There Is Only One Chance (second part to One night that changed everything)

Amelia had been kidnaped, knocked out, and flew halfway across the world with 5 boys. She is now in the ER fighting for her life...


1. Saving A Teenage Girl

Harrys POV:
"No, Amelia! I can't lose you now! I can't-" I said, getting pulled out of the room. I couldn't help but to cry. Amber ran from Louis's arms and asked me what happened. "She stopped breathing." I said. I needed to go outside. Calm down and find some fresh air. Amber heard and ran to the room she was in. The nurses held her back as she started to shout. Louis ran over to accompany his girlfriend "She...she, she couldn't hear me..... THEY HAVE TO SAVE HER SHE IS MY BESTFRIEND!!! please- she is my best friend." Amber was crying harder than I was. Her hazel eyes full of tears. Then the doctor walked out of the room. "We were able to save your girlfriend-" I cut him off. "Let me see her, LET ME SEE HER!" He nodded. "She is too weak to talk. How did this happen?"  I looked back at us, then looked at the doctor. "Taylor Swift came over, proclaiming that I was hers forever. But, Amelia was asking why she was there. Then she slapped her. Taylor slapped her back. She fell and Taylor started to kick her abdomen, or whatever that stomach place is called." I calmed down. He nodded at me and asked if he can call the police on her. "Yes...I want you to do it now. She could had taken my girlfriend's life." I replied. "Someone quick call the cops!" The doctor yelled. "Who do you want to find?" A nurse yelled back. "Taylor Swift." Everybody laughed. "Hey! We have One Direction over here you better not laugh." The doctor raised his voice. "No, let me call them." I said. "Ok.." The doctor led me to the phone.  "999, what's your emergency?" The police woman said through the phone. "Yes, this is Harry Styles and I would like to report abuse, because my girlfriend could have been killed from Taylor Swift." I said, kinda struggling to talk. "Ok sir what is your location?" She asked. "No, not my location... I want you to find Taylor Swift's location." The woman wrote it down. "Ok sir, we will do our best to track her down." I hung up after thanking them. I walked back to see Amber had gone into the room with Amelia. "How come I couldn't go in?'" I said to everybody else. "She asked for Amber. Apparently she can talk a bit." Louis replied.

Amber's POV:

The doctor asked me to follow him into Amelia's room. I was scared of what I was going to see. I walk in and gasp. Amelia was so pale, and her eyes looked like they were flushed. A very pale blue. "Be gentle with her now miss, she is very fragile." The doctor said. "Ok, thank you. But, can we have some alone time?" I said. "Sure." I ran over to her. Amelia rapped her arms around me, crying. "I just want to go home. Please that's all I ask. Let me go home." Amelia said. Her voice scratchy. "I know, I know. But, you can't leave Harry. And, I can't leave Louis." I said, surprised of what she did. "Please bring in Harry." She said wanting me to leave. "Um, ok." I walked out. Harry looked at me. "Can I see her? Please?" He begged. "She wants to see you anyway." Harry ran past but, I stopped him. "Harry, wait." He was about to twist the knob. "What?" he said. "Before you go in there, don't be surprised of what she looks like, sounds like, or feels like. I don't know if you will like what you hear." Harry nodded then went in.


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