Push Me, Pull Me

My name is Kit Collins and I am not just your ordinary human. Sure, I( have no powers or anything, but lately she's been running around with some different people. HMy best friend is a Shifter, and the rest of hy group consists of an Aura Master, a Prophetess, and a Mind Reader. Oh, and did I mention the school Witch is harrassing us? And when I say witch, I dont mean with a capital B. I mean, like a real witch. Spells and broomsticks and all. But my whole journey began when I met Dylan... Ordinary human cutie or supernatural hottie?

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1. Chapter One

I let out a huff as my two best friends led me to the cafeteria as the bell that signaled lunch rang. They both somehow were always standing outside my third period class. 3C lunch was always the best. Just a nice simple break after learning. Just the normal, or somewhat normal, life of Kit Collins at Witherston High school. Life for me never seemed ‘simple’.

          “Hurry, hurry, Kit!” Koko Maxie, my first best friend since third grade said pulling me along.

          Koko was a short girl, the same age as me. Her light blonde hair glowed in the sunlight, making her hair shine. Her green eyes sparkled with the smile she held on her face. I could see her sharp fangs starting to grow into place in her excitement. I pulled her gently to a stop, nodding for our friend Minta to go ahead. She smiled her shy smile and ran ahead, clutching her books, saving our usual seat in the corner.

          “Koko,” I said giving her a little glare. “Your fangs are showing.” I whispered as the kids walking passed glanced our way.

          “Really?!” She gasped, throwing her hand over her mouth. She glanced around to make sure no one saw.

          “You’re safe, little kitty. No one saw. Now come on, and act natural. But don’t show your teeth.” I said grabbing her hand and pulling her to our table. Minta looked up with a small smile.

          “What happened?” She said tilting her head a bit.

          “Her fangs are showing again,” I said shaking my head with a sigh.

          “Why are you getting so over excited lately?” Minta asked curiously. Now that she mentioned it, Koko did seem to be slipping more and more in school lately.

          “No reason!” She chirped. Her face turned the lightest shade of pink.

          Minta and I shared a quick glance before we laughed out. “Oh, is there a boy in the picture now, Koko?” I asked teasingly.

          She threw her hands over her face with a squeak causing Minta and I to laugh more. Her hair flung over her head, into her face, hiding her furious blush. “Stop laughing! You’re going to attract unwanted attention!”

          “Too late.” A sugary sweet voice said. I turned to look Morgan Little right in the eye. The hag always had a way to make my skin crawl.

          “What do you want, Morgan?” Minta said in a flat voice. I just glared.

          “To let you know that your little group trying to hide in with the norm is pathetic. One day, I will expose you freaks for what you are!” Morgan said placing her books down and sitting beside Koko.

          “Who said you were welcome, Wiccan?” I snapped.

          “So, I’m a witch. At least it is still close to the humans. I just have a sixth sense that was given to me, unlike you’re weird friends. A cat girl, an aura master, oh and where is your telepathic creeps?” Morgan said glancing around.

          “Look, Morgan. You’re a witch, and we aren’t out to break you! If your powers are a sixth sense, then I consider Felica and Nona to have that as well. Mind reading and seeing the future aren’t that big of a deal and you need to get your haggish ass over it.” I said flicking a piece of my salad in her direction. “No one likes a stuck up bitch.”

          “Just because you’re human doesn’t mean I won’t hesitate to turn your sorry ass into a frog. I’m just trying to help you sort yourself out with the right group.”

          “I’d rather stay with my freakish friends.” I said to Morgan. I turned back to Minta and Koko. “You guys are freakish, sorry, but I love you.” I smiled to them.

          “Understood,” they said in unison.

          “So, freak girl got herself a boyfriend?” Morgan said turning to Koko.

          I sent her a look telling her to be strong. She seemed to understand and nodded. Her face was red again as she stared out the window before she smiled. We all turned to see a retreating form that had shaggy black hair. He was wearing a dark blue sweatshirt and grey skinny jeans, though we couldn’t see the front of him.

          “Was that him?” Minta asked turning back to Koko.

          She merely threw her face in her hands again, blushing as she nodded.

          “Aww, what grade?” I asked leaning forward.

          “H-he’s a…”

          “A what?” Morgan pushed.

          “Senior!” She said burying her face deeper in her hands, if that was possible.

          “A senior?!” Minta and I said together, glancing at each other with wide eyes.

          “Are you nuts?” Morgan asked.

          Koko peeked out from her fingers at Morgan. “Depends on what you mean.” She said quietly.

          “You’re a sophomore. Sophomore and Seniors don’t mix.” Morgan said like she knew all the rules of the school.

          “When do we get to meet him?” I asked. “I’m not going to approve or disapprove until I meet the guy.”

          “Um, I don’t know.” Koko said dropping her hands.

          “Well, that explains why you disappear every morning and we only see you at lunch,” Minta said with a shrug. “But, yeah, I won’t judge him until I meet him. Who knows? He could be a good choice for her.” She said taking a bite of her apple.

          “Maybe. So, what’s the kid’s name?” I asked handing her my bag of Doritos. I never ate them, she loved the junk.

          She licked her lips, taking the bag before chomping on a chip. Her fangs were fully out now and her eyes were taking on a cat-like form. The diamond shaped eyes and weird yellow glow. “Aiden.”

          “Aiden?” Morgan said sitting forward, suddenly interested. “Aiden Cross?”

          Koko looked at her surprised. “Uh, yes.”

          Morgan was shaking her head. “I heard that kid was bad news. He’s not right in the head or something.”

          I was staring at Morgan confused before I saw water dumped all over her head. Morgan stood shocked, her mouth almost to the floor. My eyes widened as I saw Koko was the one holding the bottle. Minta stood up and went over to Koko and took the bottle, pulling her to the side of the cafeteria. I started gathering napkins to help Morgan with her drippy mess.

          “Are you okay? You kind of deserved that. Sorry.” I said dabbing at her back.

          She was dabbing at the front of her shirt, “Yeah, I know…” she sighed.

          “Then why the hell would you say that to her? Are you honestly that much of a bitch?” I said turning her to face me.

          “No… not all the time.” She said with a sad look. “Has she ever acted like that before? I’ve been watching this group for a long time and have never seen that before from her…”

          “No, she hasn’t. Which brings me to believe that he must actually be something more than you say. She must really like him. She is never violent or hostile.” I said glancing in Koko’s direction. I could see Minta giving her a good scolding as she stared to the floor. “This is the last real day of school. Then it’s summer. Just leave us alone today, okay?” I said as I turned to walk away.

          “Hey,” Morgan called after me. I turned back to look at her. “I’m sorry. I’ll see you at Felica’s party?” She asked with a smile. Where had that come from?

          I smiled back. “Yeah, sure.” Though, I really wasn’t looking forward to that…

          I walked over just in time to hear Minta finishing off her lecture. “…and no boy should drive you to get all crazy on people!”

          I put an arm around Koko with a smile. “That was badass, little kitty. Am I rubbing off on you?”

          She looked up at me and laughed. “No, I just didn’t like the way she was talking about him.”

          “Don’t encourage her!” Minta said giving me a look.

          “Oh, calm yourself. Your aura is going to get all choppy again.” I said rolling my eyes. “Live on the edge, Minnie.”

          Minta gave me a smile, pushing her blonde hair back behind her ear. Her green eyes flickered to Koko and back to me. Sometimes, Koko and Minta looked like twins. Both with their light blonde hair and green eyes, though Minta’s eyes were a few shades darker than Koko’s.

          Just then, the bell signaling fourth period rang. The last class of the day before summer!

          I gave Minta a quick hug before Koko and I made our way to chorus, the one class we shared together. My favorite class of the day. The only thing we were doing today was listening to the concert that had just passed. It always sounded good to me but the teacher always worked to find one thing wrong. Our friend Rico was sitting at the piano bench, waiting for us as usual. Koko skipped over to him happily, sitting beside him as they both began to chatter.

          I waved over to my friend Dave, before sitting down on Koko’s lap. She smiled up at me before she wrapped her arms around me to reach the keys. She began to play music, letting the room fill with a melody so sweet that even the teacher stopped to listen. I smiled, she had always been musical, but lately her music took a turn for the better. Each song seemed to take me on a journey, each one taking me somewhere new and exciting.

          When she stopped, the silence lasted before the other kids in the room began to clap. She blushed, not realizing they were listening. “Did you like it?” She asked up at me.

          “It was wonderful, Koko.” I said in response.

          She smiled again before turning to Rico. His face was blank as he stared at her. “Wow! That was great!”

          “Is it for you know who?” I asked waggling my eye brows.

          She blushed and giggled. “Maybe.”

          “Que? Who?” Rico said smiling at Koko. It was obvious since the eighth grade that Rico had a crush on Koko, and she knew. But she didn’t feel the same way.

          “A boy she met,” I said smiling down at her. She just rolled her eyes at me. “So, is he going to like, pick you up or anything?” I asked.

          “For what?” She asked curiously.

          “For Felica’s party! I expect to see lover boy there.” I said standing to leave the two alone. I walked over to Dave. He was focusing on drumming. As he lifted his drum stick in the air to tap another beat, I snapped the stick from his hand, quickly hiding it behind my back. “Hey, there, D.”

          “Oh, hey. Give me my drum stick, slick.” He said with a smirk.

          I laughed and held out the stick to him. He took it and placed it down with the other before patting the seat beside him. I sat down, looking to him. “So, how are things with you and Julia?”

          “Bad, she broke up with me this morning.”

          “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. But honestly, that bitch didn’t deserve you. Now you have more time for the band!” I laughed.

          “That’s true, good thinking, slick.” He had given me the nickname, Slick, when he met me last year. I don’t know why, he just suddenly decided he would call me that.

          I smiled at him. I opened my mouth to say something but the teacher quickly silenced the class and we began. Koko rushed from the piano with Rico to come sit by me. Koko smiled to me before she turned to listen to the teacher talk. I zoned out for most of it, only coming back when he was saying his good-bye’s and have a good summer ending. All the kids were scattering to gather their things as he continued, talking about a summer musical and how he needed staff. Then he wrote the audition dates on the board. Just as the bell rang, signaling the start of summer, he shouted something about recruiting and spreading the word. I didn’t hear it; most of the kids were screaming and laughing. Koko took my hand and we both took off running down the hallway giggling. Sometimes I questioned myself. I always acted more myself around Koko. She brought it out of me. I only laughed around her.

          Suddenly, Felica stepped in front of us, causing us to crash right into her. I stumbled backward with a squeal. Koko caught my hands just before I hit the ground and yanked me back up beside her. Felica was staring at me with her dark eyes, smearing her lip gloss across her lips. It made her dark skin look even darker. She shook her hair, raining glitter everywhere. Felica couldn’t get enough of her damn glitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if she reduced to a pile of glitter one day. Her tangle of curls, bounced as she walked over toward me and brushed off my shoulders.

          “Dios mio! You okay? Sorry, Kit. Didn’t mean to make you fall.” Felica said with a smirk.

          “It’s alright. Don’t cut us off next time.” I said shaking my head.

          “We aint drivin, girlie.” She scoffed.

          “Feli!” A voice called. We looked to see Nona, in all her purple haired glory running over to us. Her heals clicked as she hurried over. “I can’t wait for the party. You said it’s a costume party right?”

          “Oh, yes it is!” She said with a wink. “I’m gunna be a chocolate bunny, if you know what I mean.”

          “Well, I’m going as a goddess.” Nona smiled.

          “Of course, you are.” I said rolling my eyes.

          “What are you being, Kit?” Koko asked.

          “I honestly don’t know. I think I’m just going to mess around with the body make up.” I said. Lately, I had been practicing scary movie makeup and such. It was fun for me compared to real makeup. I hated that crap.

          “Sounds fun,” Nona said with a nod. “What about you, Koko?”

          “Um, I didn’t have anything planned. Aiden and I were going to go costume shopping after school.” She said smiling down at her feet.

          “Hell, no! Nona and I will get you all dressed!” Felica said taking her hand. “Tell whoever this Aiden kid is that he is shopping alone and we are going to surprise him. You are going to look muy calliente!” Felica and Nona began to drag Koko away, grinning widely.

          “What?! No!” Koko yelled until they pulled her out of sight. I rolled my eyes. Don’t kill her, I thought. I went to clean out my locker and made my way to the buses.

          When I got home, I put all my things away before I grabbed some money. No one was home yet. Perfect time for me to go to the café down the street. I made my way quietly, observing my surroundings. I entered the café, ordering my usual coffee and bagel before I went and sat at my usual spot. It was open as always. People looked at me but didn’t bother to come over. Why would they? They knew who I was. But I wasn’t someone anyone would really like. I had piercings, and didn’t dress like other people. I had brown hair and my bangs were died a blonde color. My dark eyes didn’t say much about me. Just to stay away.

          Just then, a boy around my age strolled into the café. He looked around, locking eyes with me for a second before going to the counter and ordering himself a coffee. He sat at the table next to mine, staring out the window. I came here often and had never seen him before. He had short brown hair that spiked out all around. He was pale, making his green eyes pop out a bit. There was a scar down his left eye. I continued to watch him as I nibbled my bagel, until loud noises disrupted my focus.

          I looked to the door to see a gang of bikers had entered the café. By the way they stumbled and swayed and hooted, I could see they were drunk. I rolled my eyes and stood, making my way to the door. A hand slammed against the door frame, stopping me from leaving. The scent of alcohol washed over my face as the man leaned toward me.

          “Excuse me,” I said trying to push past him.

          “Where are you going, cutie?” The man asked.

          “Leaving, if you’d move out of my way.” I said harshly.

          “Why don’t you stay and hang out with us?”

          “Because I don’t hang out with creepy drunks and their loser friends.” I said glaring up at him. “Now get your smelly ass out of my way.”

          He let out a loud growl, smacking my coffee out of my hand. It spilled all down the front of me; I felt my arms burn as they turned a blistered red color. I let out a small cry stepping back. “Ouch! What the hell!”

          “Hey, leave her alone you bloody wankers!” A voice called walking passed me to shove the biker away.

          “Oh, look at what we have here. A little British kid, come to save the little bitch!” One of the other bikers said laughing out.

          “I may be British but I’m not a kid!” The new boy said as he kneed the guy in the groin. He punched the dude in the face as he doubled over in pain. I saw a smirk cross his face, seeing his unusually sharp canines. He wasn’t normal, that’s for sure. Who was this kid? I watched after him as he stormed out of the café. I quickly turned and decked the last standing biker in the face, throwing him up and over the counter before following the boy out.

          “Hey, are you okay?” I called out as I caught up.

          He turned around to look at me, his green eyes settling on me, causing a slight blush to come to my face. Why? “Yeah, I’m fine, what about you?”

          “I’m fine, thanks, though. Y-You didn’t have to do that…”

          He shrugged, “I’m always glad to help someone.”

“They didn’t hurt you or anything, did they?” I had the urge to lift his arm and check him for any sign of an injury, but resisted and slowly observed him instead. He seemed fine. 

          “Well, I’m fine. And I kicked their arses pretty good,” he said in a thick British accent. I hadn’t noticed it before.

          I smiled, laughing a bit, something I only did with Koko. “I like your accent.”

          He smiled slightly at me, “Thanks.”

          “Are you from England?” I asked titling my head in curiosity.

          “That’s in the UK right? Ugh, I’m stupid; I don’t even know how my own country works! I find America more easier.” He said scratching the back of his head.

          I pat his back with a light chuckle. “You need to work on grammar usage as well. I’m Kit, by the way.”

          He glared at me playfully before it settled into a smile. “I’m Dylan.”

          “How long have you been in America?”

          “A few months.” He said peeking over at me.

          “How do you like it so far?” When he kept silent, I laughed loudly. “I’ll take that as ‘it fucking sucks and I want to get the fuck out of here’?”

          “Exactly!! But it’s the same in the UK…” He sighed.

          “It’s not that bad,” I said with a shrug, “once you get around all the assholes and fall in with the right crowd.” I said my thoughts running to my friends.

          “Yea, I’ve tried many times but nope, I’m still the outcast.” He let out a huff of air, his shoulders drooping. “Not even pack ace-…never mind. So what about you? Do you like it here?”

          Pack? Why didn’t I think of it before? No one normal ever talked to me… I acted quickly, composing my face to seem like I didn’t notice his little slip. “Well, I moved here from France when I was only four. My parents try to speak French at home to keep it a part of my life, but I’ve been here my whole life,” I said gesturing around me. “English is all I know. I used to have an accent, oui?” I said letting out a small laugh. I could still rock the French. “But I like it here. My friends are here. And if it makes you feel better, I am an outcast too.” I quickly pulled my shirt over my head, revealing the small kami underneath. It had a few drips of coffee on it from the spill. I threw the shirt away in a garbage can as we walked by. The stain would never come out.

          “I don’t see how,” he said smiling at me, “you’re so cool and all!”

          I laughed shaking my head, “Not really, but thanks. Everyone at school thinks I’m a freak. I mean, look at me.” I said gesturing to myself and all my pierced glory. My weirdly dyed hair was only the start.

          “You’re not a freak! I think you look cool with piercings and that awesome hair! Don’t listen to those retarded tossers because clearly, they’re blind to see how cool you are.” He said smiling at me.

          I laughed and nudged him with my hip, “Well, you’re pretty cool yourself, wolf boy.” I let the words out before I realized, and threw my hand over my mouth. Crap, I thought. He’s gunna rip my head off! He looked down, letting an awkward silence fill the air between us. “Err, sorry.” I said dropping my hand slowly.

          “I-It’s okay, don’t worry about it,” he said staring down at the ground. I couldn’t tell if he was sad or upset. Or maybe embarrassed…?

          “No, it’s not.” I sighed. “People don’t usually like having their secrets blurted out like that… sorry, I-I’m stupid,” I said turning to walk away.

          I felt his hand gently grab my shoulder and pull me back to face him. “No, I’m serious, it’s fine. It’s better to have a friend know your secrets than a complete stranger.”

          I felt more blush rise to my cheeks. How could he trust me already? “A friend? But, you hardly know me… and I’m only a dumb human.”

          “If you want to be friends?... and you aren’t a dumb human!”

          “Sure,” I said smiling at him. “And it’s true. Out of my entire group of friends, I’m the only human. I seem to attract people who are different.” I said with a shrug.

          “Well, it’s better being different than normal and clearly, you aren’t normal.” He said with a smile. “You belong with your friends.”

          “Well, my friends and I may not be as good as a pack, but you can join us if you want. We’re going to a party for the first day of summer tonight. Would you like to come with me?”

          “Yes, I would love to come!” His eyes seemed to brighten up as he smiled a crooked smile, his sharpened canines glistening. “Hey, which school do you go to anyway?”

          “It’s the school right down the road. Witherston High.” I said pointing down the road, where you could just see the Senior parking lot. He just smiled at me. I blushed again changing the subject. “Have any idea what you will dress up as?”

          “I could go as my hybrid form.” He said with a shrug.

          “That sounds cool. Costume parties are the only time my friends can look like themselves.” I sighed.

          “Yeah, but my true form is way cooler. I look like a giant wolf, kind of like those wanking wolves from Twilight, except way cooler.” He said with a smirk.

          I giggled. “I bet. If you want to come over, I can help you get ready. Unless you just want the address and I can meet you there?”

          “Can I come over? I’m new in this town and I get lost easily…”

          “Of course, come on.” I said as I started toward home. Mom would probably be home by now. Dylan followed alongside me, keeping quiet. We reached the house quickly. I pulled my key from my pocket and opened the door. I slipped off my shoes once inside.

          “Kit, is that you?” My mother called in her thick French accent. The house smelt of roses again.

          “Oui, Mama. Welcome home.” I called back. Dylan and I stayed by the front door.

          My mother walked in in all her blonde glory. Her curls bounced as she walked. She was wearing one of her sundresses, with nice pumps. It was odd that my mother was more stylish than myself. Her brown eyes widened when she noticed that I wasn’t alone. “Oui, and you as well. You brought a friend.” She smiled over at Dylan, the smell of roses getting stronger as it wafted off her. She was the florist of the town. “Shoes off, please.” Dylan obeyed immediately.

          “Mama, this is my friend Dylan. He’s coming to the party with me tonight. I’m going to help him get ready. Is it okay if I use Papa’s movie makeup and clothes?”

          She thought for a second, blinking, causing her long eyelashes to shadow her cheeks. “Oui, I guess it is no harm. Bonjour, Dylan. Make yourself at home. If you need something, don’t hesitate to ask.”

          “Thanks,” he said with a smile and a nod.

          “What would you guys like for dinner? Unless you want to eat at the party.” Mom said.

          “Uh, what do you want Dylan?” I said turning to look at him.

          “A French food perhaps?” Mom said grabbing an apron off its hook.

          I made a disgusted face. “No more snails, Ma. They’re nasty!”

          She laughed smiling at me. “How about pizza?”

          “Yes! Pizza!” Dylan began to jump up and down excitedly but stopped and got quiet, looking down embarrassed.

          Mom and I laughed for a second before she reached for the phone and began dialing. “Pizza it is. I will call you when it arrives. Go on,” she said shooing us away.

          I laughed and grabbed Dylan’s hand, pulling him up the stairs quickly. “Sorry about that. I’ve never brought a boy home before. She actually questioned whether I liked girls or not. She was a bit surprised to see a male.” I giggled.

          He chuckled, “Your Mum seems cool.”

          “I hope you like roses. Mom decorates the house with them. She said they remind her of home. She’s a florist.” I informed him.

          “Yeah, their nice.”

          At the top of the stairs sat my room, the door wide open. My posters and dark blue walls were peeling slightly. My stereo sat on the desk beside my laptop and iPod. My bed was left unmade and the light was off. I pulled him off to the left and began walking down the hallway. He looked back over his shoulder confused. I released his hand and unlocked the door at the very end of the hall. I pushed the door aside to reveal my favorite room of the house. Clothes, silk and linen sat throughout the room covered in plastic on hangers. They were separated from men to woman and children to all different things. Makeup from all over the world was scattered in big bunches all around the room. The room smelt of rubber and plastic and a bit of nail polish. Masks sat in a big closet that Dad had left open.

          He looked around wide eyed, taking everything in. “Wow, I’m guessing your father is like a monster makeup artist or something like that?”

          “He works with movies and such. A costume designer but yes, his specialty is turning someone into something…spooky.” I smiled taking a mask from the closet, placing it over my face. It resembled a zombie.

          “Cool, is that what you plan on being?” He looked over at me and laughed, cracking a smile.

          I smiled and placed the mask back on its shelf back in the closet. “Seems fun, but no.” I blushed a bit laughing at myself. “I want to be a ring master. It’s silly, though.”

          “No, it’s not a bad idea! You should go as that!”

          “I don’t know if Dad has that outfit. But I can probably throw it together.” I said pulling a top hat and whip out of the trunk my Dad kept the props in. “Will I need the whip?”

          “So what time is the party?”

          “It’s at 7:30,” I said looking to the clock. It was only 5:30. “You can look through my Dad’s costumes. There’s clothes over there.” I said pointing to the rack that held the normal clothes along with some other odd things. He was already looking through them when I walked behind the changing curtain. It was quiet as I changed. I pushed the curtain aside, staring at myself in the long mirror across the room.

          I wore a one piece black bathing suit thing that resembled something a playboy bunny would wear. My legs were bear; my heels making my smooth legs look longer than they really were. I wore a cape-like jacket that was red with black buttons that only came to center of my stomach that I left open. I wore the top hat on my head and the whip was tied to a spiked belt around my waist.

          “Would you laugh if I said I wanted to start my own circus when I’m older?” I asked making my way to the makeup. I looked around when I got no reply. Dylan was nowhere to be found. “Dylan?”

          He suddenly jumped out from behind me wearing one of the werewolf masks my father created. I jumped and screamed, throwing my hands up to my face. “Oh my gosh! Don’t do that!” I gasped out.

          “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself!” He was laughing so hard he could barely slip the mask off his face. He stumbled over placing it back on the shelf laughing.

          I rolled my eyes and tossed a handful of glitter at him laughing as well. “Yea, yea, go get dressed!”

          “Don’t need too.”

          “You’re just going to wear that?” I looked back to the makeup grabbing the red body makeup. With a steady hand, I ran a brush down my leg, leaving behind swirls and hearts in wonderful patterns. I added glitter quickly to it before it dried and repeated with the other leg.

          “I said I was going as my hybrid form, remember?”

          “Well, true, but there’s other clothes if you want anything else.” I said moving onto my arms, spreading glitter body lotion all over my arms and shoulders, neck and chest.

          “Nah, I’m good.”

          “Alright,” I said as I moved onto my facial makeup. I put glitter all around my eyes with a reddish tint to it, making my own green eyes stick out. From the corner of my eyes I ran reddish glitter all the way to my hair line, across my temple. I smeared red lip stick on my lips as the doorbell rang.

          “Kids! Pizza!” My mom called from the bottom of the stairs. I saw Dylan frown and then it turned into a smile.

          “What?” I said placing the makeup away before turning back to him.

          “Oh, I just hate being called a kid.” He shrugged.

          “My Mom does it a lot,” I said with a sigh. “Come on, let’s go get pizza!” I said running from the room. I heard him following behind me. My heels clicked loudly until I pulled myself to a halt and turned to Dylan. “Turn into your hybrid form. She’ll start asking questions if you aren’t in your costume. She’s nosey.” I whispered to him.

          “Alright, stand back.” He said. I took a few steps back, pulling the kitchen door closed behind me. If Mom walked in while he was changing, she would freak out. Mom didn’t know about any of my friends being completely different from everyone else. She might make me stop hanging out with them all.

          His skin turned a few shades darker as long fuzzy hair began to grow from his body. His snout grew out and he bared his teeth as his canines grew sharper and bigger. A loud tearing sound resonated as his clothes ripped a bit, and his boned cracked a little as they snapped into place.

          I laughed taking in his hybrid form. “I thought you would just grow ears and a tail.” I shook my head. “Anyway, can you still talk in that form?”

          “Fuck, I completely forgot about my clothes!” He said his voice deeper, almost a growl. It sent a small shiver down my spine.

          “I’ll pack some extra clothes before we go.” I said.

          “Guys! The pizza is getting cold!” Mom called from the kitchen.

          “Let’s go get some pizza.” He said with a nod. I prayed Mom wouldn’t get afraid of him.

          “Alright,” I pushed the door out of my way. “Hey, Mom.”

          She smiled over at me with a gasp. “Hey, you look great!” Her eyes widened as she looked at Dylan. “And you look… w-wow….”

          I laughed trying to break the silence. “Wait, until you hear him talk. He’s an awesome voice actor!”

          “True story.” He said with an attempt to smile. It came out more like a snarl.

          Mom laughed shakily. “Well, if Felica made a contest, I’m sure you two will win.” She set out some plates and pizza . I sat down to eat, staring at Dylan.

          “Uh, this costume is heavy, so I don’t want to break your chairs when I sit down.” He said standing in his place.

          I jumped up with my pizza. “I’ll stand too.”

          My mom stood with a smile. “Me as well. It’s only polite.” She placed her pizza on the table and rushed from the room. “Oh, I forgot to-“ her voice trailed off as she closed the door.

          “Time to shovel down food,” I said pointing to the clock. It was 7:20. I ate quickly but carefully, making sure I didn’t smudge my makeup. He ate four slices all at once licking his lips. I placed our plates in the sink. “Ready?”

          “Yep,” he said wiping off the front of him.

          “Alright,” I said turning toward the front door. “Bye, Mom!” I called.

          “Have fun!” She called running past in a hassle. Dylan and I shared a glance and laughed out. He followed me out the door. We made our way toward Felica’s house as people stared, but I paid no mind to it. Dylan growled at a few people making them back up and run before laughing. I laughed along with him.

          “Kit?” A voice called.




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