It's the year 2013 and Mother Nature has decided that she is tired of the humans mistreating her Earth. She takes all the polution and bad energy and throws it back at the humans. Some humans are not able to take the energy and they die. Some become... different. They change into something else. Some gain powers. Some become dark. Many people take out on their own, but other survivors ban together. A small group of survivors ban together in an attempt to fix the Earth. Can they fix this Hell they have been brought into...?


13. ChapterTwelve: The Almost Truth

Lyllina’s POV:



                          I was staring down at Vaann from a nearby tree as we waited for the other girls to arrive. Dark had walked off again, of course. I just continued to stare down at him. Each time I looked at him was just like the first. It was different to be alone with him again. I wasn’t used to it being just us. I couldn’t find any words. And at times, I did want to tell him how I felt. Even though I found it difficult to admit my own feelings to myself…

                          Vaann looked up and met my eyes. He was silent as he waited for me to talk.

                          I took a deep breath. “I haven’t been quite honest…”

                          “What do you mean?”

                          “Tell me what you know about me.” I prompted as I leaned forward in the tree a bit.

                          “Well, you’re half spirit, your eyes change colors, your sister is evil, you’re from my village, and your past still haunts you and…” He trailed off as if he was unsure to say the last thing before he clamped his mouth shut and waited.

                          “Let me set you straight. I’ve always been half spirit, even before this. My sister has always been evil. My past will never leave me and I moved to the village to get away.” He was silent as I stared up at the sky.

                          His next response made me look back to him. “That doesn’t change anything.” He said looking down the darkening street.

                          “Good…” I wanted to say more, but kept quiet.

                          “You’re still part of my group, no matter what happened before. While you’re confessing, what else should I know?” He pushed more into my brain, hoping for some information he could use. “You’re hiding something. We all are hiding something.”

                          “Yes,” I said simply.

                          “Anything else to say?” He said looking up at the maroon colored sky.

                          “Yes, but I’m good.” I said with a lie.

                          He shrugged, “Saves me some trouble. Let’s go find the little lost girl.” He said as he stood and began down the dark streets.

                          I was thinking about Vaann and his real name and how he made me feel. Then I thought of Kate by mistake and knew Kate would be seeing my thoughts. I gasped looking around quickly. “Oh, no no!” I knew the damage was done and was blushing furiously.

                          “Huh?” Vaann said turning to look at me.

                          I blushed and smiled. “Nothing, sorry.”

                          He nodded and walked ahead of me. I chewed my finger nails nervously. What did I just do?!

                          “You find them yet?” He asked.

                          “Yeah…” I said with a nod as Kate walked into view.

                          “Found them.” Vaann said not even looking in their direction. I stared off toward Kate in a panic. “You alright, Lina?”

                          “Fine,” I said blushing slightly.        

                          He smiled at me, making my heart thump irratically. “Whatever you say.” He turned back as Kate and the others approached us. She was stomping her way passed as he said, “Welcome back.”

                          “Yeah, yeah.” She muttered not bothering to stop or look at either of us.

                          I ran after her, catching up easily. “Did you see that?” I asked, hoping with all my heart she didn’t.

                          She nodded and then shrugged. “Yes, but you didn’t need to tell me. It was kind of obvious.” She was looking over at Vaann as he talked with Rissa.

                          “Trust me, I didn’t mean too…” I muttered. Vaann peeked over at us as we stared at him and then went back to talking to Rissa.

                          Kate was staring at the ground. “Why do you keep it to yourself?”

                          “Me? Because I have no choice!” I said as I turned to watch Vaann walk off down an ally all alone. He jumped between walls, climbing until he reached a nice little balcony.

                          “Yes you do! You have your own choice and its completely open to talk about.”

                          “I’d be ashamed if I was made a fool of…” I said looking down.

                          “I was already made a fool of.” Kate said with a shrug. “You have to take a chance. I took a chance and failed. I don’t think you will…”

                          “But with the Mother and Shadows and all…”

                          “So? I don’t see them as being in the way. Just inconvenient.” Kate said sounding suddenly very wise.

                          “Besides…. There’s you…” I said feeling my cheeks flood with heat.

                          She let out a loud laugh before looking at me. “What about me?”

                          “You’re not exactly an inconvenience…. More of a challenger….” I said looking up at her awkwardly.

                          “Trust me; I’m not in the way either. It’s completely one sided with me,” she said with a laugh, but I could tell she was hurt and embarrassed.

                          I looked down with a sigh. “I can’t do it…”

                          “Why not?”

                          “Because I’d fail… Where’s Vaann?”

                          She laughed and rolled her eyes. “No, you wouldn’t. And I don’t know. I don’t want his every move.”

                          “Forget it, I’ll do it later,” I said turning away. I cupped my hands around my mouth. “Vaann?!” I called out.

                          I walked in the direction of the balcony when I heard the thud of him hitting the ground. I forgot he had gone that way. I sighed when I found him lying on the ground staring up at me. He must have rolled off the chair beside him.

                          “Ow,” he said sitting up.

                          “You okay?”

                          “Yeah, just fell asleep and rolled out of the chair.” He smiled as he laughed lightly at his own stupidity. Just as I thought. I smiled a bit. “So, what were you two talking about?” He said as he sat cross legged on the ground.

                          “Nothing.” I said quickly a light blush rising in my cheeks.

                          He looked up and smiled. “Alright.” I looked up, trying to put my feelings into words, but closed my mouth quickly again and looked away. He stood up staring down at me. “If you say so. The stars are out again.” He said staring up at the sky. I looked up to see he was right. The stars were back. “That might mean she’s getting further away.”

                          “Further away?” I questioned.

                          “The Mother’s influence.” He said meeting my gaze. “It’s a bad thing if our goal is to catch up to her.”

                          “Hold up, you’re confusing me. Explain.” I said sitting across from him.

                          “Did you notice how the stars weren’t up earlier?” He asked. I nodded. “They are out now, and there’s no more cloud cover. Her influence must be leaving this area. Make sense?”

                          “So, no danger around here?” I said peeking around.

                          “I wouldn’t say that. She probably left some shadows around. She knows we are here.”

                          “Oh,” I said.            

                          He looked over at me, “Do you have a goal, Lyllina?”

                          “Uh, yes, I do… several… why?”

                          “Why are you traveling with us?”

                          “Why not?”

                          “Well, this could very well end up as suicide.”

                          “You’re not making sense,” I said suddenly feeling nervous.

                          “She’s far more powerful than us. Just look around you. She did this in mere seconds. If we go anywhere near her…. That’s why I’m asking why you would follow me when it’s so obvious how much power this creature has.”

                          “We’ve made it this far and together. Why split up when it gets rough? I’m beside you one hundred percent.” I said looking over at him.

                          He smiled at me. “Well, looks like I can’t talk you out of it.”

                          “If you back out I’ll end up going alone.” I said with a sigh.

                          “If I back out I’m taking you with me.”

                          “Nuh uh. I came this far. I’m not letting Her take everything from me.”

                          “That’s why I take you with me.”


                          “If I don’t protect you, then I’ve failed to protect anything from my home. You are all I have.” He said his voice and face dead serious.

                          “And you’re all I have… plus a possessed sister… but mainly you.” I said just as seriously.

                          “Well, I have a demented little brother, so that makes us even.” He said with a nod as I cracked a smile.  “Whatever happens, I’m not going to fail you.”

                          “Same,” I said looking down, not sure what else to say.

                          “I won’t lose everything, no matter what I have to do…”

                          “Lu- Vaann, if you’re thinking of risking yourself, forget it. Right now.” I snapped at him.

                          He smiled lightly. “Whatever happens, happens. We all risk death. None of us are exempt from that. Not anymore.” I sighed as I waited for him to continue. I liked listening to the sound of his voice. “I would like nothing more than to keep you all away from that danger. Riley is too young to die and Rissa could help rebuild the world with her healing power. And Kate is just too stubborn to die. If she died, her spirit would come back and annoy the crap out of us.”

                          I smiled a bit but went on. “But we would do the same for you. So, we’re stuck with each other. Life isn’t fair. And then I would be alone again.”

                          “I never said I was going to die and leave you alone. There’s a possibility we will all die. And there’s a possibility we won’t.”


Vaann’s POV:


“I never said I was going to die and leave you alone.” I said quickly shaking my head. “There’s a possibility we will all die. And there’s a possibility we won’t.”

                          She looked up at me silently and I looked up to meet her eyes. She looked down quickly blushing a bit. If we weren’t all about to die…. I thought to myself as I leaned toward her. I shook myself mentally and leaned away. There was no way.

                          “You blush a lot for someone who acts really tough,” I said with a smile trying to change the direction of my thoughts. I felt myself blush a bit realizing I was the only one who really made her blush.

                          “I don’t act tough. And I’m still a girl.” Lyllina said smiling slightly.

                          “Yes, you do. And I know you’re a girl, I wouldn’t like you so much if you weren’t.” I felt my eyes widen as I realized what had left my mouth.

                          But she only laughed, not seeming to notice. I let out a sigh of relief mixed with frustration. If she noticed….maybe….

                          “I can’t wait for this to all be over with…” I sighed sitting back.

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