It's the year 2013 and Mother Nature has decided that she is tired of the humans mistreating her Earth. She takes all the polution and bad energy and throws it back at the humans. Some humans are not able to take the energy and they die. Some become... different. They change into something else. Some gain powers. Some become dark. Many people take out on their own, but other survivors ban together. A small group of survivors ban together in an attempt to fix the Earth. Can they fix this Hell they have been brought into...?


22. Chapter Twenty-One: They All Fall Down

I stared down at the battered Damien. His lip was split open, swollen, and bleeding where I punched him. He had a gash above his right eye from having his face bashed into a tree. Not to mention Lyllina's claw marks raked across his chest and the still bleeding arrow wound on his arm from Vaann. The right side of him was a darkening bruise thanks to Zack. But was he damaged enough?

"Hmm... not yet," Sebastian decided, continuing to beat him up. He smiled his razor sharp smile. I felt like I was watching myself.

Damien suddenly spit blood at me, growling like a rabid animal. "She'll never love you, you know, you pitiful creature!"

I froze for a second as a hiss released from my clenched teeth. I shoved Damien to the ground before grabbing his ankle and hoisting. He dangled there, upside down. "Are you sure? Because she seems to like me a hell of a lot more than she likes you."

He swiped at my hand, causing me to drop him. He somehow managed to land on his feet.

"She hasn't accepted her love for me yet! No one could love an ugly thing like you!"

I gave a sarcastic laugh, pulling my arm back to snap it forward. I landed a punch square in his nose. "Oh, I'm so hurt, how can I ever live again?"

He held his nose in pain. "And to think you love her," he said turning into a mist. He became completely invisible. "Did you ever stop to thin how this would affect HER? You're two people. I'm healthier for her."

I raked my eyes slowly across the clearing and around the tree line, looking for him carefully. I kept quiet, listening for anything that would give him away. Just breathing to loudly could work against him. His voice sounded like it was coming from every direction, having no distinct position. "Being a coward is healthy? What, will you run every time a fight starts between you? Go back to the Mother, you aren't worth the fight."

I gasped feeling a sharp pain in my back. Damien was hissing in my ear. "Oh, really? Am I not worth it?" He slid the blade out of my back. The wound stung and I could feel the warmth spreading over the back of my shirt.

I spun around bashing my wrench into his temple. "Shut up and go away!" I shouted.

His head was bleeding now and he was physically weaker but still pulled himself up. Just. Fucking. Die! "That all you got?"

"I'm just getting started." I said lunging at him, hitting him in the head multiple times. I stopped and pulled away as a large cracking noise rang through the air. Damien fell back and crumbled to the ground. A large crack ran down his face, down his neck and down his center. With another crack, he split in two revealing a hallowed out inside. Right where his heart would be was a tiny hand made doll. It was glowing a misty red.


 Kate's POV:

Vaann wrapped his hand through mine, pulling me toward the base. This was it... It was happening. The moment we were inside, we were immediately noticed by five Guards.

Vaann pulled me behind him. "What? Where are the distractions?"

Zack pointed just to the left where little pebbles were flying at two Guars who were, in fact, very distracted. "Playing with the Guards." He said a bit amused.

"!" Vaann said yanking me forward.

I could hear the feet chasing after us and sped up, trying to keep up with Vaann. He got impatient with my turtle like movements and swept me up in his arms. He ducked behind a pile of rubble, pulling Zack with us. We kept low as the Guards ran by. Vaann set me on my feet when the coast was clear. I jumped when Lina appeared beside me. She looked like hell.

"What the hell happened to you?" Vaann asked.

"Does it matter?" She said as she dizzily made her way toward the incoming Guards. They must have realized they had been outsmarted. The East hallway was full of dead ends. This happened to be one of them. The sound of feet, most likely Riley and Marissa, were pat-pat-patting on the floor above us.

"Lyllina, be careful!" I called after her.

"Always," she said as she lunged at them.

Vaann grabbed at my hand again, pulling me away from Lina. "The Mother is this way!" He said. But we all knew that. I lived here all my life and they had both been stationed here for a time. I stared around, taking in my surroundings. It had been a long time since I had last been here. The memory was far away and blurry, like I was looking through fog. Vaann came to a halt in front of my Mother's throne room, nearly making me crash into him. "How exactly do we do this?"

"I was hoping you knew," I whispered clutching his hand tightly.

"Boo!" Riley said popping up behind us making me jump and cringe into Vaann's side.

"Hey, Riley." Vaann said. I glanced around. Everyone was here now. Except Duo. Vaann's next words were for us all. "Be quiet and be careful, if she hears us, we're all dead." He glanced around the group now, looking a bit defeated, but still strong and ready. " 'Kay, no plan. I like it. Let's go!"

"Okay," Riley and Marissa said in unison.

"Are you alright?" Vaann asked as Marissa placed a hand on Lyllina's shoulder as she swayed dizzily.

"Want me to heal you, Lina?" Marissa offered.

"No!" She said stepping away. "If you heal me, you heal Lily."

"Be careful, Snowdust!" Riley chirped.

Lina nodded and stumbled back a bit. "I'm going to go."

"No," Vaann said urgently causing all of us to look at him, "sit here and wait. Rissa, Riley, wait with her. Kate, Zack, come with me." I looked up and nodded just as Lina wiped away some blood from her jaw. "Rissa, if anything happens, keep them safe. You're in charge now."

"I want to come with you!" Riley said hopping up and down.

"Okay, Vaann." Rissa said. Then she grabbed Riley's arm to keep her still. "And no, Riley, stay here."

 Riley plopped on the floor unhappily. "Can I at least have a glimpse of her?"

But I didn't get to hear Marissa's answer. Vaann took a deep breath and gave my hand a gentle squeeze. He pushed the door open and my breath caught in my throat. It was just how I remembered it. It was so beautiful... High walls painted all different colors; a big mural, with a gray floor tiling that shined. The big chandelier that hung from the ceiling wasn't lit. Mother only lit it on special occasions. Zack and Vaann pulled me inside and the door closed by itself as my Mother fluttered her hand in the air. I tired to avoid her piercing eyes.

"Hello, traitor." She said in a voice which clearly meant he would be punished.

"Hi! I'm back!" Vaann said cheerfully.

"And he's still a retard," Zack mocked Vaann's cheerful tone.

"Watch it, midget!" Vaann said taking offence.

"Make me!" Zack snapped.

"Children! Enough!" Mother said staring them down, her voice rising.

"Yes, Mother..." They both said silencing immediately. I tightened my hand around Vaann's and he peeked down at me. He met my eyes and then grinned as if he remembered something. "Oh, yeah, we don't have to call her Mother anymore."

"Oh, yeah..." Zack said.

"Idiots," I scoffed staring down.

"They are idiots," my Mother agreed. "Ah, my Daughter, have you come to help Anisa?"

"No!" I said a bit surprised she even acknowledged my existence after my betrayal.

"Then you could kiss Damien, yes?" She asked hopefully.

I could feel myself almost gag. "That's even worse!" I saw Vaann nod angrily in agreement. I inched closer to him.

"We are on a mission here, brother!" Zack said, smacking Vaann in the back of the head. Vaann glared at him angrily.

"A mission, you say?" The Mother asked crossing one leg over the other. She only did that when something caught her interest. "To defeat me?" She guessed.

"Yep, give up, Lady!" Vaann dropped my hand sounding very childish. Mother stared at Vaann, her eyes burrowing deep into him. "Oh... scary..." He said rolling his eyes. He met her unblinking gaze, his face emotionless. "No really, it's creeping me out!"

I sighed, stepping in front of Vaann. I met her gaze full on. It was time to man up! Or... woman up... "Leave my friends alone!"

She stared at me for a second before looking back to Vaann. It was as if I was weak and invisible. A worthless bug on the carpet of life to her. And I was just waiting for get squashed. I had to show her I wasn't a force to be recon with. She was staring at Vaann now. "Yes, it does that to people," she gave an evil laugh before continuing. "How exactly do you plan to 'stop' me?"

"By helping you," Zack informed her, clenching his hands into fists in determination. His hands never looked as small to me as they did right now.

The Mother burst out in sudden cackling laughter, like she'd just heard the funniest joke in ages. "Help me?" She asked skeptically. Vaann nodded.

"Or kill you, whichever comes first... Mommy." I said as her gaze landed on me.

Her eyes came alive looking wild and bright and filled with curiosity and longing. "And end the Earth?"

"I could easily take your place and you know it." I said, my voice harsher than I had intended.

She didn't respond.

"Vaann, now?"

"I don't know..."

"Ugh, you're useless."

The Mother met my gaze with troubled eyes, not listening to the brotherly bickering. I reached up to tug Vaann's sleeve, not moving my gaze. "Just tell me what I am supposed to do." I whispered so only he could hear.

He pulled away from me backing up a bit. "Watch and pray. Let's hope these things work, or we're as good as dead!" He held out his hand and took a deep breath. A black bow appeared.

Dark Powers.

"Yes, let's hope," Zack said as his hand turned into a large gun that blinked all different colors.

I felt my claws rip from my fingers as my eyes turned red. "I'm not sitting out as usual. This is my fight too."

"We aren't killing her, Kate." Vaann said holding his arm out in front of me. "Unless Zack's invention doesn't work."

"Why not?" I demanded looking to him.

A large bow appeared in Vaann's hand. He knocked the arrow and aimed. I could hear Zack's gun charging up, but my eyes never left Vaann. I saw Mother stand out of my peripheral vision. She had a hand placed to her heart as if she was shocked this was finally happening.

"What was the point of bringing me?" I asked when he ignored me. I hated being ignored. That was my only similarity to my sister. We hated being ignored.

"So you can help us persuade Her not to destroy everything!" He said sounding impatient with me. "If we kill her, everything in existence goes bye-bye, Kate! Use your head." I scoffed and crossed my arms at his tone.

Zack and Vaann fired. A beam of light shot from their weapons and hit the Mother. Her eyes began to glow black and her mouth was a gape in a silent scream. I fidgeted uneasily.

Was it hurting her...?

Anisa appeared beside me, gulping in a large intake of breath. "Mom!" I grabbed a hold of her to keep her away. Her struggles made us tumble over. I looked to Vaann and Zack, praying it was over as Anisa struggled violently. They both lowered their weapons panting heavily. "Stop it!" Anisa yelled thrashing about. "Mom!" She sobbed.

"That better have worked or I quit..." Vaann gasped.

"I hear you on that one." Zack muttered.

I kept my butt placed on her stomach, twisting my torso to hold her wrists down when she began to claw at me.

The Mother slowly closed her mouth and eyes. It was quiet for what seemed forever, besides Anisa's screeching. Mother opened her eyes and glanced at Zack and Vaann in confusion. "Who are you two?" Her eyes wandered again and paused on Anisa and I. "Kate, leave your sister alone!" She said, the affection of a Mother clear back in her voice. I felt tears of happiness sting in the back of my throat. She was back! "Wait... humans! You should all be dead!" Well, almost back...

I hissed as Anisa raked her sharp nails down my arm, drawing blood. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled them from the ground before crashing her head into the ground with enough force to knock her out, but not enough to kill her. "I hate you..." I whispered before standing up. All eyes were on me.

"Kate! How could you do that to your sister?" Mother gasped.

"She's not my sister anymore," I hissed.

"Yes, Kate, explain why to your Mother," Vaann muttered.

My Mother looked to Vaann with much hostility. "I still don't know who you are or why you humans are alive."

"Maybe it's better if you don't know us." Zack cut in.

Vaann grabbed my arm. I glanced at him. I could tell hatred was written all over my face. "Kate, She's fixed."

"I don't care if She's fixed or not. I have a family and it's not here," I said starting to back away. I felt arms catch me before I could crash into the poor soul in my path.

"Oh, hey, Duo. Looks like you've seen better days, man." Vaann said in sympathy even though he didn’t have a hair out of place.

I blinked and whirled around to see Duo, battered and bruised. I smiled and threw my arms around his neck, reaching up on my tippy toes. He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist to lift me and spin us for just a second before placing me back down.

He was alright.

"Why is he two different colors?" Mother asked her eyes wide, her face pale. She stared at me for a second as she took in the group that was here. Duo, Zack, Vaann, and Lina leaning against the wall. She must have remembered the dolls.

"Mutated, Mother. I'm mutated," Duo said, one arm wrapped securely around my waist. I had both arms snaked around his waist, my head leaning on his chest. I didn't want him to ever leave my side again.

"You tried to kill us. There are still some humans alive that were immune, but we became....different." Vaann said sadly.

"Well then, I apologize for making monsters," Mother said staring down at all of us. I felt Duo flinch at the word 'monsters'. "But I still don't see why I should let you live..."

I wriggled free of Duo's arms as Vaann began to speak. I held up a hand to stop him. He cut off and snapped his mouth shut, staring in confusion. "Because they have good in them." I said holding my head high. I had to make Her see that I was not her little baby anymore. I was a grown woman now. Maybe not an adult in age. But in mind, somewhat, and through the experiences I had faced.

She gasped, placing her hand to her chest, displeased with me for speaking out of turn. "Excuse me?"

"Just look at them." I said gesturing to them. "It isn't hard to see the Light that shines from these remaining people. Don't lie to me, I can see it too." I could see it, and it was so bright it was almost painful to look at them, blinding even. "Each one of them has a Light that brings something new and amazing to this Earth. Just look at them and tell me their Light doesn't show their goodness." I said crossing my arms. I could feel all the eyes in the room watching me. I felt powerful for once.

I felt like the Mother.

Mother glanced around the room at each of us before stepping to the very top of the steps and opening her arms, lying her palms flat. "She's right. You all have a Light. And with each Light, it brings one more thing to my-- .... our home that fits together like one big puzzle piece." Her hands began to glow a light green that seemed to shimmer. "And as I join our Lights, I join our hearts. Our love is what shall bring back our Earth. Be more careful this time."

"Wh-What?! No! You're supposed to kill them!" Anisa's voice came from behind us. I hadn’t realized she was awake.

I smiled widely, knowing it was over. We'd done it. "Good choice, Mom." I said emphasizing the last word. It felt good to say that again. To say it without hatred, but love.

"Thank you, Daughter." She said smiling back.

"What's going on?!" Anisa screeched. "Mom, kill them!"

"Hush now, Anisa," Mom said softly. "I shall not." Anisa began pulling at her hair. She was really losing it now. A green light shown bright from Mother's hands, lighting the whole building before turning into a shockwave. A vision in my head allowed me to see the shockwave travel across the entire world. "There, the entire world is healed. Except what has been mutated. The clocks cannot reverse that. Now, go see the world once more, Children."

Duo stared down at his hands. No one budged at her news, even though a New World awaited us. "You can't fix us...?" Duo asked brokenly.

With a sudden feral snarl, Anisa leapt at Duo. She tabbed him in the back at the base of his neck. My jaw dropped no screams or sound coming. She ripped the knife down his middle before someone could grab her. Duo dropped to the ground, screaming in agony, a puddle of blood forming fast. I placed a shaky hand over my mouth as the tears came. I felt a sob rip through my chest.

"This isn't over yet!" My sister screamed. She dissolved into a mist, flying through my body, sending a jolt of pain through each one of my veins, making me scream and fall to the ground. I could feel my body seizing almost like I was a fish out of water. "I will finish this!" And she was gone.

I continued writhing for a good minute before I gave a whimper and squeezed my eyes shut, regaining control. I tried to keep back my tears with no success. I felt someone lift me easily and lean me up against them. I looked up through blurry eyes at Vaann, allowing him to support my weight. All I could do was stare at Duo. I couldn't bring myself to speak.

Riley burst into the room then, staring at the Mother with intrigued eyes. "Finally."

Marissa caught up breathlessly. "Riley!" She silenced quickly, jaw dropping as she took in Duo.

"Riley, we did it!" Vaann said, but he sounded too sad.

"I know, I saw. The Mother is so pretty!" She said walking to us. Lyllina and Marissa stepped forward hand in hand. Zack grabbed Marissa's hand sadly. There were tears staining her cheeks. Even Lina was a bit teary eyed. It wasn't until Zack grabbed Riley's hand that she noticed Duo. She gasped, a sob instantly releasing from her chest. I looked away from Riley, only to find Duo staring at me.

I stumbled from Vaann's arms, a bit off balance still and fell to my knees next to him. "I'm sorry." I whispered brokenly.

He pulled his hand from his pocket and took my hands in his. He placed something in my palm and closed my fingers around it. "It's alright." He let go of my hands. I glanced down. The chocolate. My heart gave a painful throb at the memory of that night.

I glanced up searching for Marissa's eyes, "Let me get Rissa!" I could hear her weight shift at the sound of her name.

Duo grabbed my hand, pulling my attention back to him. "No... I'll be fine this way."

I felt my throat sting as my eyes filled with tears. "I can't let you die."

"You don't have to." He said quietly. He shifted a bit and flinched. "I'm asking you to allow me to leave. My purpose was to protect the Daughter and depart."

"Depart where? I don't understand." I begged. Don’t go…

"I'm not sure. But I have to. Just to be safe," he gave a weak smile before lying his head down. His chest stopped moving. I felt the blood drain from my face. I leaned forward and listened, hoping. Nothing.

"D-Duo...? Demetrius? Sebastian? This-this isn't funny!" I said choking back tears.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard Zack shush me. "Kate... he's gone." He said gently.

"No!" I sobbed. "H-He can't be! He..." I broke off, unable to speak as the tears spilled over, taking my words with them.

I saw Vaann sit down beside me and give me a broken smile. "Hey, it'll be okay." I threw myself into his arms sobbing wildly. He pulled me into his lap cradling me. I heard Marissa sniffling. Zack was speaking gently to Riley. I heard footsteps and the voices of Riley and my Mother, but I couldn't make out what was being said over the sound of my own tears. I was glad Riley got to finally meet my Mom. I just wished Duo had gotten a better chance... Vaann rocked us until my crying slowed. After about twenty minutes, I cried myself dry. "Our job is done." Vaann whispered. He stood, pulling me with him. I sniffled a bit as he wiped my eyes. He placed an arm around my waist for support. Once he was sure I was steady, he walked us to Lina. "You alright?"

She nodded, "Yes."

"Good, cause we have a lot of work to do." He said with a light smile.

Zack walked to us excitedly, Riley still inside with Marissa. "The sun feels so good! I missed it. Oh, well, I'm off." I hadn't even noticed we were outside. The green slowly began to register in my mind. But I felt too numb to fully appreciate it. I still couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that Duo was gone.

"Where are you going?" Vaann asked. The sound of his voice vibrated in my ear as it rested against his chest.

"We don't have a family or home anymore, so, no where." Zack said sadly.

"You still have me."

"That isn't very much."

"Hey, take it back!" Vaann said. The tone of his voice made me smile. That smile was all I needed to regain myself. Losing him didn't mean I should shut down on my friends. I pulled away from Vaann, supporting myself now. He looked at me concerned but smiled when he saw my smile. Lina smiled a bit too.

I was home again.

"You need to help me rebuild the village." Vaann told Zack.

"Sounds like fun..." He said with a roll of his dark eyes.

"I suggest keeping him." Lina suddenly said, glancing Vaann to Zack.

"Not my choice, Lina." Vaann sighed. Zack was glancing back and forth at Lyllina and his brother. I followed Vaann and Lyllina's gaze to Lily's dead body. "It had to be done, Lina." Vaann said comfortingly.

"I guess..." She sighed sadly. I walked over and wrapped my arms around her. She smiled and hugged me back. "What now?"

Vaann smiled at us and chuckled. Then he met Lina's gaze. "I'm going to say good-bye to everyone, and then I'm off to the village to start repairs. What about you?" Lina gave a shrug, taking my arms with her. I frowned. I didn't want to say goodbye. I placed my head on Lina's shoulder watching Vaann and Zack as I snuggled closer. I wasn't letting her go that easy! She was mine. Vaann sighed, watching us. "I guess this is the part where we part ways, huh?" He asked sadly. I felt my heart contract.

Marissa walked out of the base and to us smiling. She looked at me and frowned. "Kate, you okay?" I didn't respond.

"I guess we do." Lyllina said. I tightened my grip on her and she laughed and pat my arm. I smiled a bit.

Riley suddenly came barreling out of the base and to us. She looked around sadly. "I won't forget you all. You guys are the family I didn't lose." Marissa hugged her, understanding.

We all understood.

Vaann looked to Riley sadly. "Where are you going to go?"

Riley straightened up, tucking a lose strand of hair back behind her ear. "I have to find someone. He must be freaking out, wherever he is." She said laughing softly. "I'll be fine." I kept quiet, too sad, and too afraid the tears might break free.

"Search for whom, Riley?" Marissa wondered.

"Jett. He helped me when the world first came to be a disaster. My family was killed and he was the only one who helped me." Riley said. I looked up, feeling the familiarity of the story. Jett. Would he accept her again now that this was all over? "We traveled together and long after I discovered I was mutated and he and I... separated."

"Well, you know where my village is if you need me. I hope you find him." Vaann said.

"Do you need help? I could come if you want." Marissa offered. I would be more at ease knowing Rissa was there to watch over Riley.

"I need to go alone." Riley said shaking her head. Well, damn.

Rissa tried not to show the sadness she felt. "Alright."

"Well.... I guess this is it, right?" Riley asked quietly.

"I guess..." Vaann sighed looking down. I lifted my head from Lina's shoulders and stepped away, realizing I must be smothering her. She gave me a smile though.

Riley walked around and hugged everyone, saving me for last. "I'll never forget you!" She giggled wrapping her arms around me.

I hugged Riley back tightly, shoving my face in her hair. "I won't forget you either." I said feeling the tears break through. I was losing a sister...

"I hope you all do well," Vaann said starting his goodbyes. My heart stung. "Don't forget to stop by and say hi sometime. And be careful, Riley, we aren't here to save you anymore."

"I'll be fine! I'm not a baby!" Riley said puffing out her cheeks. "Besides, you, hot shot," she said pointing to me, "you got your pretty points back!"

I blinked. "Huh?" I heard Vaann laughed and pouted.

"Well, I'll leave first then!" She turned and skipped off, the outlines of animals were just barely visible. My jaw dropped. She wasn't kidding about the animals. I heard Riley humming as she disappeared over the hill. We all watched her leave sadly. She paused to turn and wave to us. We all waved back eagerly.

"I guess I'm next," Vaann said. I looked down sadly, unable to bare the sight of watching him go. He turned away to leave and I shut my eyes to steady myself. When I opened my eyes, he was paused at the tree line. He turned and walked back. I stared at him in confusion. "Marissa, what are you going to do?"

"Maybe I'll go see if there are any survivors anywhere. Find some place that needs a healer." She smiled.

"You'll do fine." Lyllina told her. "Visit?" She asked.

"Good luck," Vaann said. His eyes found me. "Kate?"

I looked back up at him. "Yes?"

He pulled his hand out of his pocket, dangling my bracelet in the air between us. Lina and Marissa were suddenly watching us. "Ready to go? I can't leave you behind now." Vaann smiled gently.

"Aww!" Zack and Marissa cooed.

Vaann glared at his brother. "Why are you still here?" I looked down blushing, not sure what to say.

Marissa giggled and turned back to Lina. "Yes, I'll visit!" Marissa walked over and hugged Lina, trying to make it seem like they weren't watching us. She gave Zack and Vaann a hug next and then turned to me. I ran into her open arms and hugged her tightly. She gave me a light kiss on the nose before patting my cheek and walking off into the woods. Two sisters gone.

Zack suddenly started laughing. "Vaann and Kate sitting in a-" He broke off with a grunt as Vaann punched him. I blushed and stifled back a giggle.

After glaring at Zack for a moment, Vaann looked to me. "Kate?" He reached forward and took my hand, slipping my bracelet on my wrist. "So, are you going to stand there and blush or answer?" He asked with a smirk.

I felt my cheeks flush more. "Yes."

"Yes, you'll answer or yes you'll come?" He asked raising his eyebrows. I looked down mumbling. "What? Speak up, woman!"

"Yes, I'll come with you." I chuckled a bit.

He gave me a sincere smile. "Good."

"But can we stop somewhere first?" I asked.

"Sure," he nodded. "Where?"

I sighed staring down. It was a stupid thing to request. "I want... to see the base one more time."

To my surprise, he grabbed my hand and turned for the base. "Oh, yeah, sure."

I pulled us to a halt. "And, I want Lyllina to come to the village with us." I added in.

He looked back at me and then to Lina. "Sure, if she wants to."

I smiled turning to Lina. If she came, at least I would keep one sister. "Lina?"

She was smiling as she ran over to hug me. "Thank you." She whispered. I hugged her back happily.

"Zack, take Lina to the village. We'll be home soon." Vaann said walking to us as we stepped away from our embrace. I loved the sound of home.

"Alright," Zack said walking to Lina. They shared a glance before turning for their village. I glanced up at Vaann.

It was time...

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