Loved you first

Lucy a 18 year old girl from Leeds moves to London so that she can go and live her dream of becoming a dancer. She has everything she ever wanted, her bestfriend Bee, a career of a dancer and an amazing amount of money to settle down and buy a flat with. She needs nothing else or does she?
Bumping into Niall Horan isnt the best way to meet a celebrity but will she be seeing him more often? Will she finally find that something else that she has been searching for all her life?


5. That girl


(Niall's P.O.V)


Ever since this morning in the train station, i couldn't stop thinking about that girl i knocked over. Ooops. I mean she knew who i was but i felt really bad about knocking her over because she had so many bags with her. I was such an idiot.

*flash back*

I had just entered the train station to get away from all the paparazzi following me. I had the smart idea of walking through the whole train station and going to the other exit. Yeah i know it was a shit idea but at the time i wasn't really thinking about that, i just wanted to get rid of the paps. I felt a buzz in my pocket and reached my hand down to retrieve my phone. It was a messag from harry.


Mate where are you? We are all meant to be going out this afternoon. We all decided on Nandos which i know is good with you :)

Oh shit. I had completely forgotten about us going out this afternoon. I fist pumped the air next to me when i read that we were off to Nandos. Favourite place on earth and if i could i would actually live there. I looked back down at my phone and clicked on my reply button.


Im at train station hiding from the paps (long story) but im heading to your flat now, i won't be long. Im up for Nandos completely :D

I read over my text again before clicking send, i then carried on staring at my screen waiting for it to send. Suddenly, phone was knocked out of my hand as i accidently knocked someone of their feet.

"I'm really sorry," she said through gritted which im guessing was because she had just falling flat on her arse.

"Its alright but i'm sorry too as i wasn't looking where i was going," i replied looking down at her. This was the first time i could look at her properly as she was so wrapped up in thinking about something. She was beautiful, she had lovely brown natural hair that hung over her face and her pale skin complimented her eyes. Her mouth turned up a little into a smile and i was confused, so i decided to ask her if she was alright.

"Are you alright?" I asked which seemed to snap her out of her trance. 

"Oh sorry, yeah im fine thanks," she smiled at the floor but her smile seemed fake to me. She tried to stand up ended up falling back down from all her heavy bags. I offered her my hand and she galdly accepted it. As she was hauled up i lookes into her eyes now that i could see her better. They were a gorgeous hazel colour with a darker shade of brown around the edge. They had a little twinkle in them and i could feel myself smiling. She was roaming around all of my face and i watched her as she finally came back to my eyes. She instantly blushed when she realised that i had been watching her.

"Oh m-my..your N-Niall Horan," she said in a quiet voice. I smiled the fact that she realised me but then i started to panick because i was trying to keep a low profile as i knew the paps would be in the train station somewhere. If she started screaming then they would easily find me.

"Ha ha yeah thats me but please don't scream because i am trying to get through her unseen," i looked at her worried of her reaction towards my words. I searched all over her face for an answer and finally got one when she smiled.

"Trust me i won't tell tell but i had better be going now as im meant to be meeting a friend, sorry again for walking into you," this girl really was nice i thought to myself as i continued to stare at her. I gave her a quick grin before i reached out for her bags and then handed them to her.

"Oh thanks"

"Welcome and nice meeting you even i fit was by pushing you over," smooth Niall real smooth there! "I am really sorry about that by the way," I quickly added so i didn't seem rude. I started to walk away but quickly glanced over at her and gave her one last wave before i turned the corner. I was a complete idiot, why didn't i ask her name or something instead of just staring at her. I bet she thought i was really weird even if i was Niall Horan from One Direction. I headed towards the exit glad that there were no paps outside waiting for me.

*End of flash back*

It was now nearlly two o'clock and we were all sat on the sofa (except Louis) at Harry's waiting for Louis to hurry up and get dressed. You see he had been to see his girlfriend Paige this morning and been later back than expected. So he was now getting dressed into more appropriate clothes whilst we were all waiting on the sofa for him. No-one was actually talking which created an awkward silence between us all. I didn't dare speak and also i didn't have anything to say. The thing was that i had only told Liam about me bumping into the girl of my dreams, so me and Liam had to go talk in private if i wanted to talk about her. As i don't think that i'd been seeing her again i felt more comfortable telling Liam about my problem because he wouldn't make fun of me like the others, he would just sit there and listen or give me good advice. Whereas the other boys would just laugh or so i thought.


Ten minutes later we were finally heading out of the house and into the centre of London to grab something to eat. We had planned that today we would go out in public as most of the fans and paparazzi would be at the big event near Buckingham Palace, this meant that the shopping centre would have very few people wandering around. I was glad about this as i was nervous around big crowds. Yeah i know what you're thinking a famous singer who was nervous around crowds when you would expect me to be singing infront of them. Anyway we got into the black car and set off towards town.

"Oi! Niall!" I then realised Zayn was waving a hand infront of my face. I quickly snapped out of my day dream and turned to face Zayn.

"Sorry mate," I apologised as i gave him a pat on the shoulder.

"As i was saying," Zayn said puffing out a load of air,"I was wondering if you guys wanted to play a little football after lunch as with our girlfriends being around all the time," he eyed Louis. "We haven't had much bro time." Zayn looked from me to Louis to Liam to Harry who was driving and then back to me.

"So what do you guys say?" Now that i thought about it we hadn't had much bro time seeing as Zayn was either sleeping or with Perrie. Louis was always with Paige or texting her and Liam wasn't so bad as Danielle couldn't always see him but whenever they got chance to see each other then they would. As for me and Harry we were still single so lately we had gotten quite close as we would just spend time together when the other boys were off seeing there girlfriends.


We were walking through the shopping centre and i was right there was hardly anyone here. We stopped to sign a little girl's notebook but that was it and we got to Nandos in no time at all. We got to the entrance and walked in. I looked around to see if it was busy inside but there was only a few people sat at tables. There was about three couples sat on small tables, then there was a family of four near the window and in the far corner there were two girls chatting away. The waitress started to lead us over to our table not far away from the two girls. I thought i recognised one but was quickly interrupted by Liam's hand grabbing my arm and yanking me down to my seat.

"Are you alright today Niall, you've been acting really out of it today?" Liam said to me looking concerned.

"Yeah im just thinking," I said looking back at that girl. She hadn;t notice me staring which i was glad about.

"Thinking about that girl this morning," Liam whispered to me. He looked at me with his big puppy dog eyes. It then clicked that girl sat on the table with her friend was the one from the train station. She was actually here in Nandos, it had to be fate or maybe it was just because she liked Nandos. Yeah stupid me it was probably because she wanted to come here, there didn't need to be a reason.

"Niall you have been staring at that girl for five minutes," Liam shook my arm and i finally looked away.

"I didn't realise, sorry," I replied looking down at my hands.

"Don't give me bullshit Niall!" I was quite taken back by this as Liam hardly ever swore at people. He must of seen the shock in my face as his facial features softened.

"Look i didn't mean for it to come out like that but i just know that your lying and you should tell me the truth," I couldn't resist his puppy dog eyes, he knew that aswell.

"Well that girl over there is the one that i bumped into at the train station and im just sort of shocked that she here now so i didn't even realise that i was staring at her just now," is aid honestly. Liam searched my face to see if i was lying and then a big grin appeared on his face.

"Go talk to her mate, otherwise you're gonna regret it for the rest of your life." I started to panick and millions of thoughts ran through my head. What if i made a fool of myself again or what if she didn't even like me and was just being polite at the train station.

"I can't Liam," I sighed and looked down at my feet.

"What!? You and i both know that isn't true, give her a bit of your irish charm," he winked at me. This whole time that me and Liam had been talking the boys had ordered the food and it was now being placed infront of me. I looked over my shoulder to see both girls getting finishing their food. I suddenly had an idea of how to ask her on a date with me. I whispered the idea to Liam and he gave me a big grin and a one sided hug.

"Great idea Niall, umm escuse me waitress?" The waitress came over and i told her what to do, she simply gave a quick nod of er head and walked away. I reall hoped that my plan would work.


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