Her eyes change color too. It seems when we brought the scalpel to look at her ribs, she seemed to change color, as if she could sense danger. Who am I kidding haha." I looked at him strangely. I looked at my hands as they changed to a pale color. "Harry," I whispered. Harry looked back at me. "Harry, he's not my doctor.. he is an impersonator. Get him." Harry immediately got up, as he did that, the 'doctor' pulled out a gun and shot my leg. I screamed in pain as Niall came in and jumped on him from behind. "Amelia! Are you ok?!" Niall asked. Then the doctor went out and shot Amber. She screamed her heart out. "AMBER!!! NO!" I screamed "Amelia! Louis! Help please!" She said. I ran out of my bed limping. My blood rushing past my fingers as I tried to shield it with my hands and cloth. "Don't move!" I heard Josh and Paul shout. I felt a gun at my head. "Try me, bitch." I turned around, took the gun and twisted his wrist and pulled down. He knelt down to lessen the pain he was feeling. The police soon arrived on the scene and arrested him. "Thank you miss. We have been looking for this guy for a month now and I can't believe he would go into a hospital!" I nodded and whimpered in pain. Harry accompanied me as soon as I fell. "Harry." I kissed him in joy. My skin was now back to its usual color. I looked back at up at the cop. He was looking at me in shock. "Is there a problem sir?" I asked. "Y-you changed- co-color" He stuttered. "I know, but it`s very helpful." He nodded and quickly left the scene. "Amelia, help" I an over to Amber who was now about to pass out. Louis wrapped her arms around her to comfort her when she got shot. "Why did he only go after girls?" I whispered to myself. "Did you say something love" Louis said to me. "Oh no, just hinking out loud to myself." I said quickly. "Here Amber, take this." "Thanks Amelia, can we go home?" "Here`s the thing.."

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