Hey Do I Know You?

Cecilia (Cece) and her brother Maxwell (Max) move to London England from Saskatoon Saskatchewan (thats in Canada by the way). When Cece is at her new job at Nando's she meets One Direction and Liam thinks that he knows her from somewhere.


4. Ansewers

Cece's POV

"Oh..." Max was cut off when Destany said "We'd love to!". "OMG how are we gunna get there we can't let them pay for our plane tickets!" Nigel yelled looking like freak! "You do remember me and my bro are filthy rich, Right." I said. Oh yeah our parents died in a car accident when I was 16 and my bro was 20 so we got to keep all of there money I'm 19 now and Max is 23. After we bought the what I guess you could call a mansion we have 8 billion dollars left. Then Nigel said "Oh yeah...I knew that." "So it's settled then" Max said. My cell phone started ringing I Iooked at it and it was Trevor. He's our pilot for our private jet. I answered my cell phone saying, "Hi Trev, are you landing at the airport soon? We're going to be there in 15." "Yeah see you then" Trev exclaimed. 

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