Hey Do I Know You?

Cecilia (Cece) and her brother Maxwell (Max) move to London England from Saskatoon Saskatchewan (thats in Canada by the way). When Cece is at her new job at Nando's she meets One Direction and Liam thinks that he knows her from somewhere.


3. Moving Day: Continued from Chapter 1

Cece's Pov

We'r leaving in fifteen minutes. But not to cach our plane we'r going to Mickey D's to say our goodbeys to our 2 closest friends.


20 Minutes Later

"Darn you Destany you always get here first." I joked concidering she worked at McDonald's. "Well I do try to be on time to say the least." she went along with my joke. "What's wrong with you guy's." Max said under his breath. "What's wrong with you!" Destany shot back and we started laughing. That's when Nigel walked in. "What's so funny" he asked us "I don't konw, I think there upset and to ignore it there makeing everything seem funny in there mind." Max ansewred looking like a crazy psychologist who is studying us. After 10 seconds we stoped laughing and I disided to ask "Hey Max do you think Destany and Nigel can come visit every 2 weeks an eventualy move in concidering we have 8 rooms in our new house" I said I feel like such a geeky girl.




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