Push Me, Pull Me

My name is Kit Collins and I am not just your ordinary human. Sure, I( have no powers or anything, but lately she's been running around with some different people. HMy best friend is a Shifter, and the rest of hy group consists of an Aura Master, a Prophetess, and a Mind Reader. Oh, and did I mention the school Witch is harrassing us? And when I say witch, I dont mean with a capital B. I mean, like a real witch. Spells and broomsticks and all. But my whole journey began when I met Dylan... Ordinary human cutie or supernatural hottie?

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2. Chapter Two


I turned around to see Minta, dressed up as a small witch. She held her glittery broomstick tight. “Oh, hey Minta. You look good.”

          She looked up at Dylan, unaffected. “So, who’s your friend?”

          “This is Dylan, Dylan this is my friend Minta.”

          “Nice to meet you, Minta.” Dylan said.

          She smiled back. “Hello.”

          “A witch?” I asked. “Really?”

          “Yes!” She chirped. Dylan just chuckled. Minta ran up to Felica’s house, the frame already seeming to vibrate with the loud music. I could see strobe and colored lights flashing throughout her house. I ran quickly after her, hearing the soft brush of Dylan’s padding feet behind me. I lost the sound quickly as the music pounded loudly in my ears.

          “Wow, this is awesome!” Dylan shouted to me.

          I looked over to a table, seeing Nona and Felica, dancing away all around on top of it. Nona looked flashy and beautiful in her Goddess out fit and Felica looked like she had planned. A chocolate bunny. But more whore-ish. “The one in the long dress is Nona Lovett. The Hispanic one is the party host, Felica Ricardo.” I yelled over the music, pointing to them. “Minta Finch, the girl you met, she is an Aura Master, and she can control auras. Felica can read minds and Nona can see the future. I wonder where Koko is!” I said looking around. “I want to meet this boy!”

          “They sound cool.” He shouted to me.

          I smirked back at him. “They are.” I looked around again, in hope of finding Koko.

          “Looking for more friends?” He said leaning down so he didn’t have to shout.

          “Just Koko,” I replied before I started pushing through the crowd toward my two friends. “Feli!” I shouted up at her.

          She jumped down, her bunny ears bouncing. “Damn, chica, you look hot!”

          “Thanks, where’s Koko?”

          Felica smiled and pointed toward the bar her parents had built into the house. A small blonde girl perched on the bar, watching all the people dance. She wore a black see through shirt with a black bra underneath with short tight booty shorts. She swung her heeled feet back and forth. She had matted messy hair that still looked good, with lots of makeup. I wouldn’t have believed it was Koko if her black cat ears and tail stuck out so obviously along with her glowing yellow diamond shaped cat eyes.

          My jaw dropped. “What the hell did you do to her?!”

          Felica laughed in my ear, “No, the question is what haven’t we done to her?” She winked at me before she jumped back onto the table and started grinding with Nona. Dylan was laughing hysterically behind us.

          Koko saw me and ran over, stumbling as she went.

          “Are you drunk?” I asked catching her.

          “No! I can’t walk in these shoes!” She said pointing down at her thin heels.

          “You look like Kesha.”

          “That’s who I am,” she said crossing her arms blushing. “Or a succubus.” I brought my hand to my face sighing. I heard Dylan chuckle in my ear.

          “So, where is this Aiden kid?” I asked shaking my head, holding onto my hat.

          “Um, I don’t know.” Koko said looking around. She looked up at Dylan and smiled widely. “Puppy!”

          I saw a boy dressed in all dark colors with a large batty top hat walking toward us, a number card stuck in his hat. He had a wrinkled gray tie and white shirt with dark blue suit and big black shoes, his hair sticking out from all over under his hat. He looked like the Dark Mad-Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. His eyes were two different colors, one a light blue the other a smoky grey.

          “Puppy?!” Dylan drew back in offence.

          “Did someone call m-my, my, uh, my name?” The boy was spilling the drink in his hand as people bashed into him dancing. He was obviously drunk.

          Koko looked up at Aiden in alarm and snatched the drink out of his hand. “No!”

          “Oh, joy.” I sighed. “Felica’s parents forgot to lock the bar again.”

          “I swear to drunk, I am not God!” Aiden said with a small hiccup and a laugh.

          Koko pat his back. “Of course, you aren’t, honey.” She sighed and looked over at me. “Sorry.”

          “So, he’s the other werewolf?” Aiden asked before he vomited all over the floor. “I swear I didn’t do that!”

          Koko jumped back pulling me with her. Her face was obviously red, even in this lighting. “He’s not normally like this, I’m sorry.”

          “I’ll have to meet him when he sobers up.” Koko suddenly hugged me, shoving her face into my shoulder. “You okay, sweetie?”

          She shook her head. “I didn’t want you to meet him like this.”

          I hugged her back tightly, trying to sooth her. Damn boys and their stupidity. “It’s okay.”

          “Wait, is he another…” Dylan voice trailed off gently.

          “A what?” Koko asked confused.

          “Oh and she’s a cat,” I said to Dylan as I poked Koko’s side. She squealed and giggled.

          “Never mind, anyway, Kit you brought extra clothes right?” Dylan said shaking his head.

          I pulled off my top hat with a smile, taking the clothes out of my hat. “Maybe I should be a Magician instead.”

          He leaned down toward me to whisper in my ear. “I’m tired of being in my hybrid form.”

          “Alright,” I said grabbing his arm and pulling him toward the stairs. I saw Koko walk over to stand by Aiden. Aiden stumbled around over things as Dylan followed me. I stopped in front of Felica’s room and gestured for him to go inside, handing him the clothes.

          He quickly turned back around staring down at me. “It’s unpleasant walking in on people having sex!” I laughed and thought for a second.

          “Follow me!” I said running past all the people, finding the basement easily. I picked the lock and opened the door, walking in to turn on the light. It was cold and empty. I spun in a circle smirking, gesturing around myself.

          “Cool, thanks,” he said smiling back as he walked in. “I’m going to do what you said in the first place.”

          “What’s that?” I wondered.

          “Come with a tail, ears and teeth.”

          “Cool, sounds cu- sounds good!” I quickly corrected myself. I stood there for a second looking back as he stared at me. I blushed, moving toward the door. “I’ll just….yeah.” I said closing the door behind me. I shook my head, what was wrong with me all of a sudden?!

          A few minutes passed before he stepped out and stretched. “Being in that form makes me so stiff.” He said as his bones cracked.

          “Then stay in this form,” I said walking back toward the other people as they jumped around to the beat dancing with their friends and others.  Dylan walked off toward the bar to get himself a drink. I saw Felica walk over with Koko. She grabbed my hand.


          “Guess what time it is!”

          “Feli, no!” I said shaking my head.

          “Come on!” Nona said pulling me to the small stage by the bar. Felica started dancing, running her hands all over herself, trying to be sexy. Nona put her hands on Koko’s hips, starting to sway to the music. I sighed and gave in moving myself with the others.

          I saw Koko blush and drop herself low, lower than I thought she could, running her hands through her hair. Nona followed down behind her, Koko lifted her hands placing them on my shoulders. Koko continued dancing the way she was in an attempt to look sexy. Dylan started throwing money at us laughing. I jumped off the stage angrily as the others continued to dance.

          “Knock it off! I growled. I heard Dylan follow me as I ran off crying. A while ago, bad rumors started about me sleeping around and I would have random strangers coming up to me. I didn’t want that again. Him throwing the money just made me think of that time. I sat down in the corner, trying to hide myself. I just wished I could disappear.

          ”Kit?” A gentle voice called. I looked at him, feeling the tears running down my face. “I’m sorry if I offended you,” Dylan said looking down at me sadly.

          “Okay…” I muttered.

          He sighed and sat down beside me. “I really am! It was just for fun and besides, I’m kind of drunk, but I truly mean it when I say I’m sorry.” I sighed and handed him back his money. “Wow, you actually kept the money?”

          “I was going to give it back…” I said looking up at him with a sigh. I felt a slight blush rise in my cheeks as his eyes met mine and he gave me a smile.

          “You didn’t have to.”

          I held it out to him. “Well, I picked it up, it’s yours.”

          “You could have just left it there,” he said staring at it.

          “Then Felica would have taken it,” I said shoving it in his pocket before looking around.

          “I don’t care. It’s just money anyway.” He said standing. “So?”

          I wiped my eyes trying to give him a smile. “Go have fun.”

          “But I barely know anyone here. And I’m kind of shy.”

          “Well, I wouldn’t be much fun now,” I said sniffling a bit before sighing.

          “Then let’s try to cheer you up!”

          “How?” I said doubtfully.

          “It’s a party, it should be obvious. Unless you want to leave?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

          “Feli will get mad if I leave early,” I said standing.

          “Okay, then let’s have fun here!”

          “Alright,” I said. The music stopped, letting the loud chatter of people to be heard. The lights began to flicker and then suddenly they got blindingly bright, causing me to squint before the house boomed with loud hardcore metal. The growling through the speakers made the whole house vibrate, making my bones feel like Jell-O. I laughed and began to head bang, holding my hat in my hands. I heard Dylan laugh as he quickly joined in. I stopped swaying a bit as the dizziness fogged my brain. “Whoa.” I watched as he continued to head bang.

          He stopped suddenly, holding his head. “Ow! Now I have a headache!” I laughed to myself as he nudged me with his elbow.

          I sighed and began to walk toward the dance floor.

          “I’m going to go get another drink!” Dylan called after me as he walked away.

          I started dancing around in the crowd, letting the music take control. I spun in a circle, meeting a pair of brown eyes. Their owner smiled at me as he inched closer. I smiled and nodded him over. He grinned back, shoving his purple hair out of his eyes. He had small ram horns deep in his hair, like they were connected to his head. And they were. The boy’s name was Set Edwards. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling my body closer to his as we moved.




          I watched from the bar again as the bodies pushed together, dancing about. I didn’t care much for parties or dancing, but my friends and Aiden were here. It would be fun with them. I looked over, seeing Kit dancing with Set Edwards. I shook my head as a dark haired boy sat down at the bar beside me, taking a shot of vodka. His scent hit me like a ton of bricks. My nose wrinkled. I always hated the scent of werewolf, but Aiden never smelled this way to me. He always smelt sweet… I leaned closer, sniffing.

          “Um, what are you doing?” The boy, Dylan, Kit’s friend, the she had shown up with, said looking up at me.

          I sniffed again, flinching again at the strong smell. “So, I was right. You’re a wolf, too. I could smell it, but I wasn’t sure.”

          “And you’re a cat. Your boyfriend is a wolf as well?”

          “I expect Kit told you?” I asked with a small nod of my head.

          “Yup,” was all he said.

          “Figured she would. How did you meet? I’m guessing it was today, or she would have told me about you.”

          “Yes, it was today. I helped her beat up a gang of bikers when they wouldn’t leave her alone.” He said, throwing back another shot.

          I rolled my eyes with a huff, “I thought she was staying out of trouble now.”

          “It wasn’t her fault,” he said quickly. “It was those bloody bikers.”

          “Trouble always has its way of finding her. I know it isn’t her fault.”

          “Oh, well, she’s pretty cool,” he said with a nonchalant shrug.

          I smiled warmly. “She’s my best friend. So you better be nice to her or you’re going to have one angry kitty!” I said punching my fist into my palm threateningly.

          “I’m not going to hurt her, if that’s what you mean. I’m just glad I finally found a friend. And her personality just makes her even more awesome.” He said smiling up at me in reassurance. I looked over again and smiled seeing Kit. She was dancing with Felica and Nona now.

          “So, I’m not the only werewolf. Cool.” He seemed to hesitate a bit, as if he was uncomfortable saying the word as he peeked around to see if anyone heard him.

          “Yeah, Aiden’s around here somewhere,” I sighed shaking my head.

          “What’s wrong?”

          “Oh, he’s drunk. I just worry.”

          I saw Aiden pushing his way through the crowd toward me, elbowing dancers out of his way as he squeezed past. “I’m not drunk anymore!”

          “I hope not.”

          “I’m not! Werewolves livers work ten times faster than a regular human, so I can only get drunk for an hour.” He said leaning over to hug me.

          “He’s right you know,” Dylan added in as I leaned forward to wrap my arms around Aiden. He pulled me off the bar and onto the floor, trapping me in his arms. I leaned my head against his chest, sighing. I was way too short for this, I thought to myself with an internal laugh. I was four foot five inches tall. It sucked.

          “You got a name, wolf boy?” Aiden said, leaving one arm around me. I kept my arms locked around his waist, but turned so I could see Dylan.

          “Yeah, it’s Dylan.”

          I saw Kit walk over slowly and rip me away from Aiden, hugging me tightly. “Hey, babe.”

          I laughed hugging her back. “Hello, gorgeous.”

          “I know it’s a party, but somehow I’m bored.” Dylan sighed. I saw Kit smile over at Dylan.

          Morgan walked over suddenly, dressed like a gothic devil, short dress, fluffy horns and all. She sat beside Dylan, eyeing Kit. Her hand slithered up Dylan’s stomach to rest on his chest as she smiled at him flirtatiously. “I know how to make it more fun…” I looked over shocked at Kit as she gave Morgan a death glare. Was she jealous?

          Dylan’s eyes widened a bit as he pulled himself back a bit, leaning his back into the bar, trying to escape. “Uh, what are you doing?”

          “I’m only trying to show you how to have fun at a party,” she said leaning toward him. I looked over as Kit dropped her arms from my shoulders, growling.

          “You’re hot and all, but I’m not in the mood for a one night stand!” Dylan said jumping up.

          “I didn’t mean sex!” Morgan said with a roll of her eyes. “Let’s all play Seven Minutes in Heaven!” She smiled as Minta walked over with Rico, Dave, Felica and Nona.

          “Fine…” Dylan said, not looking amused by the thought.

          Morgan jumped up grabbing Dylan by his hand, only stopping to grab Aiden’s hand as well. I flushed with anger as I hissed internally. I didn’t want to act like a crazy girlfriend. If I did that, I might scare Aiden away! But the thought of her touching him… I was starting to see red. Kit grabbed me by the hand trying to calm me. She smiled at me meekly. We followed behind them until we reached a spot cleared of kid’s right by the closet. There was a bottle lying on the floor.

          “Sounds like fun!” Felica said.

          “Agreed,” Nona said as they both followed. Minta, Rico and Dave followed right behind them. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw Morgan brush up against Kit’s pocket as she walked past. Maybe I was imagining things. Dylan sat down across the circle from Morgan.

          Kit began to walk over toward Dylan with a smile. “Kit, come sit with me.” Morgan said. Kit stopped mid-step, turning to look at Morgan. She glanced back at Dylan before she sighed and turned, going to sit with Morgan.  I sat down along with everyone else, claiming my spot beside Aiden, taking his hand in mine. I was freaked. I didn’t want to do this. The only person I’d ever kissed was Aiden and I didn’t really want to change that…

          Morgan stared at the bottle for a second before she looked at Kit. Then she smiled over at Dylan. “This’ll be fun! You spin first.”

          “Nah, I hate going first. Why don’t you go first, Kit?”

          She shook her head. “I’d rather not.”

          “I’ll go!” Dave volunteered before leaning forward and spinning the bottle. It landed on Nona.

          “Alright, I’m first!” Nona said jumping up. She and Dave walked over to the closet and entered, closing the door behind him.

          I saw Morgan set an alarm. “Alright, seven minutes.” We all sat there silently before Morgan sighed. “Let’s just play spin the bottle. I don’t want to deprive anyone of my lips.” She said, making her stare at Dylan most obvious. I saw Kit twitch beside her.

          “Bitch,” I heard Dylan mutter under his breath, refusing to look at her.

          “Alright, who goes next?” Morgan asked.

          “I will!” Rico said, spinning the bottle. He smiled over at me. It took me a second to realize the bottle had landed on me. I felt my cheeks burn as I looked up at Aiden. I heard Dylan chuckle. Rico stood and walked to the middle waiting for me.

          “Do I have to?” I asked quietly, clutching Aiden’s hand.

          “Just get it over with!” Morgan snapped in exasperation.

          “O-okay…” I frowned at Aiden before I stood and walked over to the middle, watching Rico carefully. He leaned in way too fast, too desperately. I ducked away from his lips, reaching up to kiss his cheek before I turned and quickly went back to Aiden with a smile. He leaned down to give me a quick peck. I smiled, feeling the electric static run through me. My heart thumped unevenly. I smiled and blushed, leaning into his side happily. He placed an arm around me, leaning his head on top of mine.

          “Awww,” my friends cooed. I blushed hiding my face, but smiled a bit when I felt Aiden kiss the top of my head.

          “Since it’s rotating that way, Felica is next.” Morgan stated.

          “Cool,” Felica said, leaning forward to spin. The bottle slowed before it came to an abrupt halt on Morgan. My eyes widened as I saw Feli wiggle her eye brows at Morgan. “Well, hello there.”

          “Fuck! Alright, hurry up, let’s go!” Morgan said, not looking pleased. She walked over quickly and kissed Felica. Felica seemed to hold Morgan’s face to hers, making their kiss linger for a second. Morgan blushed and pulled away as a few guys watching whistled loudly. “Shut up!” She yelled at them sitting back down. “Okay, Koko can skip or spin since her lips were already sacrificed,” she said looking to me.

          “Skip! Aiden’s turn.” I said looking up at him.

          “Alright,” he said spinning it. Nona and Dave were just taking their seats as the bottle landed on Nona.

          “It’s spin the bottle now,” Morgan said, filling in the two.

          “Oh, okay.” Nona said. I watched them uneasily. “I don’t know if I can kiss him. He’s dating one of my best friends.”

          “Koko did it! Be strong!”

          Aiden looked over at me before he sighed. “Fuck it!” He stood and walked over to Nona. I watched nervously as they both began to lean in. What if they kissed and he decided he didn’t like me anymore?! I knawed on my lip, trying to keep my heart from jumping out of my throat. Their lips were inches from each other before Aiden quickly turned his head, receiving the kiss on the cheek. He smiled at me before he walked over and sat back down. I smiled back and pulled on his jacket collar, pulling him down to me to give him a kiss. Nona smiled and went to sit back down. She nodded at me in approval. Kit was smiling at us as well.

          “Dylan, it’s your turn.” Morgan said. He looked up at her and nodded. She seemed to whisper something to herself before I saw Kit’s pocket move slightly. Morgan was deffinatly up to something…

          Dylan leaned forward to spin the bottle. “Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a snogging session.” He said as his eyes followed the tip of the bottle. He looked slightly dizzy as he stared up at the victim. Kit looked up at Dylan, her face turning dark red. I smiled to myself.

          Dylan smiled over at her, lowering his voice into a whisper that only Aiden and I could hear, clearly talking to himself. “Okay, now I want it to turn into a snogging session.” My mouth dropped to the floor before I giggled. Nona and Felica were whispering to each other fiercly, but I only caught part of it.

          “-too cute!”

          “I know, this should be interesting.”

          “They’re both blushing! Our little Kit is growing up!”

          “I’m kind of sad though, she’s a great kisser. I’m going to miss our little play time.” Felica said sitting back.

          Kit and Dylan moved like magnets, both standing at the same time and gravitating toward each other. They’re cheeks were both glowing dark red in the lights.

          “It so doesn’t,” Felica said, looking at Kit. Kit had a look over her face of worry. She was probably hoping it was dark enough to hide her blush.

          They stopped in front of each other, smiling awkwardly. Kit reached up on her toes, only being about slightly taller than myself. He was leaning down toward her slowly. I saw her eyes narrow as he teased her. She reached up pulling him down quickly toward her, wrapping her arms around his neck. His arms slowly slithered around her waist, pulling her body up against his. I felt Aiden playing with a strand of my hair as his boredom took over. I coughed awkwardly as the kiss began to drag out and the silence washed over us.

          “Heehees!” Felica giggled.

          “So cute!” Nona said, looking away like they were physically hurting her.

          “What the fuck!” Morgan shouted, her mouth dropping. I guess she had planned this to embarrass them. Little did she know it would only bring them together. She had helped in a way. “Knock it off! You’re eating his damn face!”

          Kit blushed and stumbled back, breaking their heated kiss. “Aw, you killed it!” I said frowning.

          “It was getting kind of awkward.” Rico said.

          “It was making me horny.” Dave said smiling up at Kit. Kit growled loudly, reaching for her sharp heel quickly before she chucked it at him, fuming an odd red color. “Ouch! I was kidding!” He said laughing hysterically. I saw Dylan touch his lips for a second laughing before he sat back down. He was smiling down at the floor with a light blush over his cheeks.

          Nona looked up at Dylan with a smile, “I cant wait!”

          I let out a laugh. “More visions?” She just nodded. Dylan looked up at Kit and smiled before smiling back down at the floor.

          “I’M HUNGRY!” Aiden suddenly yelled in my ear, jumping up and retreating toward the kitchen.

          “Well, I’m done.” I said standing. “Feli, we are going to invade your fridge!”

          “Go for it. I’m going to go dance. Come on, Dave I need someone to dance with,” Felica said grabbing Dave and dragging him away.

          I followed after Aiden quickly, giggling to myself. He was always acting like he was starving, and in his case, he probably was. “That was cute.” I said walking up to him. He had his rear end sticking out of the fridge as he rummaged through.

          “Do you think she knows he likes her?” Aiden asked as he pulled back from the fridge. He had a drumstick sticking out of his mouth as he held taco ingredients in his arms.

          “Possibly. Kit can be clueless at times though.” I said shaking my head at the thought of my best friend.

          “Well, I hope it works out or whatever,” he said walking over. He took the chicken from his lips and leaned down to give me a kiss. Then he walked toward the counter, placing the chicken back in his mouth, chomping away before letting out a burp.



          My cheeks were still burning from the kiss.

          I felt like my head was going to explode!

          I sighed and felt something heavy in my pocket. I reached in to grab it, pulling out a metal rod. I looked at it, turning it over and over in my hands. Where had it come from? I picked up the bottle, observing it. There was a small magnet at the top, only noticeable if you were close. I jumped up angrily, dropping the bottle. It didn’t shatter, so I grabbed it, taking it as evidence as I tracked down Morgan. It could have only been her doing!

          “MORGAN!” I shouted grabbing her shoulder and spinning her around. She went to throw some comment at me as I held up the evidence to silence her. “What the hell were you thinking?!”

          “I was thinking… that I was bringing two happy people together.” She said taking to rod. “I didn’t mean any harm.”

          “Sure! I doubt it!” I growled smashing the bottle into the ground.

          “Kit, calm down. Have a drink. I’m sorry.” She said holding out a cup of purple fizzing liquid to me.

          I sighed and took it. “What is it?”

          “Grape soda.”

          “Thanks.” I smiled before I downed it, letting the bubbles run through me. I felt a warmth rush through my veins, slowing my heartbeat before it quickly excellerated into high gear. My eyes were slightly blurry. “This tastes funny. What did you do?” I said grabbing my head as the room began to spin.

          “Shit!” She muttered backing up again.

          “Hello, again, Kit.” A soft voice said in my ear. It sounded so many miles away.

          I turned, feeling sick to my stomach. Set stood staring down at me with a smirk. The moment my eyes met his, it all stopped. I froze, staring up at him as blush rose to my cheeks. When did he become so cute?

          “I didn’t get a chance to tell you before your friends stole you away. You look wonderful.” He breathed. His breath smelled so sweet, it made my head spin.

          “Th-thanks.” I stuttered.

          What the hell was going on?



          Morgan smirked as we began to stalk toward her. That bitch! She ruined ever chance we had of getting Dylan and Kit together. Dylan was standing a distance away as he watched Set stroke Kit’s cheek. I felt my stomach tighten. This was bad. Whatever she did was really affecting Kit.

          “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” I shouted over the booming music.

          She waltzed over smiling. “Whatever do you mean?” She asked trying to be innocent.

          “You did that!” I said pointing passed her toward Set and Kit. “She hates Set! He’s a stalker! I know it was you!”

          “Fine,” Morgan sighed. “It’s a temporary love potion. It will wear off.”

          “Any way to break it?” I asked crossing my arms.


          Dylan spoke suddenly, shaking his head coming out of his stupor. “Hey, you guys have a lighter I can borrow?”

          “Nope,” Morgan and I said together.

          “So, what’s this way?” I asked.

          “A kiss,” Morgan said glancing at Dylan.

          I stepped in front of him. “He isn’t going to kiss you.”

          “Not me, her! He smells like a wet dog anyway. I don’t want mutt germs!”

          “Is it like that stupid ‘true loves first kiss’ crap? Because they just kind of had their first kiss…”

          “That doesn’t count, idiot. He has to get her to stay away from Set as much as possible and get her to kiss him before Set kisses him.”

          “What happens if Set kisses her?”

          “The spell will become permanent. This spell goes to the kisser. If it goes to Dylan, at least it will be healthy. With Set, it’s just lust. And honey, demon babies aren’t pretty.

          “I’d rather smell like a wet dog than an old witch hag! Why would you do this in the first place?!” Dylan suddenly said.

          “Because I hate this group with a passion. And the potion wasn’t for Kit, but I slipped. It was for Felica. But have fun, good luck.” Morgan said poofing away, a large cloud of powdery mist left in her place.

          “If she hates your group then why is she here?! She needs to die in a hole! Go to hell!” He yelled making people stare at us. “I need help!” He said turning to me.

          “I’ll get here away from Set. You just take her home and try to get her to kiss you. You cant force it. She has to be the one to do it. Don’t worry, we’ll all help.” I said placing a hand on his shoulder.

          He gave a nod and smiled. “Thanks.”

          I walked right over to Kit and Set. “Kit, can you grab me a drink?”

          “Sure,” she said walking off.



          I walked off to get Nona a drink, only to have Dylan rush up on me, making me jump.

          “Hey, Kit, I think we should get you home. It’s getting very late.” He said, looking down at me. He was leaning over me, the lights casting a shadow down his cheekbones.

          “But, I have to bring Nona-“ I looked into his eyes and stopped short. “Alright.” I felt like someone had smashed my rib cage with a brick.

          “Okay then, come on.” He started walking toward the front door, smiling at me sweetly. I followed after him carefully, feeling my fingers brush up against his. I blushed a bit. He held the door open for me and I smiled and ducked past his arm. I turned back to wait for him.

          He walked over and looked around and laughed. “Can you lead the way? I kind of forgot.”

          “Yeah, sure.” I said, starting to walk in the direction of my house.

          “Just to make it fun, want me to give you a piggy back ride?”

          I giggled, “Sure.”

          He sped up a bit and stepped in front of me, kneeling down to my height. “Well, hop on!” He chuckled lightly. I carefully hopped onto his back with a laugh. He grabbed my bare thighs, making me blush. “Wrap your arms around my neck so you wont fall off.” I wrapped my arms gently around his neck, leaning my head on his shoulder happily. He smiled back over his shoulder at me.

          I smiled back at him, pointing ahead. “It’s down this road and then take a right. Third house on the left with the flamingos on the lawn.”

          “Wow, flamingos?” He says in between laughs.

          “Mom’s doing, not mine.”

          “Yeah, sure.” He said doubtfully.

          “I hate pink!” I said making a gagging noise. “It’s disgusting! It’s all happy and stuff.”

          “I know right, purple is way better. Oh, and black, too.”

          “You just read my mind.”

          “Weird, isn’t Felica the mind reader?” Dylan chuckled sarcastically.

          “Yes, she is.” I said patting his head in approval.

          “I’m a wolf, not a dog!”

          “Oops, sorry. You know, dogs are a wolves closest relative.” I pointed out.

          “Yes, they are.” He said patting my head, mimicking me, letting go of one leg in the process.

          I wrapped my leg around his waist, squealing. “Oh my gosh, don’t drop me!”

          “Wouldn’t dream of it. You know, you’re kind of cute when you’re scared.”

          I blushed as we reached the house. “I am not, shut up. Now put me down before you kill me or something.”

          “Yes, you are. And why would I kill you?” He asked setting me down gently.

          “I don’t know,” I said before turning and kicking over a flamingo. “Damn ugly things.”

          “I wouldn’t dream of it either way. And I bet if you decorated this place, it would look awesome!”

          “Probably,” I said turning slowly to start walking toward the door.

          He walked next to me smiling at me. “Thanks for inviting me.”

          I leaned against the door, smiling up at him in the limited light from the windows. “Sure thing, did you have fun?”

          “Yeah, it was cool.” He said, his eyes flickering away for a second before settling back on mine. He was leaning forward slightly. My head was telling me to run. My heart was screaming at me to kiss him. I leaned up on my toes, reaching up toward him. Our lips were about an inch apart when a light flooded out on us as my mother opened the door.

          “Oh, you’re home!” Mom said staring at us.

          I backed up quickly, blushing. “Uh, h-hi Mama.”

          “Hello, again, Dylan,” my mother smiled at Dylan, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes.

          “H-hi,” he muttered, looking a bit disappointed.

          “It’s way past midnight, Kit.” My mom said looking over at me.

          “I-I know, I’m sorry…” I said looking down.

          “Well, come inside.” She smiled over at Dylan as I walked inside. “Have a good night.” She said closing the door.

          I ran to the window and pushed the curtains out of the way, waving out at him with a smile. I heard mom call me away from the window as he waved back. I watched his retreating form as Mom sat complaining about my lateness and the fact he had tried to kiss me. I just watched as Dylan left, ignoring my mother.

          What had happened tonight?

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