Push Me, Pull Me

My name is Kit Collins and I am not just your ordinary human. Sure, I( have no powers or anything, but lately she's been running around with some different people. HMy best friend is a Shifter, and the rest of hy group consists of an Aura Master, a Prophetess, and a Mind Reader. Oh, and did I mention the school Witch is harrassing us? And when I say witch, I dont mean with a capital B. I mean, like a real witch. Spells and broomsticks and all. But my whole journey began when I met Dylan... Ordinary human cutie or supernatural hottie?

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3. Chapter Three

Dylan's POV:

          I smiled as Kit's hand found mine, pulling me toward her. Everything about her was amazing. So amazing that it made my heart hurt. Hurt because I knew it might be too late. Set could take her in just a blink of an eye. Then what? What would I do? What would WE do? She was everything. I would have nothing if I lost her to that demon. How I was lucky enough to have met her, I'll never know. But I smiled, allowing my false happiness to take over. Now, in my dream, she was with me. As usual, I never got to tell her how special she was. As her eyes met mine, I found myself frowning.
          "What's wrong, Dylan?" She asked confused. Only she could make my name sound so special.
          "This dream will be over soon and I'll be alone again." I told her honestly.
          "Dream? Well, I don’t know what you mean, but you're never alone. You have me." She said as she leaned forward and kissed my cheek.
          I offered her a flustered smile. "Thank you. And Kit...?"
          I took a deep breath. Here we go. "I--"

A banging on the front door sent me tumbling out of my bed. I jumped as the knocking continued. I growled and marched toward my door, still in my pajamas. It better be good if they felt the need to interrupt my dream! I rubbed my eyes tiredly as I threw the door open.
          "What?!" I snapped a bit too harshly.
          "¡Hola!" Felica's cheery face greeted me. "Good morning, sleepy head! Time to wake up and win over Kit from sexy demon boy!"
          A blob of purple, which, as my eyes adjusted, turned out to be Nona's hair, appeared next to Felica. She was just under her height. "I had a vision again. If you don’t move that British booty of yours, he's going to kiss her tonight." She crossed her arms and raised her eye brows as she took in my half naked form. I moved away from the door in search of a shirt.
          "We sent Koko over last night as a distraction until we could see you today," Minta added as she peeked inside.
          I walked out of my apartment and yanked a white t-shirt over my head. I closed the door behind me and turned and started toward Kit's house. I froze when I didn’t hear footsteps following me. They were still standing there when I glanced back over my shoulder. "Well, aren't you coming?"
          "Duh," Nona said as she caught up, "but after you get to her, we can’t do much. We can only act from the sidelines. If we do something crucial, this whole thing could fall to pieces."
          "Yeah and you can be that we ain’t gonna lose our bitch to that stupid demon!" Felica said catching up to us. Nona was walking on my other side.
          "Why do you call her...THAT?" Minta asked quietly.
          "Why don’t you cuss?" Felica countered. "They is all good questions, si?" I chuckled a bit at their small banter. We turned on the street their school was on. Not much further now. "So, you got plans to win this?" Felica asked turning her head to me.
          I let out a sigh. "Nope..."
          "Just wingin' it? AWESOME. I love doin' that shit. Its always fun; its like BAM!!" She yelled suddenly throwing out her arms. She was close to hitting me in the face. Nona jumped. I pushed her arm down so I could see. "You don’t know whats gonna happen next."
          "Jeesh, could you be anymore excited?" Nona said with a roll of her brown eyes.
          Felica flashed a smile to Nona, white against dark. "Si! Want me to try?"
          "No, just be quiet." Nona said waving her off. "I’m trying to focus."
          "On what?" Felica pushed.
          Nona sighed in exasperation. "To see if his decision to come with us to see Kit affected anything," she jabbed a thumb in my direction and I straightened up slightly.
          "Does it?" I wondered looking down at her. Nona closed her eyes and placed her fingers to her temples as she concentrated, like she was trying to force a vision. Felica caught her arm and gently pulled her to a stop. Minta and I stopped as well as Nona's face scrunched up.
          "Crap!" She yelled as her eyes snapped open causing me to jump. She took off running. I felt ice run through my veins. She had seen something and whatever it was, wasn’t good. I shoved Felica out of my way rushing after Nona.
          Felica gasped and stumbled but caught her balance. "What did you see?!" She yelled after her.
          "Call Koko and tell her to get Kit out of the house NOW!" She yelled back merely. I glanced back feeling panicked and saw Felica pull out her phone is a rush. Minta was staring in utter confusion.

          “What the hell...” I ran after Nona as fast as I could, my pulse shooting up in response to her sudden panic. What was going on? Why was she freaking out like this? Did something happen to Kit? I shook my head in denial. She was fine. We had just seen her...what yesterday? She was perfectly fine. And what did it matter if she wasn’t? Was that any of my business? I wanted it to be...

          Felica caught up to me easily, though I was strides ahead of Nona already. She sounded like she was speaking more to myself than to Nona. She wiped the tears away that had escaped her eyes, which of course only made me push myself to run faster. What ever was going on wasn’t going to end well if we didn’t act fast. “Alright, Koko is trying to get her to go over to the beach.”
          “Looks like we're going to the beach,” Nona said between her pants as she ran. She obviously didn’t get out much, which was surprising considering how skinny she was. She was finally caught up beside me, pushing herself pretty hard. There were tears staining cheeks. Her cheeks were red with her effort, set into a pale face.

          “What did she see?” Minta yelled still in the process of travel. She was a few feet behind us, gasping for breath.

          “Something we can't stop,” Felica said grimly. It was enough to make me look at her. Her face was set into an emotion I couldn’t describe, but tears were still running down her face. “All we can do is save Kit.” We were quiet and Minta was next to us now, staring up at Felica, waiting for an explanation. She took a deep breathe. “A plane is going to crash into her house. Her parents will die...”

          Minta let out a little horrified gasp. “Make them leave!”

          “And tell them what?!” Felica snapped in Minta's direction. I was the petite blonde flinch out of the corner of my eye. “I saw a plane crash into their house and that they need to leave or they are going to die? They will laugh and call me crazy.”

          “We just have to let the chips fall where they may or we are all royally screwed over,” Nona added. “We're taking a big risk in just removing Kit from that picture.”

          “She was supposed to die?” I felt myself choke out. She just looked at me with sad eyes. I felt my heart clench.

          “We've saved her from death many times before... she's on Death's door. He really wants her gone for some reason.” Nona whispered. I felt like I was going to be sick.

          “Death ain’t no boy, remember?” Felica said.

          “Would you all just shut up and explain to me what is happening?” I snapped at them, though it was already clear.

          “At exactly noon,” Nona said still running as she glanced down at the watch on her wrist, “an hour from now; a plane will blow its engines and crash into Kit's house. There is no way to stop it. Think of it as Final Destination. But changing Kit's plans edits the future. Now I only see her parents dying. And I try to cheat and change it with different decisions, but they wont leave. Did you know Kit's parents are fighting?” She added in at the end.

          “Que? No. She never said anything,” Felica said.

          “It's a good thing we take her. Her dad would have... hurt Kit if we left her. He's been having drinking problems lately.” Nona was slowing down a bit as Kit's house came into view. I only sped up.

          “Why didn't she tell us?” Minta asked as I continued to race toward her drive way. I felt suddenly too sick and stopped just at the end of her drive way to bend over, holding my stomach as I began gagging. I felt a hand come down on my back to comfort me and looked up to see Koko smiling down at me with sad eyes.

          “Took you long enough!” She yelled to the others. “My hair is on end, and he can sense it too, obviously. We need to go. Kit's grabbing her over night stuff. I didn’t tell her...”

          “Good, don’t.” Nona said wiping away the last of her tears.

        “Wait, wait,” I said as I caught my breath. “What are you talking about? What am I sensing?”

          “Death's presence. And it's strong if its making you physically sick.” Koko said sounding wiser than when I'd first met her. Like she wasn’t just some tiny child. I just stared at her. When I didn’t answer she turned back to Nona. “Her dad is drunk,” I didn’t hear the rest before I pushed past her and swung the door open. Her mom met my eyes before she gestured to the stairs. She didn’t stop me as I made my way up the stairs, not even bothering to remove my shoes like last time. Her mother didn’t even bother to ask me. She just watched me with wide eyes, like she understood.

          “Kit?!” I yelled trying to remember which door was hers. I opened the first one right in front of the stairs, remembering the mess from yesterday, how she had shut the first door and took me to the last door on the hall with all the make up and clothes. She didn’t hear me come in or yelling. She was shaking as she dug through her doors. She could sense it too, though she would never admit it, I knew. “Kit,” I said gently as I placed my hand to her shoulder to turn her around.

         She yelped and flinched away from my hand turning to face me. “Ouch! Oh, uh, hey...” She said, gentle flush rising to her cheeks. I tried to keep my focus and not think of how cute she was. She was in danger.

          “Ouch? What happened? Did you fall?” I asked, my eyebrows pulling down in confusion.

          “Um, yeah. I-I fell and I have a bruise,” she said obviously lying. “It's small, its no biggie.” She gave a shaky laugh trying to sound alright, but she just sounded wrong. She sounded tired.

          “Did your Dad hurt you?” I could barely recall hearing Koko say something about Kit getting pushed, but I didn’t actually remember hearing it. If that made any sense, which it probably didn’t. “Did you get pushed?”

          Kit looked down at her feet. “Y-Yeah, he pushed me. Into the stairs.” I clenched my hands into fists, wanting to hit something. The wall, glass, preferably her fathers head. I held my breath. “Koko told you?”

          I let out the breath, trying not to sound angry. “Well, yeah. And you know Nona and her crazy visions.” I stuck a finger under her chin to make her look up at me and meet my eyes. “But, Kit, you should have told someone.”

          “There's no one to tell...” She said flatly. Before I could speak she cut me off. “Koko was here when he pushed me.” She looked away before pulling on the sleeve of her long sleeved shirt like she was hiding something. I shook myself mentally. Now I was imagining things.

          “Well, lets go have fun at the beach, alright. We can all help you get your mind off of it,” I said smiling down at her. I really just wanted to grab her up in my arms and run off with her. I was starting to feel that sick feeling again.

          Kit was picking nervously at her sleeve. “Alright, I guess...” She muttered. I couldn’t stand to see her like this. It made my heart hurt.

          “So, you ready?” I said feeling slightly jumpy. I inched toward the door.

          “I wont be swimming,” she said between a shaky breath, “but sure.” She went over to her bed that had the covers all bunched up to grab her purple and black back pack. She swung it over her shoulder, flinching slightly before walking toward me and the door, stopping to slip on her sneakers. I watched again as she tugged on the sleeve of her shirt. She was still in a long sleeved shirt.

          “Uh, one more thing...” I trailed off waiting for her to look up at me. Her green eyes were round with curiosity.

          She paused for another beat before she glanced from me to the door. “What is it?”

          “Why are you wearing long sleeves in the middle of summer?” I wondered aloud. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a figure standing in the corner of Kit's room. It was completely a shadow, but the curves of its dark body told me it was female. I could feel a shudder run through me. It twitched in an unnatural way. I felt that sick feeling get worse. She wrapped her arms around herself like she was shielding herself. My eyes flickered to her arms as she yanked her sleeves to cover herself again. “Let me see your arms!” I demanded. The dark shape slithered just a bit closer at my words, its body cracking. I held my breath. Kit shook her head at me, her face unnervingly pale. I wondered if she could see the thing behind. Most likely not. “Please, let me see.” I said in a gentler tone.

          She stared into my eyes for another second before she sighed. She held out her arm to me, not bothering to move her sleeve. She eyed me. I looked up at her, meeting her eyes to see if she had given me permission. She just stared at me. I carefully took her arm, expecting the worst. Was she a cutter? Were her arms going to be covered in scars? I held her wrist gently in my palm and lifted my hand to the edge of her sleeve. I pushed up the sleeve carefully, a small gasp leaving my lips as I took in the sight. I could feel the cracking creature getting closer. My eyes widened as I took in the small bruises that worked its way all the way up her arm. It didn’t stop at her elbow like I'd hoped. They wound up past her elbow reaching to her shoulders. She just stared down at her feet, afraid to meet my eyes.

          My stomach turned. “What. The. Fuck.” I felt the creature behind me stir and quiver. Death and Darkness fed on negative energy, and I was giving off a lot. My anger was through the roof. I felt it slither closer. I grabbed Kit and wrapped my arms around her, holding her against me. The thing shuddered a bit.

          She flinched and pushed me away gently. “Careful, m-my back.” Her expression changed from one of pain to one of shock. Her eyes were round as I stared down at her.

          “W-What?” I asked as my eyes twitched toward the top of her shirt.

          She shook her head fiercely. “N-Nothing!”  

          “No, you just said something about your back! Kit, how big is the bruise?” I said trying to keep my voice down and my temper down with it.  I was trying to keep from attracting that thing any closer than it was, which was hard. It kept inching closer as my anger spiked. Kit sighed and turned around, pulling her shirt up over her head. I blushed as I tried to focus on her back instead of the fact that she had just taken her shirt off. I tried not to stare at the back of the black, lacy bra. I felt myself gasp as I took in the big bruise that ran from the top of her right shoulder blade and almost all the way to the middle of her back and stopped just around the center of her neck. I felt a cold breath down my neck, making me shiver. I could see it now. The woman's hair fell in a black curtain around her face. Her eyes were fully black, her pupil taking up her entire eye. She wore nothing, her skin was so pale it looked like snow. I could see her deep blue veins, sticking out against her white skin. If Death wasn’t so horrifying, she could have been pretty. “Kit...” My voice trailed off and I could feel the blood leaving my face. I tried to speak, to tell her to leave, but I couldn’t find my voice.

          She turned around to face me, her shirt still in her hands. I tried to keep my eyes on her face and off the red polka dots on the black set background. Now she was just doing it on purpose. She pulled the shirt back over her head as she spoke. “He's just having a rough time. He never meant to hurt anyone; never meant to hurt me.” There was a loud thud that caused both of us to jump, followed by Kit's mom yelling something in French at her father. I didn’t know what was said, but I could tell it was something not so nice. Kit flinched, obviously understanding the words.

          “Don’t you mean 'they'?” I said with a sigh. Death grinned in my ear laughing as she quivered again, gaining more energy. We were running out of time. A pale hand reached through the curtain of dark hair and past my shoulder toward Kit. I froze. Kit saw my sudden stress and froze too.

          “Mom never touched me. Dad's just... I don’t know.” She sighed taking the tiniest step away. I felt relief. It was just one step farther from Death.

          “You should have told someone...” I said as I watched Death's hand retreat from my positive response.

          Kit gave a shrug. “It wouldn’t have made a difference.” Death made a disturbed grumbling noise in my ear, something like noise the woman from the Grudge would make. This day was just getting to much for me. Too many scary movie comparisons in one day. “Well, we should get going,” I said trying to get us some way out and fast. I was just barely conscious of the pain in my stomach. “Do you have everything you need?”

          “I’m only staying with Koko and Aiden overnight.” She said rolling her eyes. She probably thought I was acting like an overprotective parent. “Though, that seems weird...” She added in as she looked toward her bed, lost in thought.

          “How?” I asked. Death reached out again. I felt the need to reach up and grab her hand and force it back down. But at what cost? What would that mean for me?

          “They're dating!” She chirped. “And I’m just going to be a third wheel.” She shook her head, making her chocolate colored hair move around her shoulders. Some of her caramel colored bangs fell from behind her ear and into her face. She walked over to her bed, past me. I turned carefully, staring Death straight in the face. It took everything in me not to cry out under her cold gaze. I could see my reflection in her eyes. I looked so shaken, even crazed. How was Kit even taking me seriously right now? I looked past Death to focus on Kit instead of the smell of rotting meat that rode Death's breath right into my face. I held back my gag. Kit picked up an old teddy bear that was a few shades darker than her bangs that had definitely been through a lot. It was beat up and torn in quite a few spots, sewn back together in others. She hugged it tightly before shoving it into her bag and zippering it. She turned to face me.

          “So, lets go?” I was amazed at how even I made my voice. Everything within me wanted to scream and run. That would have been a natural reaction to Death. Run and scream like a child. But I couldn’t be a child right now. Kit needed me.

          “Sure,” Kit said walking toward the door. I let out a sigh of relief and began to follow her, ready to leave Death in the dust. I felt my heart drop when she stopped. My heart almost stopped when the grumbling noise continued in my ear and footsteps came closer. Kit turned to meet my eyes. “Did my dad see you walk in?”

          “Um, no, I don’t think so,” I said truthfully wanting to just shove her out the door. Hold on, Dylan. We're almost there. I told myself.

          “Well, crap...” She whispered as she looked down in thought.

          “ I can just jump out the window and meet you outside?” I offered, though that really wasn’t what I wanted. I hated the thought of leaving her alone with Death and her creeping hands and scary eyes and disgusting breath. Seriously, the woman needed a breath mint or something. Worse than onions.

          Kit's eyes looked terrified as she suddenly reached to take my hand. Had she seen Death?! “No, don’t go!” She begged as tears filled her eyes. She blinked them away quickly, trying to regain herself. She blushed and dropped my hand. She didn’t want to be alone. I wouldn’t let her be. “S-Sorry..”

          I took her hand back in mine, offering her a smile. “Sorry for what?”

          “Overreacting,” she said staring down at our hands. “I'm being stupid.”

          My smile widened a bit. “Nah, its okay. So, shall we go?”

          “S-Sure.” She pulled me toward her, making me brush up against her side. She was shaking as she pulled the door out of the way and led me out of the room, never releasing her grip, though her palms were beginning to sweat. I just smiled down at our joined hands, ignoring the sound of Death following us. She kept her distance. As long as we had each other, Death couldn’t hurt us. I shuddered at the sound of glass breaking. This wouldn’t be good.

          “See what you did? God dammit!” A deep voice boomed through the stairwell. It had a faint french accent set to it.

          “It's not my fault! I wasn’t even near it!” Kit's mother's voice said back in defense.

          “Shut the hell up!” He yelled back at her. I felt Kit slow down slightly as she glanced toward the kitchen. Her dad burst into the room then. He had dark brown hair and green eyes. I could see she had gotten her looks from her dad, but the features of her body from her mother; the set of her cheek bones, the curve of her lips, her curvy body, which, ya know, I didn’t stare at, at all... But her father was tall and skinny and very muscular and didn’t look at all like the drinking type. So, it was odd to see the bottle of beer in his hands. He was also in a suite and tie, walking around in white socks, though, I could tell the shiny black dress shoes by the door was his. It was a shock to see that this was Christopher Collins, Mayor of the town. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t put it together. Kit Collins... Christopher Collins... that must have meant his wife was Molly Collins. And I had read somewhere they had two daughters. Both with oddly dyed hair. I would have to ask Kit about that later.

          Molly was following close behind Christopher, her blonde hair curling around her suddenly at the presence of Death, though no one noticed. Well, except me. “You shouldn’t drink anymore.” Molly said sounding concerned. She looked up at Kit and I, a faint smile appearing on her lips seeing our hands despite the scene playing around her. Her smile disappeared as she stared behind me in horror. I could feel Death creeping closer, gazing over my shoulder again. She grumbled low in my ear. I was getting tired of her clinging to me. She wasn’t that cute and I definitely didn’t like her all that much. Kit was a much better catch. Molly's face was pale and terrified as she spoke. “Hi, sweetie. Hello, Dylan.” Molly looked back to Christopher, attempting to push him from the room so that we could get away. Her eyes were locked behind me. Could she see Death...?

          Christopher caught sight of us and froze, glaring toward our entwined hands. “Who the hell is this?!” He snapped.

          “Um, this is my f-friend, Dylan.” Kit said meeting her dad's angry eyes. Yep, friend. I was so friend-zoned....

          Christopher was silent for a moment before he pointed to the stairs. “Kit, go back upstairs.” His cold eyes found my face. “And you,” he said pointing toward the door, “you get out, and don’t come back.”

          I stayed where I was, taking a deep breath. I was totally about to throw myself into the shit storm. “You shouldn’t yell at your wife and daughter like that.”

          He was taken aback for a second as he observed me. He sounded bored when he spoke. “Who're you to tell me how to raise my family?” His bored, slurred voice changed to one of anger and power. “Just some kid! My daughter isn’t allowed to date. Leave.” He said pointing toward the door again.

          Kit reached up to place her other hand on my chest to keep me from going anywhere, though that wasn’t the plan. Maybe I had moved toward him slightly. I did have that strong urge to hit him again. I took another deep breath. Death was waiting for me to make a wrong move. To give her enough energy to hurt Kit. “You obviously need someone to fucking tell you, you twat!” I snapped at him. I saw Molly flinch. Probably a bad idea to cuss in front of her mother, but she couldn’t really disapprove after tonight... “Don’t you see how much you're hurting your family?!” Her hand was trembling slightly at my chest, so I let my other hand find hers and placed it on top of that hand, giving her other hand a light squeeze. I heard her exhale a shaky breath. I could tell she was trying to keep from crying.

          “What I do in my house is my business, young man.” Christopher told me unhappily. “Don’t use that obscene language with me.” I saw Kit glance to me worriedly. Death gave a little laugh in my ear, but it sounded more like nails on a chalk board.

          “Not if it involves hurting Kit!” I said making my voice sound firm and stubborn and as rock like as I could make it, but I only sounded like a scared child which was exactly what I felt like at that moment.

          Christopher watched me for a moment in thought as he took a long sip of his, leaning against the wall. He pointed toward Kit. “What's she mean to you?”

          I looked away, feeling all the eyes in the room trail to me. “W-Well, s-she's...my f-friend...” I stuttered.

          Her father smiled a bit. “Mhmm.” He merely looked down at our joined hands with a silent pointed look. We both just stayed quiet. Christopher's eyes went to Kit's shoulders. “What's with the backpack?”

          “I'm going to stay the night at Koko's tonight.” Kit said instantly.

          “And where are you two off to?” He asked, his eyes flickering between us. I wished he would just stop with his prodding questions and let us leave. I held in a gasp at the sudden pain in my stomach. I felt like someone had just punched me right in the gut with all their might. We were so screwed.

          “The beach.” Kit told him to her honest knowledge.

          “In that?” He asked suspiciously. Dammit. “Looks like you're running away to me.” He said taking a small step closer. Molly was looking from the darkness behind us to me with a pale face, whispering to herself. She was too quiet to understand, but I was sure it was french.

          I gave Kit's hand a reassuring squeeze as her hand started to shake again. “I can assure you, she will be back by tomorrow afternoon.” I said, giving him my word. Come on!

          His unfeeling green eyes landed on me. “I wasn’t talking to you,” he said in a hard voice.

          Christopher smirked and crossed his arms, glancing to his daughter who shuddered under his gaze. “What does he mean to you, then?”

          I looked to her curiously out of the corner of my eyes to catch her reaction. She flushed a bright red, but she wiped away tears. I didn’t notice she had begun to cry. “Just let us leave.” She said around a sob that broke through her chest.

          I glanced down at my watch and drew back in shock. Had I really been inside this long? We had less than three minutes to evacuate. “We actually have to leave! Like, right now!” I said starting to panic.

          Kit looked to me in confusion. “Why?”

          “I’m not sure I want her going anywhere with you...” Her dad said taking another small step toward us.

          Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

          It was a vision I would never forget.

          Suddenly, I felt a cold hand lay on my shoulder. Death had touched me. I froze as cold ice ran through my veins freezing me. I couldn’t move. Couldn’t speak. Though, everything seemed to freeze around me as well. And now I was staring into the eyes of Death, but what looked back wasn’t those dark empty eyes. Now her eyes were a deep blood red, her hair still falling around her in a dark curtain. She wore a long silken dress that was a dark blue, almost black, that fell all around her straight to the floor, clinging to her in all the right ways. This time, she was pretty. No, this time she was beautiful. And she was staring right at me as I stared at her bare feet. I glanced back to her. She lifted her hand, raising it to my face. I flinched away and she paused watching me. She stood there, like she was waiting for permission to touch me. I watched her, slowly moving toward her, inclining her head. She smiled a ghost of a smile. She placed her hand to my forehead. A voice as sweet as rose petals filled my head.

          Hello, young Dylan Cavery. May I ask why you are interfering with my Collector?

          I jumped glancing back to her as she pulled her hand away. “Wh-what was that? What's going on? Who are you? Why are we frozen?”

          There was a sigh from her as she rolled her red eyes. Hush, young one. Do not be frightened. I simply have frozen this moment as to steal a word with you. I have opened the door of Death for you, do not take that lightly. And do not make me wait; my question still stands.

         “The door of Death? What? Why me?” I kept on going, trying to keep my hands from shaking. How could Death sound so... sweet?

          Death sounds sweet because it has great lure. It helps to gain trust. And 'why you' because you are interfering with my work, young one.

          My eyes widened. “Did you just read my mind?”

          Indeed. She said staring at me.

          “Oh, right, your question. Well, because I couldn’t let Kit die. I had to be here to protect her.” I said quickly letting the words spill out, hoping it would be enough.

          She was quite for a moment as she folded her hands, observing me. When she spoke, she didn’t sound so sweet anymore. This time it was more like rose petals mixed with blood. You interfere because of love?

          “Y-Yes...” I stuttered.

          You dare bring hell upon yourself for one female? She is meant for something greater. She will be in the arms of Death when that happens. You cannot keep stopping it. One day she shall be in my control. She shall serve me. She shall be of great use, that one. I need her.

          “You cant have her. I will keep fighting it. I will help her cheat Death!” I snapped.

          The wind rose around us making her hair fly around her. I raised a hand to cover my eyes from the stinging air. I felt the wolf within me stir and the wind came to a sudden halt. Werewolf, you disgust me. How can you speak of Death as something so horrible. I am not so bad.

          “You are terrible, though.” I told her.

          I would rather be Death than Life. He is just a pretty lie as where I am an ugly truth. That is why people hate me. But I can be so much more. I do not just take the lives of those around you. I also transport them to the Otherworld where they live with our Goddess and the other fellow Daities.

          “Life is a man?” I asked totally off track

          Death was silent again for a moment. Her gaze was very skeptical. You are distracted far too easily. This shall be fairly easily, to take your Kit's life.

          “What? No, it wont!” She said nothing. “Why do you want her so badly. What is it she will do that is so great?”

          This time, she smiled. She will come join me by my side and help me. She will become one of my collection. She will be a Guardian, an Executor and protect us. It has been her destiny since day one of her life. But then again, she can thank her dearest mother for that.

          “Her mom? What does her mom have to do with that?” I knew she was meant for something great, I thought to myself, she wasn’t just some human. She was special.

          If you knew these things, why did you protest in my words? If you knew she would be of great power. She is, indeed, special.

          I felt my jaw clench. “You didn’t answer my question.”

          She sighed waving a dismissive hand at me. I do not have time for all of your questions. She moved away, turning her back. I ground my teeth and lurched forward to grab her arm. Bad choice. She screeched loudly and swung around to smack me across the cheek, scratching me with her long nails. I felt blood rise in the wounds. That would be hell to explain. YOU DARE TOUCH ME?!

          “As you don’t have time for my questions, I don’t have time for your games!” I yelled to her holding my cheek. “What does her mother have to do with any of this?!”

          Find out yourself, you disrespectful mutt! Oh, how I have hated your kind deeply for the past millennium and now I remember why. Do not step out of line again, mongrel or I will shoot you dead, I swear. I will mount your heart above my throne, you flea bitten- she stopped and took a deep breath. No, I will be the bigger person. It is up to you, young wolf. I will let her go today. Take her away now. I will delay the plane another minute. Find out about her mother. Try and cheat Death. But trust me, I will have her. With the sweep of her long hand, time unfroze and she was gone. The thing she had called her Collector was no longer behind me, but behind Kit's father, a black ichor running down its elongated jaw and down onto his shoulder. It took me a second to realize everyone was staring at me.

          I gathered my scrambled thoughts quickly, pulling together a fast excuse. “We are late meeting the others.” I cursed myself internally at how horribly my voice was shaking. I looked up and met Kit's fathers eyes, trying to avoid letting my gaze fall on the Collector. Death's voice rang in my ear. No, I will be the bigger person. “Sir, I’m sorry I yelled at you, but, well, you kind of deserved it. We are just going to go to the beach with our friends.” I said starting to pull Kit toward the front door. Molly watched us gratefully, her face full of relief.

          “Oh, but I wanted to get to know you better,” Christopher's voice drifted toward us, along with the smell of more rotten meat. This time, I couldn’t help the gag that left my lips. I turned around and looked at the second Collector that was now sniffing Molly as she stood frozen. She was fully aware of its presence. She knew what was happening. Neither Kit nor Christopher noticed my retching.

          “Dad, you can do that later, we're late.” Kit said harshly to her dad.

          “Yeah, sorry, sir!” I said as I yanked her out he door. I breathed in the fresh air quickly, trying to gather as much of it as I could into my lungs, trying to get the stench of rotten meat out of me. The images would never leave me though.

          “Jeesh, what's the rush?” Kit asked as she was pulled along, stumbling behind me.

          “I’m sorry, Kit...” I mumbled still pulling us toward the group that was now waiting at the end of the street. They were gesturing to us worriedly. I couldn’t bare to look at her now.

          “For what? What's going on, Dylan?” Kit said, her voice filling with suspicion.

          I stopped when we reached the group and just pulled her into my arms. “I’m so sorry, Kit, I really am... your parents... they...” I couldn’t finish. She wrapped her arms around me leaning her head on my shoulder, not really sure what else to do. I flinched at the sound of a plane getting closer. I didn’t say anything, just buried my face in her neck. Behind closed eyes, all I could see was the Collectors. Would I ever forget those empty eyes?

          “Dylan, what are you talking about?” Kit shouted over the plane as it got lower in sky, nearing us.

          I hugged her tighter, crushing her to me. “The p-plane...” The plane's engines gave a small sputter before BOOM! they're engines exploded loudly, causing us all to jump. Everyone was quiet. Kit gasped in my ear and pulled me back to look at her, holding me out at arms length to look into my face. “How did you know that was going to happen?”

          “Nona...” was all I could say. Kit looked over to Nona who was staring down at the ground. “The worst is about to happen...” I said looking to the sky, pulling her back into my arms and crushing her into my arms.

          “What do you mean?” Kit asked in a small voice as she attempted to turn in my arms and look toward the plane. I let her. I looked up just in time to see the plane make contact with the house. There was a bright light that blinded me for a second as the fires began. I heard Minta scream, as Kit froze in my arms. Felica and Nona were sniffling staring off in the other direction, unable to look. Koko was hugging Minta, trying to keep from crying. I looked down at the ground sadly, holding onto Kit as her weight dropped into my arms. She was still staring at the burning disaster that had been her home, her family...

          After what felt like forever, Koko and the others came to stand with us and stare at the ash remains. What had happened to the Collectors? Did they burn with it? Did they get away in time? Why did I even care? I flinched at the sounds of Molly screaming running through my mind. I took a deep shaky breath. “I’m sorry, Kit.” I whispered. She didn’t respond.

          “Well, that went better than expected...” Nona said softly.

          “Kit?” Koko said bending to look in her eyes as she leaned into my chest. Koko shook her shoulder gently. “Honey...”

          “She looks...off.” Felica said.

          “Will she be okay?” Minta asked.

          “Kit?” I asked looking down at her. She was still staring off toward the mess. She didn’t even blink.

          “And... we lost her...” Felica sighed.

          “I was afraid this was going to happen...” Nona said walking over to snap a finger in Kit's face.

          “What? Afraid what would happen? What's wrong with her?” I demanded, giving her a small shake.

          “Sometimes Kit's brain is unable to absorb things around her. And on the off occasion that does happen... well... she just kind of...” Koko started.

          “Shuts down,” Minta finished for her.

          “Well, what do we do then?” I asked.

          “Let it pass until she finally lets it out, I guess.” Nona said crossing her arms to look at all of us.

          “Who's taking her home with them?” Felica asked looking from Koko, Nona, and I.

          “I cant,” Minta said with a frown. “I’m leaving when I get home...”

          “I'd say me, but my mom is gonna flip when she sees the party stuff. I’m gonna be grounded for sure and they ain’t gonna care whether the President's house burned.” Felica said sighing in exasperation.

          “I-I can take her home.” I offered quickly before anyone else could take the job. “Unless Koko wants to...” I added in before I could seem too desperate.

          “I’m not sure, with Aiden and all. I’m sure he wont mind, but Cal might.” Koko said looking from me to Nona.

          “Who's Cal?” I asked. Was that his brother? Father? Third cousin twice removed?

          “Uh, no one,” Koko said letting out a nervous laugh. “I'll explain later if Aiden says its okay. But hes home right now. Sleeping or eating, no doubt.”

          I lifted my nose to the sky and sniffed the air. I could smell everything from the baker and his sweet breaks three blocks away to the children running in the grass at the playground. The smell of pizza floated from the general direction of Auden’s apartment. I chuckled once to myself. “He's eating.”

          Koko rolled her blue eyes. “It shocks me that he never gains a pound yet I have to watch every calorie!” She said sounding much like one of those snooty popular girls. I wondered if Aiden had ever seen this other Koko?

          I chuckled, shaking the thought from my mind. “Anyway, how long does it take for Kit to actually come back?” I asked propping her up against me as she slid lower toward the ground yanking my shirt and some of my hair with her.

          “It all depends,” Nona said.

          “On what?”

          “Her,” they all said in unison.

          “Take her home, I guess. We'll all probably come over at some point to check on her.” Felica said glancing over her shoulder toward the busy street not too far from us.

          “But maybe not all together,” Nona said, almost like a warning.

          “And at random times!” Koko added in excitedly.

          “Alright,” I said picking her up gently, bridal style. “Anyone want to come now?” I offered as I turned in the direction of my house.

          “I have to get home. I need to pack. I'll stop by when I can.” Minta said. She rushed over and grabbed my arm to lean up on her toes and kiss Kit's cheek. “I know you cant hear me, but I'll miss you, sweetie!” She turned to give her other friends a hug and sweet parting words before she rushed off waving.

          “Si, me too. But cleaning instead of packing. Adios!” Felica chirped blowing a kiss. “Love ya Kit!” She said making her way home. She stopped to steal one last glance at the mess before disappearing around the corner.

          “I'm going to go see if anything survived the fire. I will stop by afterword.” Nona said making her way to the rubble. I made a mental note to talk to her about this Death thing. Or maybe I should keep it to myself?

          “I will for a bit. Then I have to go home and make sure Aiden doesn’t blow up the house.” Koko said.

          I chuckled a bit as I turned and began walking in the direction of my home. She walked easily beside me. “You say that like you two are husband and wife.”

          She gave her eyes a light roll laughing to herself. “Close enough,” her cheeks turned a light pink. I smiled to myself.

          “What's up with Aiden anyway? He's not like any other werewolf I have met. He's just... weird.” I said honestly.

          She looked up at me with bright eyes and smiled. “He's just going through a lot.” She must have really cared to smile like that even though I had insulted him. To defend his weirdness like that.

          “I dont think that's because of his weirdness,” I told her, voicing my thoughts. “Dont get me wrong, I like weird things, but it's just... surprising.” I said trying to find the right words.

          “I dont want to say anything unless he gives me the okay,” she said looking down. I stared straight ahead as we began walking up my drive way.

          “Hey, reach into my front pocket and grab my house key. I locked it.” I told her turning my hip toward her. She stared at me for a second before sighing and digging into my pocket. I just stood there waiting. She pulled the key from my pocket triumphantly before racing toward the front door ahead of me to unlock the door. I walked behind her, watching as she struggled with the key. “Oh, and you dont have to tell me. Its not my business.”

          She smiled to me over her shoulder as she opened the door. “Thank you,” she said holding open the door for me as I smiled and walked inside. I walked straight to the couch to gently place her down. I heard Koko's light footsteps behind me. I sat down at the very end of the couch by Kit's feet.

          “So, what now, mate?” I wondered aloud.

          “I'm not sure,” I said staring at her. She pushed her blonde hair out of her eyes and glanced up toward the digital clock by the TV. She sighed. “I hate to say this, but I have to get home. Aiden will eat the house clean if I dont make lunch soon.” She said giving a small apologetic smile.

          “Thats fine, I understand.” I said giving her a small smile.

          She skipped over to Kit to give her a light kiss on her forehead before skipping back toward the front door. She stopped gracefully to wave at me. “Buh-bye!”

          “See ya,” I said as she walked out. I sighed to myself as I stared around.

          A million things raced through my mind...


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