Loved you first

Lucy a 18 year old girl from Leeds moves to London so that she can go and live her dream of becoming a dancer. She has everything she ever wanted, her bestfriend Bee, a career of a dancer and an amazing amount of money to settle down and buy a flat with. She needs nothing else or does she?
Bumping into Niall Horan isnt the best way to meet a celebrity but will she be seeing him more often? Will she finally find that something else that she has been searching for all her life?


11. Club 19 (Part One)


We got home and went straight upstairs to get ready for our night out. We were going to a night club in the centre of London and apparently it was great for dancing. As i was applying the last of my mascara, Bee walked out and my jaw dropped. She looked stunning with her short black dress and her white leather jacket. Her white heels made her legs look flawless. Also her makeup was applied perfectly. She was definitly going to attract alot of boys tonight.

"Damn Bee i look like a tramp compared to you."

"No you do not at all, you look gorgeous and your legs look even longer in those black wedges you are wearing. I want your legs girl!" Bee exclaimed.

I was wearing a dark green dress that clung to my curves nicely and it had long sleeves so i wouldn't need a jacket. I was also wearing black wedges and Bee was right my legs did look alot longer. I had made sure not to cake my face in makeup because then i would just look ugly as fuck. Even if i did think so myself i din't look that bad.

As i waited for Bee to finsh with her crap i pulled my phone out from my bag and clicked onto twitter. I hadn't been on twitter in ages because i was so busy. I had really missed it but knew that i wouldn't have time to check anything tonight, so i just decided to send a tweet to all my followers. I didn't know how many i had but i knew that if i looked i would probably be depressed because the last time i checked i only had about 90 which compared to Bee is hardly any. The last time i had seen Bee's twitter she had over 500 followers. God knows how she got that many but i bet three quaters of them were boys. Honestly Bee was like a magnet who attracted boy after boy. However i knew that Bee was very stubborn around boys because most of them were dickheads and she just got pissed around them. If anyone tried to take advantage of her or me or just any of her friends then she would go into her stealth mode and kick the shit out of them which i would never have the guts to do. She truly was an awesome friend. We both knew that tonight we were going to be targets for boys as we were heading to one of the most popular nightclubs and we didn't have any boys with us. This means that any boy would just presume we were both single which in our case is correct but we weren't all the time. I hat5ed being around wasted lads as there breath stank and also the way they talked to you just made me want to throw up. They discusted me.

Anyway i typed in my qick tweet reading:

Going to 'club 19' tonight with Bee. Gonna be a good night!

I didn't really have time to type anything else as Bee came out of the bathroom once again and walked over to the door indicating it was time to leave. I just rolled my eyes and followed her down the stairs and out of the house into a taxi. We climbed in and i watched as we came out of the estate and neared the city centre where the club was. The taxi pulled up a few metres away from the club and from inside the taxi you could hear the music blaring. Bee payed the taxi driver and we both climbed out. We headed towards the enterance where a tall and muscular man was standing. He had short, jet black hair that was gelled back neatly. He had a bit of stubble across his chin and he had a muscular frame. Bee walked past the queue and straight up to him. She tilted her head so that she was looking him straight in the eyes. As i moved closer i could faintly see that his eyes a piercing blue which i found very unique. He glanced down at Bee who didn't seemed fazed by his towering frame.

"V.I.P's only or get to the back of the queue," He grunted pointing his finger to the long line of people waiting to get inside. I gulped looking at Bee frantically unfortunatley she wasn't looking at me but still up at the security guard. I tried to pull Bee's elbow to get her to move away from him but she wouldn't budge.

"What makes you think we aren't V.I.P's," Bee snapped back.

"Well where is your ID or entry ticket for V.I.P's?"

"We don't have one," Bee mumbled. She was about to say something else when the security guard interrupted with a loud laugh.

"You're just wasting your time trying to get in then, maybe you should listen to your friend over here," He said gesturing towards me. "She seems smart enough to realise that you should just listen to what i say." He smirked. I could see Bee getting angrier and i panicked.

"Now listen here mister," Bee snapped poking her index finger at his chest. "We were invited to this club by the owner Sam so i suggest you stop acting like a stuck up cunt and let us in," Bee crossed her arms over her small frame. The security guard raised an eyebrow and his jaw tensed a little showing he was getting rather annoyed with Bee who had decided to put up a fight. I just stood off to the side bewildered by all of this.

"I haven't been informed with any information saying that you two ladies are allowed in."

"Well why don't you use that flipping walkie talkie thing you have there and talk to Sam the owner," Bee exclaimed waving her hands up above her head. He huffed but pulled it out and started talking into it. I couldn't hear what the person on the other end was saying which i presumed was the owner. He carried on the conversation for about two minutes and i was really confused but i knew that Bee would tell me later. The security guard seemed rather pissed when he came of the walkie talkie and turned back to Bee and me.

"I do believe that you were invited by Sam so you can go in but i was not informed about this so i thought you were going to skip the queue," He sighed stepping away from the entrance so that he could let us in. I started walking past him but stopped when i realised Bee wasn't following me.

"I would like an apology." Bee exclaimed.

"Look i've let you in so stop distracting me from my job and go inside." He said looking past Bee and at the line of people who were watching this scene unfold.

"I just want an apology or i could get you sacked by talking to sam," Bee told him sternly.

"Okay fine i'm sorry alright."

"That's all i needed, thanks," Bee replied with a satisfied smirk. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside the club.

"What was that all about?" I asked her. She didn't reply for a while as we were weaving in and out of people, so i thought she just hadn't heard me.

"I will tell you when we are settled with drinks," She said continuing to pull me.

Hopefully know we were able to enjoy our night.


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