It's the year 2013 and Mother Nature has decided that she is tired of the humans mistreating her Earth. She takes all the polution and bad energy and throws it back at the humans. Some humans are not able to take the energy and they die. Some become... different. They change into something else. Some gain powers. Some become dark. Many people take out on their own, but other survivors ban together. A small group of survivors ban together in an attempt to fix the Earth. Can they fix this Hell they have been brought into...?


11. Chapter Ten: Sisterly Love

Anisa’s POV:

            I sat in a tree above the scene of the sleeping group. My sister slept between Riley and Rissa, their new friend Dark just off to the right. Blue Eyes slept against the same tree as last night. I watched them silently. Why Blue Eyes wouldn’t just listen was beyond my understanding. Didn’t he want to rid himself of me? I could tell by the look he gave me that he hated me maybe more than the Mother herself. Though, I wasn’t that bad. I was just doing what I was told. What was so wrong with that? Surely, nothing. It was what I was raised for.

            Blue Eyes made a small groan in the back of his throat before rolling a bit. “Someone turn off then sun,” he muttered rubbing his eyes. Kate was still sound asleep.

            “Morning, Blue Eyes.” I said with a light smile.

            “Oh, damn…. It’s you.” He said sitting up.

            “The one and only,” I said hopping down out of the tree.

            “Shut up, that’s my line,” he said yawning before he glared at me groggily. I saw the blonde girl glaring at me from a tree. Lyllina? The small one, Riley, was smiling down at a picture she made in the dirt.

            “Jealous I’m better at your own game?” I said with a wink as I scaled another tree.

            “Can you just go die or something already?” he asked.

            “I could… but then you would lose your information too.” I said jumping down beside Kate.

            Riley suddenly tackled Blue Eyes throwing dirt in his face. “What the heck, Riley?” he said brushing the dirt off his face.

            “That is payback for coming to get me,” she grumbled.

            He smiled at her, “Good morning to you too,” he pushed her slowly off before he continued. “You know you missed us and are glad that I came to find you.”

            “Good morning, young chap.” She said in a British accent.

            I threw my head back in a loud laugh. “See he has all the females now, doesn’t he?”

            “She’s like five years younger than me.” Blue Eyes said looking over at me.

            “Actually, I missed Kate. She is sensible.” Riley said.

            “So, shut up blue thing.” Blue Eyes said with a snort.

            The little girl stormed up to me, wiggling her finger in my face. “And you don’t know a thing!”

            I laughed skeptically. “And what is this? Your army?”

            “I’m afraid so!” She said poking my cheek. Her eyes widened for a second. “It’s soft!” She smiled and tried to hug me, phasing right through me, stumbling.

            “Riley, she’s the enemy! …And kind if transparent…” Blue Eyes said.

            “So, she’s nice on the inside, I can tell.” Riley said placing her hands on her hips.

            “Why can’t you just leave so Kate can wake up?” Marissa said sitting up.

            I climbed into another tree, scoffing. “Weak, insolent humans.”

            “Just leave her be, Riley.”

            “But I want her to be my new snuggle buddy!”

            I growled in the girls direction. “You wish, insect!” I looked over to Marissa. “Because I have a mission but Blue Eyes wont let me finish.”

            “What’s your mission?” She wondered.

            “To take Kate back and I said no so she’s stuck with us.” He muttered.

            “Wrong again, Blue Eyes.” I saw the other kid, Dark sit up, watching us quietly.

            The little girl Riley was dancing around singing, “I am no insect for I don’t suck anything!”

            Blue Eyes looked from Riley and then back to me. “Then what do you want, Casper the Moody Ghost?”

            “I told you I had to talk to you, Blue Eyes! Good listening skill,” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. “Good thing you’re cute.”

            He rolled his eyes right back. “So why are you here, oh spirit of gay blue color?”

            I sighed, “You’re an idiot.”

            “You’re the one to talk, Casper.”

            “You make no sense. Humans truly are brainless creatures, aren’t they?”

            “Or you just don’t understand humans. Think about that.” Blue Eyes said with a shrug.

            “I understand humans far more than you do, that’s for sure.” I dove down landing beside him, leaning up to purr in his ear. “I know the way to reverse all of this.”

            “Cool, I’ll do it… um… my way. I do things. My way. Learn it, live it, love it, honey. Let’s wake up Kate then,” he said turning away from me.

            Riley put a hand to Kate’s forehead. “Her forehead is warm, like she’s protecting herself.”

            “Most likely the case, she is part of her,” Blue Eyes said pointing to me.

            “She is stressed and frowning.” Riley pointed to Kate’s forehead. “See, she is concentrating really hard to keep the protection up and going.”

            “Maybe somehow I can block Anisa and let Kate wake up,” Marissa suggested.

            “Anisa is part of Kate, she has been.”

            “I don’t think that is the case.” Riley said shaking her head.

            “Kate’s been blocking her on her own, she has to do it. Again, it’s the Mothers energy that is powering Anisa through Kate. Cut off the energy and it’s like unplugging something.” Vaann said shoving Riley’s hands away from Kate’s face.

            “Then we have to get Anisa to leave,” Marissa decided. I crossed my arms listening.

            “I tried, shes a pain.” Vaann growled, glancing over his shoulder at me. I smiled and waved.

            “Well, we could act as if she isn’t there. She will probably get bored and leave.” Marissa shrugged.

            “Or we could annoy Kate so much that her concentration is broken she comes back!” Riley said smiling happily.

            “We could ignore her, but she will stay. That means Kate stays like that. Hmm,” he said thoughtfully.

            “That won’t make me leave, sweetie. And have fun breaking my sister.” I said rolling my eyes.

            Vaann walked over and went to slap Kate, but stopped. “That would be awesome revenge and oh so enjoyable but won’t work. Any ideas? We can’t break the concentration because it’s not Kate doing it.”

            “No, she can’t be annoyed away and we can’t touch her.” Marissa sighed.

            “If Blue Eyes would talk to me, I’d leave. And it’s not like it’s anything bad. It’s actually rather helpful. In defeating me.”

            “Trust? Access denied. Any ideas Lina?”

            Lyllina jumped down from the tree. “Huh?”

            “None of us trust you, Anisa. Give us one good reason why we should!” Marissa snapped at me.

            “Can you please let Kate come back? Maybe we can make a compromise?” Riley said.

            “Because I’m not allowed to hurt anyone and I only want to help my sister,” I said staring into Marissa, deeper than just her eyes. I tried to push my thoughts into her brain, make her see it my way. I held a sincere smile perched on my face.

            Vaann coughed holding back a laugh. “How long have you been practicing that face, ghost girl?”

            “I trust her, there isn’t a reason not to trust her.” Riley shrugged.

            “Because she’s the Mothers Daughter. That seems like a pretty damn good reason to me, anyone agree?”

            “Kate’s her Daughter too. So, why do you trust her? She could be leading you right to your deaths.” I said with a smile as I walked toward Kate.

            “If she only wants to speak, why not let her speak? Why not hear what she has to say? If not, I’ll carry Kate to the new grounds.” Lyllina said, looking to me with a face that said she had given in but still didn’t trust me. Good decision.

            “I trust you both because you aren’t Mother Nature.” Riley said.

            “Because, unlike you, we can trust Kate and even when she forgot who we were, she still wouldn’t let the Mother hurt us, so there.” Marissa chimed in. The Healer was really starting to get on my nerves.

            “You can’t hurt us; we can’t hurt you…yet. So you go that way, we go this way and never meet again.” Vaann suggested.

            I ignored them kneeling in front of Kate. So many choices, so many different ways this entire thing could go. I leaned down and gently kissed her forehead, sending a shrill of warmth through me.

            “I wonder if I pick Kate up and use my speed, maybe she will get far enough away to wake up.” Vaann said thoughtfully.

            “No need,” I murmured, standing back up.

            Kate’s eye lids began to flutter as she moaned and looked around.

            Lyllina was suddenly in a tree, “Guys?”

            “Yes?” Vaann asked walking over to her. “Why are you-never mind. What?”

            “Just wait.”

            “Wh-what happened?” Kate said sitting up.

            I backed away, making my molecules separate and dissolve and reform in a tree behind me. “Kate, are you okay?” Marissa asked smiling.

            “Hello, sister dear.” I smiled.

            “I’m fine, Ris. Oh god, is that my sister?”

            “Who else?” I asked with a smirk.

            Kate turned slightly pink as she looked at Marissa. “She didn’t bring Damien did she?”


            “Oh, Damien is dying to you you, Katie!” I said leaning forward in the tree.

            She shook her head ignoring me. “No one, no one.”

            Marissa raised an eyebrow. “Kate, who is Damien?”

            She was feverishly red. “No one of importance!” I broke out laughing.

            “Kate, who is Damien? And why is she laughing?” Kate just shook her head childishly.

            “I’m jealous of you, Kate. Damien is quite the looker!” I purred.

            “Shut up, Anisa.” I just laughed more at the cute pout that ran across her face.

            “Oh, is he a special someone?” Marissa said with a laugh.

            “I guess you could say that. But he works for the Mother, too. So…” Kate said trailing off.

            “He was mine.” I said glaring toward Kate then toward Blue Eyes. “But she stole him and he followed her every move. She’s not as sweet as you think.” Kate looked up at me blushing.

            “I thought I told you to shut up, you damn spirit.” Vaann said looking over to us. “Your voice is going to haunt my nightmares.”

            “Good,” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

            “That’s worse than just haunting dreams, just saying.” He added. Marissa shrugged staring up at me.

            “I never liked Damien that way. He just started following me,” Kate sighed.

            “That would crush Dami’s little heart!” I said with a fake gasp. “I would call him, but that would be bad. He needs his sleep to be handling Kate in the near future.” I smiled as she cringed.

            Kate was staring toward Vaann, “I can’t beat her on my own.” He suddenly stood and began walking toward us.

            I watched Kate from the tree, scraping at the bark with my nails. “Mommy and Dami miss you, Katie.” I said in a sing-song voice.

            “Kate?” Vaann said stepping closer.

            “Katie! Don’t break Dami that way!” I said getting louder, trying to break her focus. Kate held her head, breathing harder. It was starting to work.

            “Kate! Can you just kill her or something?? Her voice is the worst thing I’ve ever heard!” Vaann said trying to bring her attention to him. Not a chance, Blue Eyes.

            “She can’t kill me alone that am what I’ve been trying to tell you, Blue Eyes.” I said rolling my eyes. Kate held her head, looking like she was about to explode. “She wants to give in,” I chuckled. “Now your options are; kill her, talk to me, or let her go. Your choice Blue Eyes.”

            “Hold that thought a second,” Vaann said as he walked to Kate. I glared as he knelt down in front of her, and gently placed his hands on her head. There was a gentle breeze that blew through the clearing that made my hair flow out around me. I watched wide eyed as his hands glowed an earthly green color. “Man, it’s been forever since I healed someone.”

            “Anisa, if you’re going to use nicknames, at least make them distinguished!” Lyllina said angrily as she stood and began walking toward me. I could see the blood lust in her eyes and it only made me feel stronger.

            “Now, get up, shut up and kill her. I blocked her influence for a bit,” he said to Kate. He held out a hand stopping Lyllina in her tracks. “Leave it be.”

            Lyllina growled loudly as she turned and punched the tree next to mine. She pulled her hand away, rubbing it gently looking at the dent she left in the tree. There was a loud cracking sound as it suddenly bent and broke in half. She looked at me with black eyes. I truly wish I would get a chance to fight this girl. It actually looked worth my breath!

            “Kate, now use the energy I gave you,” he said handing her his bow. He stood behind her, pulling it up so it was aimed right at me. I smiled. He hooked an arrow into the bow and held her hands in the correct spot, entwining them. “The influence my powers have on you. And put that through her eye socket.” He pulled his hands away slowly, and you could see Kate shaking, how unsteady she was. He watched her for a second before walking to Lyllina. “Man, I didn’t miss doing that.” He said leaning on the broken tree, being careful not to get stabbed with the splintering wood.

            “It won’t work. She has no bond with you,” I said keeping my eyes on Kate’s. She looked down knowing it was true.

            “Bond? What kind of bond?!” Lyllina asked.

            “That’s what the influence was for. Now that part of me is in her, until I run out of energy or cancel it. My powers are like the wind, genius. It can take many forms.” Vaann said staring up at me.  “It may not work, but if it can shut you up, it’s worth a shot. Calm yourself, Lina. It’s not worth your anger. It’s Kate’s problem.” She took a few deep breaths before sitting down her eyes turning a pale blue.

            “That’s not the kind of bond she means…” Kate said as she dropped the bow to the ground before her. She held the arrow in her hands staring at it.

            “Don’t do it, Kate.” I said jumping for the tree and reaching for her. “We need each other.”

            “Your eyes,” Vaann said looking to Lyllina. “What the hell is that blue witch doing to you?” Witch?


            “Don’t lie to me! If she’s doing this, I’ll kill her!”

            “It’s fine.”

            “No, it’s not…” he said trailing off.

            “Yes, we do.” Kate said bringing my attention back to her.

            I smiled, “Then join me.” She shook her head.

            “Kate, don’t do anything stupid.” Vaann said taking a cautious step closer, his attention back to us.

            “I am stupid… remember, you even said.” Kate muttered. I couldn’t see her face, it was shadowed.

            “You aren’t wanted here, Kate. Dami and I miss you and love you. And Lily too,” I said smirking toward Lyllina.

            Vaann stuck his arm out before Lyllina could react, knowing I would strike a chord. “You aren’t stupid. But if you act it now, you will be!”

            Kate slowly turned the arrow around and around in her hands. I shared a quick glance with Vaann, smiling devilishly at him. This was it. She touched the point of the arrow. The big decision. The brought the point slowly to her throat. “I’ll make her leave.” She said each word distinctly, slowly and softly.

            “No! Kate don’t do it!” I said nearly begging.

            “Kate,” Vaann stepped closer, holding up his hands. “Put it…down…” Lyllina’s eyes slowly turned red as her fangs grew in their places. Vaann pulled his knife. “Move and I will throw it at Kate. I don’t miss, Lyllina.”

            They were all turning on each other.


            Kate was shaking as she spoke. “Why not! You all hate me and I’m no good here! You all want her gone! This is the only option I see left!”

            “Right, we hate you. That’s why we have you with us,” Vaann said taking another step closer. I mirrored him before he could catch the change. “That’s why we saved you from Lily. Because I hate you.” He was in front of her now, holding her arms, trying to ease the arrow away from her throat. “Why don’t you stab me then?” He moved her arms, holding her wrist so the arrow was poised at his own Adams-apple.

            Kate laughed to herself, seeming blind to the whole world. “Lily…” I tried pushing my thoughts into her again, trying to calm her down. She was losing it!

            “If you stab yourself, you’re stabbing me as the leader of this team.” Vaann said, his voice remaining unwavering.

            Lyllina was holding in her change, she could hardly handle herself anymore. Her eyes changed colors so much, I couldn’t even keep track anymore. She spoke slowly, panting her words out. “Kate…please don’t… this is the… only way…. It’s not… our way…” She hissed a bit and turned away.

            He smiled dragging her closer, the arrow digging into his throat a bit, causing blood to rise. “This is stupid, isn’t it? You don’t listen to me anyways. Waste your chance at living to your own insanity.”

            Kate released the arrow backing away. Vaann dropped the arrow to the ground as the blood dripped down his neck. “Lily… the person I thought I was getting close to was you.” She shook her head. “But no, she cared more than you do.”

            “Dami won’t be happy you broke sissy!” I said looking to Vaann.

            “She used you! She knew who you wanted to accept you! But fine,” he said turning to walk over and sit beside Lyllina. “I won’t stop you, Kate. Go on, Lyllina. Sleep, it’s her decision now.”

            “See, you don’t even care now!” She said holding onto her head. The Earth began to quiver slightly.

            “Uh oh! Damien is mad!” I said looking around for where he would make his appearance.

            Vaann ignored everything; me, the earth quake, Damien, Lyllina, and stared over at Kate waiting until she met his eyes. “It’s not that I don’t care. I just trust you to make the right decision.”

            “B-But…no.” Lyllina said.

            “I-I’m not leaving,” she said with a yawn. “N…Not ever…”

            “We’ve said our part. It’s a battle between her and herself. You won’t leave. Not permanently. Plus, you haven’t slept in god knows how long.” The ground began to rumble and shake, making trees fall.

            “Oh, Kate!” I giggled.

            “No…!” she said her eyes widening.

            Damien appeared, glowing red, the way I glowed blue. “Hello, Kate. Long time no see!”

            “No, go away!” she declared.

            “Go to sleep. I’ll handle this solo.” Vaann said standing to grab his bow. He started walking toward us, scooping up his arrow as he walked passed it. “Alright, Kate, let’s try to end this without disturbing Lina.” He stopped in front of Kate, following her eyes, blocking her vision of Damien and I. “I do care about you god dammit,” he whispered harshly to her.

            “Who’s this?” Damien said looking to Vaann unhappily.

            “A play toy.” I said smirking. Kate just shook her head, trying to stay focused on Vaann.

            Their other friend Dark stepped from the tree line then, “Hey.”

            “Hey, Dark, bout time you showed up.” Vaann said looking over his shoulder passed me to the boy. “Kate’s going insane, we got to kill those bastards.” He said jabbing his thumb in our direction. Damien’s eyes shimmered their natural blood red color. “Hey, Kate… I really dislike your family…” he said with a smirk.

            “I’m not going insane, shut up!” Kate snapped.

            Damien scoffed crossing his arms. “I’m not exactly family to her.”

            “I am!” I said waving my hand around.

            “Okay, I know two things. One, they are going to disturb Lina if they don’t die. Two, I care about having you with us. I’m not going to let you die,” Vaann said grabbing Kate’s chin, forcing her to look up at him into his eyes. I growled stepping closer, trying to push more thoughts into her head. I wouldn’t let him win her over!

            “Why, what are we doing?” Dark asked curiously behind us.

            “Watch Lyllina, Dark,” Vaann didn’t release Kate as he said this, keeping her focus on him. “I mean, don’t watch her sleep, that’s creepy. But make sure she is safe.”

            Damien stepped around Vaann, shoving his hand away from Kate. “If you would just give me back my girlfriend, I would be more than happy to go,” he said putting his arm around Kate.

            She squirmed shoving him away. “I’m not your girlfriend! Get off!”

            Vaann held up his hands with a smile. “If she wants to go back, she’s all yours, bro. But I don’t think she wants to.” He put an arrow in his bow and with a gust of wind sent it flying toward Damien. Damien’s eyes widened and he ducked down, the arrow finding its home in a tree behind them, right where Damien’s forehead was just moments ago.

            “I was never his,” Kate said flinching.

            “Cry baby,” I muttered.

            “Shut up, Anisa,” Damien said to me. “Nice try, archer. But you fail.”

            “Kate!” Vaann growled. “How do I put arrows through these things?!”

            “A bond, I told you that!” I said growling in exasperation.

            “She’s right,” Damien added.

            “Shut up, I was asking Kate!” He looked to Kate, his eyes serene, his face slightly flushed. “Fine… let’s form a… bond or whatever…” I inhaled quickly as I recoiled, hissing like I was slapped.

            “What?” Kate said, her jaw dropping in shock. Her face went beat red. Vaann’s eyes didn’t leave her.

            “Hey, bro…” Damien said his shoulders stiffening. I giggled trying to keep myself under my tough composure.

            “I don’t like it either, but hell, if I hate these two!”

            “You don’t know about the bond, do you?” Damien said with a smirk. Kate looked to him and then her eyes flashed to Vaann. I knew my sister. She wanted it. She wanted him. After all, he was in her vision and it was bound to happen. But knowing her, she didn’t want to be in his way or anything. Or maybe she figured he wanted that Lyllina girl. But then again, I didn’t blame him. They both weren’t bad looking. Having them both tied around your finger as play toys would be great. I smiled to myself before answering Damien.

            “It’s nothing like Lyllina’s and Lily’s!”

            “Nope, nope!” Kate said turning away in embarrassment.

            “I know exactly what it is,” he said his voice flat. Kate turned to look at him and he locked her eyes with his. “I just want you two to die, but fine.” He said putting his hands up in surrender, dropping Kate’s gaze. “Adios, Kate, have a nice life. I guess this means I’m going to have to kill you later.” He said turning back and walking toward Lyllina and Dark. He sat down beside them. “Well, this sucks…” He said, actually managing to sound….sad. “There goes another one, lost to the Mother.”

            Did he really believe Kate would give into the Mother that easily? Even I wasn’t that stupid.

            I looked up when I heard Lyllina whine a bit; her arm looking like someone was burning her. I smirked a bit, absorbing her pain and fear and the negative emotions that rolled off her in waves as she slept. I inhaled deeply, letting it run through my veins and make me stronger.

            “The bonds are different.” Damien said, clearly talking to Vaann as he ignored us.

            “They are!” I made slight kissy faces in his direction. “That kind of bond, sweetheart, and you don’t have that!”

            “I agree,” Kate said looking to me. “You’re annoying. Leave.

            “Sissy!” I whined over at her.

            “What sucks?” I heard Dark ask. Everyone was talking all at once.

            “She’s like Zack… I try to help and they go to the enemy. I know one person I won’t lose though…” Vaann said glaring down. I hissed. My sister was nothing like that twerp.

            “She is my bond!” Damien said triumphantly.

            “Don’t touch me, Damien, I swear-“ Kate started.

            “Who is that?” Dark was asking.

            “What the…” Vaann said bringing my attention back over to him. He was staring down at the burns on her arms. She was crying silently in her sleep.

            “Her…” Vaann put his hand on her shoulder, staring down at the burns. “When did these happen…?”

            “Oh, is she okay…?” Dark asked.

            “I-I don’t know…” He said. He seemed to flinch a bit as if remembering some memory. I saw Lyllina’s eyes open and the burns seemed to disappear instantly.

            I turned to see Kate walking in a circle being followed by Damien. “Stop following me!”

            “But I love you!” He said holding out his arms.

            “Well, I don’t love you!” She snapped back at him.

            I felt Vaann’s pain smash into me like a brick wall and smirked turning back to them. “No… Nothing is there anymore! It all burned! Amy is dead!” He was grabbing at his head in sudden pain cringing. I inhaled, smelling the scent of his beautiful pain. Lyllina jumped away, unsure of what was happening. When she saw it was Vaann, she rushed back to his side, the scent of her worry filling the air. Such wonderful negativity.

            “What is going on?” Dark asked his voice shaking in his obvious fear. Their emotions made my stomach turn and flip, but made me feel good as well.

            I felt a wind blow a bit as calmness began to take over Vaann’s pain and I hissed. ”It’s all gone now… the village burned and Amy was murdered. I have no reason to believe that was real.” Vaann said, trying to reassure himself more than anyone else. He stood suddenly, looking over at us. “Let’s go. Kate has chosen.”

            I felt anger run through me. Was he really just going to leave her here? Did he really care so little? I held up my head high and marched back toward my sister. I would be there if he wasn’t. She definitely had her some bad taste in men.

            Lyllina looked sadly over at Kate before back up at Vaann. “It’s okay. We’ll make it better.”

            Kate looked like she was fuming when she turned toward us and took a deep breath. She let her voice raise, glaring at us. The voice that escaped her was one that the Mother would use to control the others around her. “Go. Away.”

            Her voice had such power that I couldn’t deny it by any amount of power in me. I felt myself starting to disappear without my say. Even Damien who was fading as well was staring at her in shock. She had over powered us…

            She would make a wonderful Mother someday….



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