Loved you first

Lucy a 18 year old girl from Leeds moves to London so that she can go and live her dream of becoming a dancer. She has everything she ever wanted, her bestfriend Bee, a career of a dancer and an amazing amount of money to settle down and buy a flat with. She needs nothing else or does she?
Bumping into Niall Horan isnt the best way to meet a celebrity but will she be seeing him more often? Will she finally find that something else that she has been searching for all her life?


18. Not his eyes


Hi, I'm back and it's nearly been a year since I've updated and I'm so so so so so so sorry but I don't know about this story any more tbh. Anyway, enjoy this shitty chapter my lovelies x

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It had officially been three weeks since I'd last spoken to Niall and the boys. If you count the mere few 'forced' text that were sent between me and Niall as speaking then I'm lost for words. 

He seemed to be avoiding me lately. I guess he had just been busy but my heart still ached a little, wondering if this was his way of saying he wasn't interested. 

However, yesterday Harry had rung me up explaining that him and the boys had been busy with the next album but I was invited along to their soundcheck on Monday morning. I had decided last night that I was going to invite Charlotte along with me because I don't fancy going alone for the first time. Bee had turned down my offer of her joining me with the boys because apparently she had more important things to do. 

She didn't elaborate. 

Charlotte had yet to find out that I even knew the boys. I wasn't worried about her finding out because she was an extremely understanding person.

I had grown closer to her over these past two weeks and even Bee liked her. When I had first introduced them to each other, Bee had told me that Charlotte was too careful and little too serious for her liking. Which made me laugh.

However, once you got to know Charlotte she was a riot, but she still kept her manners. Like I said before she was perfect for Liam but I was getting way ahead of myself here. 



Me and Charlotte are all set and ready to go and yet i still haven't told her about the boys. I mean, how do you approach the topic of being friends with the biggest boy band in the world? It's hard to know exactly how she'll react to it. 

OPTION 1: She will hate me forever

OPTION 2: She'll be understanding and we'll still be friends

OPTION 3: She will turn physco on me and the boys (it's possible okay)

OPTION 4: She will be thrilled, fall in love with Liam and they have cute children and it will all end happily ever after. Awe how cute and adorable. Fluffy teddies :)

Personally, I'm opting for option 4 but that's doubtful so I'm hoping it will be number two yay. 

I do love fluffy teddies though they're just so soft and I want to-

"Lucy why are you talking about fluffy teddies?" Charlotte spoke beside me, confusion laced in her voice.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I shrugged carelessly. 

She eyed me suspiciously and then shrugged herself. She began walking to the front door but suddenly whipped around when I hadn't moved. 

"Why are you acting weird all of a sudden? Did I do something to offend you or?" She raised an eyebrow, hands resting lightly on her hips as she tapped her foot impatiently waiting for an answer.

 Oh god oh go-

"I'mfriendswithOneDirectionandiwentonadatewithNiallHoranandnowwearegoingtotheirsoundcheck," I blurted in a rush. Oops. 


"Can you say that again but just a bit slower this time please?" Charlotte requested with furrowed eyebrows. I sighed loudly.

"I'm friends with One Direction, okay." I said slowly.


"I said I'm friends with-"

"No I know what you said but how, why, what, when and where," she squeaked, looking at me with wide eyes.

 I grinned innocently and began telling her of how me and Niall had bumped into each other at the train station and so on.

"Wow," she breathed, giving me a light squeeze on the shoulder with one hand. 

"Yep," I replied popping the p. 

"Is it bad that I'm screaming just a little inside right now?" Charlotte broke the silence and gave me a wide smirk. I shook my head and chuckled lightly. I glanced down at my clock

"Shit," I shouted standing up and grabbing my keys from the table. I turned to look at Charlotte who was still sat down on the couch watching me with a curious expression. Then her face dropped and she sprung up.

"Oh god we are really meeting them aren't we?" She shrieked and I just nodded and made my way out of the door, Charlotte hot on my heels. We climbed into the car and I raced to the location provided by Mr Styles. 

We made light conversation on the way, mainly Charlotte asking me to describe the boys and earning a wink when I mentioned my Niall. I wasn't able to give her much on them because we had only met once before and as the saying goes 'don't judge a book by its cover.' Even in myself I was nervous because I was around people I wasn't particularly best friends with and I didn't want to face Niall just yet. Why was Harry the only one acting like a normal human being. Wait I take that back. He was acting strange as well.

What have I gotten myself into?


The sound of music filled my ears as me and Charlotte walked closer to the stage door. This was it. 

I turned my head to Charlotte and she gave me a nervous smile. I turned the handle and slowly walked through. 

We came into a large room with a small stage at the far end and music equipment scattered elsewhere. I noticed the boys were in the middle of singing an acoustic version of Little Things' as we stepped inside. I felt quite rude invading on their work but we had been invited so I had no other choice. 

We stood their for a while listening to the boys harmonising with each other, the sound was beautiful. After a while of standing un noticed and enjoying the music, a youngish woman with blonde hair and a baby on her hip waltzed up to us. 

"Hi I'm Lou, this is lux and you must be Lucy right?" She asked giving me a small smile. 

I gave a nod and waved at Lux on her hip. She giggled and nuzzled her face further into her mother's jumper. She was just so cute and I wanted to cuddle her.

Lou peered around me to look at Charlotte and then I realised that no one knew she was actually coming.

"I'm Charlotte," she spoke and held out her hand. Reminding me of our first meeting. I smiled at the memory and looked back up to find Lou and Charlotte in full conversation about fashion. 

The boys were no longer on the stage and I could only see Zayn and Louis stood by the guitars having a laugh.

I took this time to have a look around this place. I walked quietly over to a door to my left and slipped through. Large corridors lined the pathway in front of me and I made my way down, looking at each other door as I passed.

 I noticed one of the doors was slightly ajar and being my nosey self I walked closer to investigate. It looked to be a dressing room and someone had been in it not too long ago because close were strewn all over the floor and the light was still on.

I stepped further inside and looked at the clothes lining the rack. There was quite a selection.

Suddenly, I heard a toilet flush from the other door in the room.

"Crap," I whispered as I rushed back to the door but being my clumsy self I knocked over a bottle of water on my way. Damn it. 

As I reached for the door handle to make my escape a door clicked open and someone walked out. There breathing got heavier as they neared me. I tried to open the door but a hand stopped it.

I turned in hopes to meet the sea blue eyes that I've been longing for the last two weeks, but being disappointed when mine met a pair of emerald ones.

"Hello love," he spoke a cheeky grin on his face.


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