Push Me, Pull Me

My name is Kit Collins and I am not just your ordinary human. Sure, I( have no powers or anything, but lately she's been running around with some different people. HMy best friend is a Shifter, and the rest of hy group consists of an Aura Master, a Prophetess, and a Mind Reader. Oh, and did I mention the school Witch is harrassing us? And when I say witch, I dont mean with a capital B. I mean, like a real witch. Spells and broomsticks and all. But my whole journey began when I met Dylan... Ordinary human cutie or supernatural hottie?

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4. Chapter Four

Koko's POV:


I kicked the rocks at my feet as I walked down the empty street. For noon, it was pretty dark. My hair was standing on end still, though I was a good distance from the house. That meant rain. I hated rain. I sped up my pace, just a few more blocks to Aiden's. I wished I could drive, but whatever. No matter. I felt an odd squeeze of my heart as I neared the apartment. I sped walked to the front door, pulling the spare key Aiden had given me from my pocket to unlock the door. Was something wrong? Please, let him be okay. It was bad enough about the plane crash.

I sighed and hung my spare key on the hook by the door and took of my jacket. Everything seemed to be fine. "Aiden? I'm home!" I called out. There was no response. I went to the kitchen, plastering a cheerful smile on my face to make sure he didn’t see me upset. I opened my mouth to give a happy hello, only to close it again. The kitchen was empty. "Aiden?" I felt worry sink in, like a rock in my stomach. I felt sick. "Aiden, where are you?" I said back tracing back toward the living room. The bathroom door was hanging open, the shower on full blast, steam leaking from the doorway. I tucked my hair behind my ear as I made my way toward the bathroom and peeked in. "Aiden, are you in here?" I glanced toward the closed shower curtain. There was no response. I made my way over and reached toward the curtain. Maybe he fell in the shower? I yanked the curtain away to find it empty. I sighed and shut off the shower. "Aiden, this isn’t funny. Where are you?" I said in a harsh voice. If he was trying to scare me, it was working. I was going to punch him if he jumped out at me, and not just because he was being an ass, but because it was a snap reflex. Kit had done it to me before and ended up with a bloody nose. I held my breath as I made my way quietly to our shared bedroom. He was definitely there. I could smell something gross coming from the room. Cigarette smoke? I peeked in with a light smile, his back was to me. "Aiden, I'm home."

He turned to look at me and gave a small smile. "Oh, hey, bitch." Nero. Not Aiden, Nero. Something was wrong. "Funny, I don’t know know why I call you a bitch if you're a cat, not a female dog."

I tried to keep on my best smile. "Hi, Nero, nice to see you, too."

"Yeah, buddy!" He said excitedly. He stood up then, walking toward me. "So, what's up?"

"Um, well I just got home..." I said stating the obvious as I wasn’t sure what to say. Just get right to the point, Koko, I told myself. "Is Aiden alright? And you as well?" I added the last part to at least make it like I wasn’t trying to just make Nero up and go. I didn’t want to come off as rude.

"Nah, Aiden was crying. I'm kind of getting worried, but I was bored, so I was like 'fuck it! I'm coming out!' And, well, here I am!" He finished allowing his eyes to trail across the room before landing back on me.

"Crying? Why?" I asked, picking at my skin. I could feel blood rise up under my nails and tucked my hands quickly behind my back to hide the evidence.

"Oh," Nero looked down, playing with his thumbs nervously, avoiding my eyes. "Cal was tormenting him with his memories again. It's really frustrating to know I cant do much." He admitted glancing up to me from under his eyelashes.

I looked away flushing slightly, cursing myself. "I feel bad that I wasn’t here..." I muttered.

"Yeah, hey, little bitch, where were you anyway? I could have used your help!" He shifted his weight to one foot and placed a hand on his hip as he stared down at me.

I felt tears form in my eyes but shook my head in an attempt to get rid of the burning house from my mind. "With a friend..." An image of Kit's shocked face flashed through my mind along with Dylan holding her. I was glad she had him.

"I guess you wanna check on Aiden, huh?" Nero said, as if he had read my mind. "Alright, I'll bring him back. Oh, and one more thing. He's starting to black out whenever we switch personalities and zoning out a lot lately. Can you keep an eye on him for me?"

Oh, we'll keep more than just an eye on him... a voice purred in the back of my mind.

Shut up, I thought toward it. I've heard enough from you.

It's just the truth, darling. He'll be wrapped around our finger and-

I shook head quickly and looked up to Nero. "Yeah, of course. I-I'll do my best." I said with a smile.

Or your worst. The voice snickered making my smile disappear. Nero gave a nod before he closed his eyes. He suddenly started falling forward. I threw my hands out with a yelp and attempted to catch him before he hit the floor. Unfortunately, he was too heavy for me. I fell down under his weight. He groaned from on top of me, rubbing his head. I stared up at him blushing. Perfect! Do it now! The voice urged. No, I countered. It quieted as Aiden opened his eyes.

"Shit, what happened? Oh! Fucking hell, I'm sorry, Koko!" Aiden said jumping up. He leaned down to grab me under my arms like I was a toddler to lift me to my feet easily.

I laughed to myself brushing off his shoulders. "It's okay. Are you alright?"

"Um, y-yeah, why?" He stuttered, his eyes flickering from me away and back.

"Just making sure," I smiled before grabbing the strings of his hoodie to pull him down toward me. I leaned up on my toes to meet him halfway to kiss him. He kissed me back happily. When we parted he smiled before making his way to the living room. He was staring down. "What is it?" I asked following him. He sat down on the couch. I sat down beside him, watching him carefully, taking his hand in mine. He kept my hand as he laid his head into my lap, staring up at me uneasily.

"It's those stupid fucking memories of Cal!" His voice wavered slightly. "They physically hurt and terrify me..." He admitted. He looked like a scared child. I just wanted to take him in my arms and hug him and tell him everything would be okay. But I couldn’t promise him that if I didn’t know for sure that it was true.

I let my hands find his hair, playing with it as I watched a million emotions flash across his face. "I'm sorry I wasn’t here today to help you. But I will try to be here more and we can get through this together. Or maybe figure out a way to make the memories stop." I offered him a smile.

He smiled back, taking one of my hands, staring at it, observing it, turning it this way and that. He traced my fingers and the lines on my palm smiling to himself when I shivered. "Thanks, and it's alright that you weren’t here. I'm pretty sure you were helping our friends like the good person you are." I felt my smile slowly dissolve into a frown and he looked up at me. He lifted a hand to poke my stomach, making me squeak. "What's wrong?"

"Um, Nona had a vision today. Kit is living with Dylan for a while." I told him slowly. My voice was barely a whisper.

"Oh, no wonder you smell like them, especially Dylan and Kit." He poked my stomach again making me squeak. He smiled when I blushed. "Anyway, what was the vision about? Why is Kit living with Dylan?"

I took a deep breath to try and steady my voice. "The vision... well..." I let my breath out when my voice cracked. I thought for a second before grabbing at the remote and turning on the TV. I clicked it to the news channel. The plastic looking news caster was smiling at us in all her blonde curls, nose job, boob job glory.

"The top story this evening is of the mysterious plane crash. Faulty engines or sabotage? Over to Brenda on the scene of the tragedy." Linda smiled into the camera until it flashed to another fake looking woman with shoulder length brown hair.

"Thank you, Linda. Tonight was most terrible for all of us. A planes engines caught fire mid-flight on its way to the Big Apple today and, to our dismay, went down right into the house of our beloved Mayor and his family. The house went down immediately and not many things were found and no survivors at all either. There was two bodies found which officials have identified as Mayor Christopher Collins and our amazing florist, and Christopher's wife, Molly Collins. No news has been found about their two daughters." A picture of Molly and Christopher flashed on the screen, the image of the house still smoldering just behind it. Next came a picture of Kit and another girl I had never seen before. She has green eyes like Kit and long curling pink hair. "If anyone knows about the whereabouts of these two young women, please call us immediately at-"

I sighed and cut off the TV and looked down at Aiden, trying to keep in my tears. "No way!" He sat up quickly yanking the remote away and turning the TV back on. They were walking about the scene, observing the ashes and the plane pieces, the police yelling at them. "Is that Kit's house?!" My throat stung with tears and I wrapped my arms around myself. I kept my mouth closed, knowing if I spoke, I would break down. "Is she alright?" Aiden prompted. He looked to me and saw my state and leaned over to cut off the TV before grabbing me up in a hug and pulling me into his lap to cradle me. I cried into his shoulder for a moment before pulling myself back together.

I took a few deep breathes to steady myself. "Well, she's... I guess in shock. Her emotions got the best of her and she shut down. I've only seen that happen once before since I met her. It's never lasted this long though."

He stood up suddenly staring down at me with sad eyes. I just watched him. "Then we should go check up on her."

I shook my head grabbing his hand. "There's not much we can do. I was just with her. I think she's just having a hard time accepting what happened."

Aiden stared at me for another second before he sighed and sat back down. He laid his head back in my lap, staring up at me, taking my hand to play with it again. "Okay, so what now?"

"I guess we just wait for any news from Nona or Dylan," I said stroking his hair with my free hand.

"What should we do while we wait?" He asked.

"Um, what do you think we should do?"

He gave a light shrug, "You choose." He reached up to poke my stomach again, making me squeak.

I blushed and took a hold of his hand to keep him from poking me. "Well, not that." I giggled as I leaned down to give him a quick kiss, hoping to distract him.

He chuckled a bit kissing me back. "Why not?" He whined. "It's fun!"

"Because, I'm ticklish!"

"Think of something to do," he said still laughing as started playing with my hand again.

"Uh, I'm sorry, I'm bad at this..." I said looking down at him sadly. He turned his face away from mine to burp. I just rolled my eyes.

"I'm bored, and kinda hungry!" Aiden said, not surprising me at all.

"Lunch time?" I asked.

"You just read my mind!" He sat up slightly to lift his head and kiss my cheek. I blushed and shoved him up gently so he was sitting. He watched me as I stood and made my way to the kitchen. He jumped up curiously to follow me. This would be a shock. The last time I tried to cook for him I almost blew up the kitchen. I had put a boxed pizza into the oven, plastic and all. "Whatcha doin?"

I opened the fridge and began looking for the supplies I bought I knew he wouldn’t have even bothered to touch. "Making lunch, silly."

He leaned up against the fridge looking down at me with a crooked smile that made my breath catch in my throat. How could someone be so cute? "I knew that," he said leaning toward me slightly to brush hair out of my eyes, making my heart flutter frantically. "I meant, what are you making?"

"You'll see," I said dumping the supplies in my arms out onto the counter. I almost dropped the string beans, but he reached out to catch them quickly. His nose wrinkled as he handed it back to me. I started looking for some bread crumbs and a frying pan and the olive oil.

"Alright," he said as he continued to watch me prance around the kitchen.

I broke two eggs in a bowl and added some seasoning to the mix before taking a fork and mixing it all together like I was going to make scrambled eggs. Aiden jumped up onto the counter, letting his legs hang down at he watched my cooking process. I took some the the string beans and dunked them into the egg and let it sit inside it for a moment while I poured bread crumbs onto a paper plate. I used a fork to get the string bean out of the egg and lay it in the bread crumbs and covered the entire bean. I turned on the frying pan and poured some olive oil into the pan before dropping the bean into the pan, smiling when it began to sizzle. I did the same process of egg and bread crumb with the rest of the string beans and some zucchini and squash, along with some chicken and fried it up, making the house smell delicious.

"That smells really good," Aiden said, shocking me this time.

I flipped the food in the pan as it began to brown and smiled up at Aiden. "I hope so, almost done. Better thank Kit for this later. If she hadn’t started teaching me how to cook, you'd be eating nothing but fast food and boxed pizza for the rest of your life."

"But I love pizza!" Aiden said, swinging his feet, kicking them against the counter.

"Well, now you get to start eating healthy as well." I said grabbing a plate and the spatula to scoop them out of the pan and dump them on the plate. I walked toward the table and placed the plate down. Aiden hopped off the counter and made his way toward me. I grabbed a breaded string bean off the plate and popped it in my mouth and smiled at the yummy taste. It came out better than I had expected. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek as he sat down and stared at it for a second. He took that risky first bite, chewing slowly. He made a small sound as he munched away, signaling he liked it. I began cleaning the kitchen as he finished scarfing down the food, scratching the fork against his plate when it was all done.

"Hey, arent you gunna eat?" Aiden asked from the table.

I shook my head peeking over my shoulder at him, "Not hungry."

"Are you sure?" I nodded. "Alright..." He picked up the empty plate and held it out to me. I dried my hands off on my pants before taking his plate and refilling it with more food.

"There's more if you want it," I offered him the plate with a smile.

He shook his head, shoving the plate away. "No, you should have it, Koko."

"I'm not hungry, though," I reminded him.

"Oh, come on, Koko," he said rolling his eyes, letting his hand fall down into his lap. "I havent seen you eat anything once, and besides you said so yourself; this stuff is healthy."

"I-I dont really... eat." I said looking down to the floor. "I mean, I dont have to."

"What do you mean, you dont have to?" He asked curiously.

"I dont know. I never get hungry. And I havent eaten in... um... three weeks maybe. Which was a bag of Doritos. And I'm not dead. So, I dont know what that means," I said with a light shrug, as if not having to eat food was some every day thing.

"Oh," was all he said.

"Yeah..." I sighed.

"Well, can you at least eat this?" A worried look crossed his face as he gestured to the food again. I sighed and set it on the table.

"But, I'm not hungry."

He sighed himself, pulling the food toward him. "Okay..." He finished the second plate quickly.

I smiled to myself and continued cleaning, smiling when he came to sit by me on the counter again handing me the plate. I dried my hands before turning to him. "Did you like it?"
"Yeah, it was great!"
"I'm glad you liked it," I gave him a carefree smile, though I could feel my anxiety suddenly rising. I felt out of place. I blinked a bit before I felt my Change come on. I looked up at Aiden from the floor; he looked so giant. I gave a small meow before pouncing into his lap, licking his hand. He pet me with a smile.

"What was that for?" He asked petting me more, making me purr loudly. I gave another meow to him. He laughed gently," I know we've been dating and living together for a while, but I still dont know what you're saying." I grumbled unhappily in the back of my throat. When he didnt say anything, I snuggled closer into him. My purring went into over drive when he started scratching behind my ears like any other cat would. Instinct. "You're so cute!" I grumbled again giving the best pout face a cat could give. We sat like that for a while, the sound of my purring as he pet me before he started yawning. I meowed a tiny bit before hopping off his lap and padding my way down the hall toward our shared bedroom.

I hopped onto the bed, staring toward the open door waiting for him to walk in and follow me like I hoped he would. But he didnt. Instead, I heard the sound of heavy paws which I ignored easily. I looked toward the window in wonder, looking at the evening light pouring in. A growl behind me nearly had me jumping out of my fur, four feet into the air before I dove under the unmade covers on the bed, cowering in fear. I heard a cough like noise from the big wolf that was now standing at the foot of the bed which must have been a laugh by my guess. I whined from under the covers, allowing my head to pop out just a bit. He jumped up onto the bed and made a small circle around my tiny lump of a body under the blanket before lying down around me. His tail wrapped around me, completing the small arching circle his fuzzy body made. I climbed out and jumped onto his back unhappily and growled a bit when I realized he was asleep. He breathed heavily as I jumped down and snuggled into his side, placing my head on my paws drifting off into a restless sleep.

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