Mummy's little angel

'You can be independent. Make people forget the dreadful reputation of the family, the family you never had...'

Olivia Cane is has been her mother's little angel ever since she died. She can't help remembering her last words that have influenced her life forever. When she falls in love, people tell her it's supposed to be a blissful moment. For a girl like Olivia, with such a bold promise to her most beloved mother, it's plain torture.



It's after school and I've just come out from the building.

"Olivia!" shouts Kara from across the playground. "Olivia!"

"Yes, what is it?" I scowl, with a great dissaproval for her impatience. Her eyes are beaming with delight and I realise this could be important.

"It's Dan," she squeals. "We're back together! Oh, he's taking me to the chippy tonight! Tell me I'm lucky!"

"Is that it? Oh boy, calm down. I thought you'd won the lottery."

"That would be cool ; but not as cool as this. He said you can come though, he's got some mates and-"

"Don't even go there," I snap. "You know me. I'm not coming, thanks."

"Okay," she says. "I'm too happy to argue with you. Bye!"

I wondered why I had to be so catty to her. I mean, I'm not jealous. Am I? No way. Not in the slightest.I mean, Dan isn't even handsome. He's just desperate and so is Kara. Desperate freaks.

Okay, what is wrong with me? Even if I find it weird, I should be happy for my friend, shouldn't I? I slip on my coat and make my way outside the school, heading for the bus stop. I bite my lip as the bitter wind hits my face, allowing my scarf to fall to my feet. As I pick it up I realise that the bus stop isn't deserted, there's someone else there, reading a book. I think it's a boy, but his face is covered so I can't really tell. He turns to me and smiles as I stand inside the shelter.

"You're wearing your coat the wrong way round," he points out.

"Oh," I say, trying to hide the embarrassment. "Thanks."

I put it on the right way round, doing up the buttons and checking the bus timetable.

"Bitter wind, today, isn't it?" he says. I look at him and realise that's a bit rich coming from him, as he's not even wearing a coat.

"Yes," I say. "Terribly."


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