Loved you first

Lucy a 18 year old girl from Leeds moves to London so that she can go and live her dream of becoming a dancer. She has everything she ever wanted, her bestfriend Bee, a career of a dancer and an amazing amount of money to settle down and buy a flat with. She needs nothing else or does she?
Bumping into Niall Horan isnt the best way to meet a celebrity but will she be seeing him more often? Will she finally find that something else that she has been searching for all her life?


1. Arriving in London

The way his ice blue eyes made shivers goes down your spine. His blonde hair catching your eye everytime. His soft pink lips making you drool and his perfect body waiting to be touched. He was an absolute dream and if your wondering who im talking about its Niall Horan from the famous boyband One Direction. They were all very good looking thats for certain but there was always that part of me that secretly liked Niall the best. It was just everything about him that was perfect, just thinking about hime made me shiver in my seat. Those eyes though are just so bl-


"Can all passenegers make sure they have got everything as our final stop today is London," the quite annoying voice coming from the speakers mumbled. Why thank you annoying voice for interrupting my perfect day dream. Anyway thats my stop to get off, not that i really have any choice since its is the last stop for this train. I made sure my phone was in my pocket and i put my ipod into my bag then zipped it up. As i was moving to London to live my dream of becoming a dancer, i needed to bring nearlly all my clothes that still fit me, my shoes, books, make up and acessories. Basically everything that was needed in my everyday life. I had two suitcases, a handbag and one massive rucksack. I looked like i had just fled my hometown which i had but from nothing bad at all just to live my dream.

My dream was to become a dancer and it all started when i was about 7 years old and saw a film all about dancing and thats when i knew it was right for me. I danced as much as i could whether it was during classes or just simply washing the dishes at home. It was my absolute favourite thing apart from One Direction of course. Im not a ballet dancer or ballroom dancer if thats what your thinking, i just do backing dancing for people singing or doing plays. Then i got offered to come join Oxford dance school which is the best in the country. They said i would be going on tours with famous singers and be a dancer for plays. I was so excited to get there when it started on monday but my bestfriend Bee insisted i come for the weekend to see her. I would be staying at her house until i could find a flat and her parents didnt mind as they loved me like there own daughter. Which is a good thing really.


The train came to a hault and everyone strated to pile off but i decided to wait until the end so i wasnt hitting everyone with my bags. I stood up and started to walk towards the door pulling all my load behind me. I got onto the platform and immediatley pulled my phone out. I started to walk whilst texting Bee to tell her that i had arrived. As i had just sent the text to Bee i ended up walking straight into someone and falling flat on my arse. Ouch that fucking hurt.

"Im really sorry," i said through gritted teeth as my bum was really hurting from that fall back down to earth.

"Its alright but im sorry too as i wasnt looking where i was going." His smooth voice powering through my brain as i tried to think where he came from as he had quite a strong accent. Its welsh... no wait Irish! Aha i thought i recognised it.

"Are you alright?" he questioned as i came back to reality.

"Oh sorry yeah im fine thanks" i said putting on a fake smile and trying to stand up but failed miserably as my bags pulled me down again. He offered me his hand and gladly took it. He hauled me up and for the first time i looked at him straight in the eyes. They were ice blue and his hair was covered by a hat but i could see bits of blonde sticking out. It can't be can it? Really its Niall from the band One Diection. He's my favourite of them all. I dont know what to say ummm..

"Oh m-my..your N-Niall Horan" i managed to squeak out.

"Ha ha yeah thats me but please dont scream because im trying to get through here unseen" he looked at me through his blue eyes that were searching over my face for an answer.

"Trust me i wont tell but i had better be going now as i'm ment to be meeting a friend, sorry again for walking into you." I smiled at him and he gave me a quck grin before picking up my bags and handing them to them to me.

"Oh thanks"

"Welcome and nice meeting you even if it was by pushing you over, which i am really sorry about by the way." he glanced over at me before starting to walk away and he gave me once last wave before turning the corner. What just happened? Did i just walk into Niall Horan.. I have got to tell Bee all about this.

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