It's the year 2013 and Mother Nature has decided that she is tired of the humans mistreating her Earth. She takes all the polution and bad energy and throws it back at the humans. Some humans are not able to take the energy and they die. Some become... different. They change into something else. Some gain powers. Some become dark. Many people take out on their own, but other survivors ban together. A small group of survivors ban together in an attempt to fix the Earth. Can they fix this Hell they have been brought into...?


1. ~Preface~





The year was 2013 when things took a turn for the worse. I gave the humans almost everything my power would allow. And now life itself was falling apart. They were abusing and neglecting all that I gave them! And to make it worse, they thought it was okay. No, no. It would not be allowed.

My plan was to punish them. But then I reconsidered. Why not just give them a taste of their own medicine? Yeah, that seemed right... I absorbed any bad energy, any ripple in the plan into every molecule within me. Then, with all the force I had, I released it back onto them all. Into their air, their life supply. As the humans slowly choked and suffocated, I felt a smile creep onto my face. No one would ever abuse my riches again!

I watched as the earth slowly changed in its tracks. The water changed from murky blue to a clouded red, spreading across the globe like a puddle of blood. It seemed like acid fell from the sky, destroying farms and fields, making it like a waste land. The sky turned dark and humans dropped one by one.

Now, I learn that some survived. Maybe they had some way to survive. A gene? Or they were special. Or smart. Very doubtful. They'd be gone soon, though. I wouldn't allow one shred of humanity to walk my earth. They killed it. There was no more! My army would end them. And that's what started it all...

That is what started SHADOWFALL...



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