Loved you first

Lucy a 18 year old girl from Leeds moves to London so that she can go and live her dream of becoming a dancer. She has everything she ever wanted, her bestfriend Bee, a career of a dancer and an amazing amount of money to settle down and buy a flat with. She needs nothing else or does she?
Bumping into Niall Horan isnt the best way to meet a celebrity but will she be seeing him more often? Will she finally find that something else that she has been searching for all her life?


6. The note

(Lucy's P.O.V)


Me and Bee hadn't stopped talking the whole time we were in Nandos. We were just catching up about each others lives. I had been telling her about my new dancing career when Bee interrupted me all of a sudden.

"I think we should get the bill, then we can get out of here but that waitress has disappeared somewhere," Bee sighed.

"Why was i boring you Bee?" I asked confused.

"No not at all i just thought that you could carry on telling me about your dancing while we're browsing a few more shops?"

"urrgghh fine then but we are not spending any longer than an hour in the shops," I sighed and looked around Nandos for the waitress. I saw that she was serving another table near to us, it looked like five boys. She didn't seem to be writing anything down just talking to them. Typical. She bent down to one of them but as her body was in the way of the majority of the table i couldn't see who it was and i also couldn't see anyone else either as she was blocking my view. As Bee's back was too their table it meant that she couldn't see anything that was happening. I however had a clear view and when the waitress stood up straight again my draw dropped open. I could see the left side of the table very clearly now and who was sat there. Harry fucking Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. I just about fell off my chair in shock but grabbed the table in an attempt to keep my balance. How was this happening?! I got curious to find out who else was sitting with them and i didn't have to wait long as the waitress walked away towards her desk. I could now see Liam Payne and Niall Horan. I instantly blushed and looked away as he looked in my direction. I really hope he didn't remember me because i had made a complete fool out of myself infront of him. He had probaly told all the other boys of how i was such a klutz. I still couldn't believe that the whole of One Direction was sitting at a table in Nandos so close to me and Bee. Oh shit Bee! If she saw them then she would completely fangirl and probably go up to them and start chatting to them. I would just be behind her looking awkward as usual but what if Niall did recognise me, id be so embarrassed. I couldn't let Bee see them and i know that sounds mean but there would be other chances that she would get to meet them, right? We were going to their concert for crying out loud on Sunday night so it wouldn't really matter that much. Yeah i realise im being quite selfish here but i would rather not face embarrassment at this moment in time, just when i have had luch aswell. You see when i get really really embarrassed i tend to be sick or just faint. So by me having just eaten there would be more chance of me puking right infront of One Direction and then i would be even more embarrassed and either puke some more or just faint. Either way it wouldn't end well, so in my head i decided to distract Bee and get her out of Nandos without her seeing them. This would prove to be a very very tricky task as we had to walk straight pass them to the door.

I saw the waitress coming towards us with what looked like the bill. She placed it on the table and i looked up at her, she had a big smile on her face. She then quickly walked away. Bee must have noticed the smile on her face too as she gave me a confused look.

"What the fuck was that about?" She said her eyebrows furrowing together.

"Im not quite sure but this isn't the bill," I said picking up folded piece of paper. Bee took the paper straight out of my hands and opened it up. She was reading it for quite a while and i was getting impatient.

"What does it say?" I asked but got no reply.

"Bee," I spoke getting rather annoyed. She still didn't answer so i snatched the piece of paper right out of her hand. Bee was still sat there looking at her hands with a shocked expression on her face. I decided to read what it said.

I don't know your name but we met this morning in the train station when i knocked you over. I am still sorry about that by the way.

Anyway i was wondering if you would like to come on a date with me tonight as i would like to get to know you better. Please don't get creeped out by this message as im pretty shy and chickened out of coming over to you. Sorry

Mobile: 07891 477 823

From Niall Horan x

My face matched Bee as we both went into shock. I couldn't believe he actually remembered me let alone wanted to go on a date with me. I looked over to Bee to see she was straing at me blankly. I guess it was time to explain.

"Look Bee im sorry i didn't  tell you earlier, i didn't get chance but now i can-

"Look i don't care at the moment about you explaining you can tell me that later," Bee interrupted.

"No i want to tell you now though," I said feeling more guilty.

"Just let me speak, okay?" I nodded.

"Like i just said you can explain to me later because at this moment in time we need to go get you something nice to wear for this date but listen Lucy i am a bit annoyed that you didn't tell me so next time just make sure you tell me everything new. Okay?" She looked at me with a small smile on her face.

"I haven't even said that im going on this date yet and i am sorry that i didn't tell you and i promise to let you know things sooner." I stood up and went round to her side of the table. I bent down and gave her a hug. I heard table chairs moving and looked up to see all of One Direction heading towards the door. Bee's eyes widened and her jaw dropped open. I watched as they all went through the door one by one. Niall was last and he turned around to give me a wave.

"Her names Lucy," Bee shouted at him. He gave a small chuckle.

"Thanks," he shouted back before turning and heading out of the door. I watched him until i could see him no more.

"Why did you do that Bee?" I asked wacking her arm.

"Oww and i did it for your own good. You are going on a date with Niall Horan or i will take your place," She said smirking.

"I would love to go but he doesn't know where im staying," I said frowning.

"That's why he left you his phone number so that you could text him asking." I really was an idiot for not thinking that. I looked at the phone number sitting on the table and typed it into contacts under 'Niall Horan'. I decided to send him a quick message letting him know that i would like to go on a date with him.


Hey, this is Lucy. I would love to go on a date with you tonight :) x

In no time at all my phone buzzed in my hand.


I'm glad! Should i pick you up around 7pm?x

I thought it was a good idea to put my adress in.


7pm is fine and i live at 12 Berry Avenue WF2 ONY x


Thanks and wear something pretty :) x

I blushed reading his last text and decided to put my phone away so that we could pay for the bill.


We were now browsing the shops in search of an outfit for tonight. So far we hadn't had any luck but i saw something that caught my eye. It was a long blue top with puffy sleeves and it had a bit of lace around the neck line to make it look prettier. I matched it with a black skirt and some blue wedges and i had a jacket in my suitcase that would go with my outfit. I felt pleased with my choice and went to pay for it. Hopefully Niall would class this as pretty because me and Bee both agreed it was. I was starting to get pretty nervous for tonight but tried to keep my mind of it.




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