It's the year 2013 and Mother Nature has decided that she is tired of the humans mistreating her Earth. She takes all the polution and bad energy and throws it back at the humans. Some humans are not able to take the energy and they die. Some become... different. They change into something else. Some gain powers. Some become dark. Many people take out on their own, but other survivors ban together. A small group of survivors ban together in an attempt to fix the Earth. Can they fix this Hell they have been brought into...?


18. Chapter Seventeen: Bloodline

I shivered as cold fingers traced my inner back. My skin was mostly bare, my clothes only being a small silken dress that dipped low across my back. My hair was decorated with flowers and a long braid fell down my back. The fingers continued to trace my naked shoulders, running across my collar bone and up my throat to stop and trace my jaw. The cold fingers ran across my lips, leaving a warm trail beneath it. The hand caressed my cheek, stopping to cup my face.

                Slowly, I opened my eyes. Before me stood Vaann. He wore a black and red mask over his face to hide his identity. But I knew it was him. I knew his eyes anywhere. He wore black dress pants with shiny black shoes. His shirt was a poufy white shirt that clung to his sculpted chest, but hung lose around his arms. It was only buttoned slightly leaving his chest partly revealed. His hair was down around his face, a light blonde color.

                I breathed in his scent as he pulled me toward him. He smelled sweet, a scent I couldn’t really place. Almost floral or maybe citrus. I looked down at my dress. It was not at all small, but a long flowing ball gown. It was black, ruffling out in layers. I wore flats instead of heals, staring up at Vaann, who towered over me. In the reflection of Vaann’s eyes, I could see my own mask. It was only around my eyes, matching his. It was black and red with beautiful beads hanging off of the bottom in white tangles.

                As I looked around, taking my eyes off of Vaann for the first time, I noticed a sea of bright colors dancing around us. It was a ball. We were in the large dining room of the base. Couples twirled around us, staring as they went. I was the only woman dressed in black. Vaann and I were the only ones dressed in dark colors. I saw my Mother watching over the crowd. Vaann held out his hand, his eyes showing the emotion his hidden face couldn’t. I reached up hesitantly and took his hand. In one quick motion, Vaann dragged my body to his, wrapping his arms around my waist. My hands rested on his chest as I stared up at him. He ran his hands up my back, over my shoulders, up my arms and stopped at my wrists. He pulled my wrists until my hands wrapped around his neck, bringing his hands back to my waist.

                I played with his hair for a second until he picked me up and placed my feet on his. He knew I couldn’t dance. I was terrible. And then, suddenly, we were spinning. He whirled us around the room, narrowly missing the other couples. I felt like I was flying. He spun us fast and elegantly. He pulled us toward the middle, away from the shadows in the corner. I could see the shadows move slightly, but that might have been my imagination. He slowed down as we reached the opposite side, pulling us into a corner with no shadows. He was staring down at me.

                I reached up to finger his mask. It was rough and almost reflective. It had looked softer in the shadows. He reached up to wrap his hand around my wrist, his eyes turning sad. These frequent dreams were hard. I wanted to be closer to him, to fold myself into his arms and never wake again. I hated that these were so real yet so unreal. I pulled off his mask, yearning to see his face. He stared down at me emotionlessly as I dropped his mask to the ground. There was no need for a mask to hide behind. I reached up on my toes to run my fingers down his cheek. He closed his eyes as he took my hand and placed it to his cheek holding it there.

                When he opened his eyes, they seemed more alive. He reached down to gently pull my own mask from my face. He stared at me for a long while before he dropped my mask to the ground beside his. He took my face in his cold hands, leaving warmth at his touch. He stared into my eyes, flashing a charming smile.

                “You look beautiful, Ms. Thorne.” He said gently.

                “As do you, Mr. Shadow.” I said with a smile, reaching up to brush a stray hair from his face. His crooked smile made me weak in the knees.

                He leaned forward his face an inch from mine. Our noses brushed each other, our breath mixing. Our breathing had accelerated a bit as he stared down into my eyes. “I want to kiss you…”

                “Well, you should. Because I won’t stop you.” I whispered breathlessly. He sighed closing his eyes. I watched his face as his lips twitched into a small smile. He was leaning closer and my eyes closed as well. Our lips brushed slightly….



My eyes snapped open, my cheeks burning and my breathing shallow. I counted slowly in my head, counting out the seconds. Then I looked down at my hands and counted on my fingers; counted how many times I had wanted to kiss him. Not enough fingers. I sighed and dropped my hands onto my stomach. I looked up to see Riley sitting beside my head, staring down at me, her hair falling in a waterfall around her.

                She leaned closer to poke my cheek, contemplating. “Hmmm…”

                “Uh, hey.” I said awkwardly.

                “You don’t feel hot,” Riley said patting my face. “Are you okay? I think you might have lost some prettiness points. You were so pale and sweaty!”

                I smiled and sat up, nearly crashing heads with Riley. “I had some to begin with? Ha! I think I’m fine now.” Lina met my eyes before tossing me a bottle of water. I caught it easily. “Thanks.” I said pulling off the cap and gulping down the refreshing water. It still wasn’t enough to quench my thirst, but I didn’t complain.

                “No! You need to get points!” She inched closer running her hands through my hair. “Hmm, a pony tail?”

                “I don’t like pony or pig tails. Anything else is fine.” I replied.

                “Well, do you have a hair tie or anything?” Riley wondered.

                I pulled a rubber band off my wrist with a laugh and handed it over. “Go at it.”

                She took my hair in her hands, playing with it for a moment. She pulled it into three parts and began to make a side braid. I sighed and sat back, feeling de ja vu as her fingers worked easily through my hair. I remembered my Mother and Sister. Anisa always said I was pretty. But I was never sure.

                I felt my cheeks flush in embarrassment. “I’m not going to look pretty no matter what you do…”

                “Yeah, you will! Trust me!” I felt her begin to tie my hair as she finished. I looked down feeling very self-conscious. “Come on! Trust me, or I will slap you. You look pretty and no one can deny it!” She declared.

                “Anyone can,” I countered, feeling a sort of numb depression drip into my veins.

                She slapped my cheek lightly with a determined face. I was slightly shocked. “You are pretty!” I heard Marissa laugh lightly.

                “Nonsense, hun, you look fine,” I heard a familiar voice chant. I looked up to see young Zack walking toward us again. All the eyes shifted to him. They all looked weary and not at all trusting. “Hey, what’s with those looks?”

                I stood up quickly to give him a hug. I hated to admit it, but I did miss this kid. “Hi.”

                He smiled a bit. “Hello.” Lina jumped cautiously from the tree inching toward us.

                Riley was staring at Zack. She turned her steady gaze on me as she pointed to Zack. “Kane, who is he?”

                “That’s Vaann’s brother, Zack.” I said with a nod. Zack had his arm wrapped around mine and I smiled.

                He stared down for a second. “Yup, I am me.” He looked up at Lyllina. “So, how is leading going for you?” Marissa came to stand by Riley, listening and watching.

                Lina shrugged. “Not what I’m used to.”

                “Why haven’t I seen him if he is Vion’s brother?” Riley suddenly asked.

                “Vion?” Zack asked, his eyebrows turning down in confusion. “Who’s Vion?”

                Riley’s smile got wide. “Vaann! I nicknamed him that!”

                “Ah, I see. So, he has a pet name.” He gave her a mischievous smile. “I like it.”

                Riley thought for a second. “I’m not sure if it’s a pet name. It doesn’t really sound like one.”

                Zack’s eyes widened for a second but evened out quickly as he composed himself. “Oh, are you the girl he came to see yesterday? Riley, right?”

                I saw her blush as she glanced around. When had Vaann gone to see her? Her eyes landed back on Zack as she nodded slowly. “Yes…”

                “He was quite worried about you after he left. He’s been worried about all of you.” He stared at each of us individually waiting until we met his gaze before moving onto the next. He held my eyes and then smiled. He pointed to the necklace. “Nice necklace. Good color on you.”

                “Thanks,” I said feeling the heat fill my cheeks.

                Zack dropped his arm from mine, his face and voice becoming serious. “I came to warn you. She’s been tripling the size of all that she sends out to hunt the survivors lately. She’s not happy that the two-tone guy joined you.” He said looking to Duo.

                I saw Duo glance down as he tensed up. I walked closer and took his hand. He let out a sigh as he relaxed.

                “Why is that?” Lyllina asked.

                “It’s not like we’re a threat.” Marissa added.

                “You have proven to be the biggest threat, since no one else has stood against her.” Zack said.

                Riley crossed her arms stubbornly, “Mother can do whatever She wants, but I believe that there is a peaceful side in Her somewhere!”

                “Well, don’t die. Vaann and I are working on a way to purify Mother Nature. He refuses to kill her and I agree with him.” His eyes found me again and flickered to my hand, still clamped around Duo’s. I blushed and dropped his hand.

                “We’ve come this far…” Lina started.

                “We won’t die. I’ll just heal anyone who gets hurt.” Marissa cut in, obviously not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

                “It doesn’t matter if I die. We have gotten this far. It’s possible She will have a change of heart. We came this far. It wasn’t for nothing…” Riley said more to herself than anyone.

                “Riley, it does matter if you die.” Lina said giving her a mothering look.

                “I agree. All life matters, Riley.” Zack nodded.

                “Not in my book! Zack, I know She still has good in Her. There is a spot where there is blue water and green grass, life!”

                “We are working on a way of channeling our Dark energy into cancelling out the Mother’s. And I never said there wasn’t Riley.”

                “The sky is blue and all the leaves are green…” Duo muttered quietly.

                “Work on making her have a change of heart. Be nice to Her. I want to help.” Riley said placing her hands on her hips, like a tiny Diva.

                “She’s too far for natural reasoning. It will have to be forced upon Her.” I flinched as Zack spoke, imagining Mother being hurt.

                “Think. Humans being nice to her; caring for her.” Riley said. What she didn’t know was that Zack was right. Mother could not be reasoned with at this point.

                Zack ignored her. “And that’s where Vaann and I come in. if we can use our Dark energy to counter her own; it’s possible that we can cancel out the corruption.”

                “Well, I volunteer to help! I’ll plant seeds if there are any.” Riley said excitedly raising her hand.

                Marissa walked up to me. She held my braid and then smiled. “Pretty braid.”

                “Thanks,” I sighed.

                “I’ll help too!” Marissa chirped.

                “Good, Marold! Let’s set to it!” Riley said pointing at her.

                “But we aren’t killing her at all. Just the corruption in her. When she released the Toxins, not all of it was discharged as intended.” Zack explained.

                Duo looked away suddenly angry. “She’ll go corrupt again. Humans don’t know when to change.”

                “So, if the Toxins hadn’t been absorbed by her, she would still be happy Mother Nature?” Riley asked as she stepped from my side to walk closer to Zack. Marissa took a step toward me as Duo sat down against a tree. I turned my attention back to the others, listening to the exchange of information that I was well aware of.

                Zack gave her a somber nod, “Some remained inside Her. She is like us, mutated in a way. If we can dispel the Toxins, then we can purify Her. That was the original plan, right, Kate? To reset Earth and start again. But it backfired when she was unable to discharge the entire Toxin.” I just ignored his question.

                “So, maybe healing Her would work?” Marissa asked.

                Riley grinned excitedly. “So, there’s a seventy five percent chance it will work, right?”

                “Not enough power, Marissa.” Zack informed her. “You may heal the Toxin, but it will regenerate faster than you can heal it. And getting close to Her would put you at risk. We can’t even let you try.”

                I looked to Rissa for her response. She was looking at her hands as she thought. Then she looked up hopefully. “What if multiple people healed her?” She suggested.

                “Not enough healers left.”

                “True,” Rissa sighed.

                “Basically, you’re the last person with potent healing abilities left on Earth. Vaann can heal, but only minor injuries.” I looked up at Zack at the mention of Vaann’s name. He had healed me once. And it wore him out, though he made a point to hide it. I went to lean against the tree Duo was sitting under, giving his head a light pat. “Give or take, but if it does, the Earth will reset itself. But the inhabitants won’t. We will stay mutated. Any mutated life forms will stay mutated.”

                Marissa sighed, dropping her hands, looking discouraged. “Okay, so what are we going to do then? To get the Mother back to Her happy self.”

                Duo looked up at Zack then, raising his eyebrows. “If everyone went to the source with our powers, couldn’t we all affect Her in some way?” I smiled a bit at his idea. I wished I could step in and just give them the answer. Lay all the cards on the table. But they had to do this themselves.

                “It would affect. But bloodline would work better. That is why I came. Vaann and I can cancel the Toxin with our power. Her mind is another story.” Zack said. Bingo. “Kate, I’m sure you can affect it though.” I had to play along.

                “What?” I asked.

                “Oh, Kate, you can affect the Mother’s mind, yes?” Duo said looking up to me.

                Zack walked to me holding my wrist in his hand, pulling me from the tree. “You’re blood related to the Mother. Once we cancel the Toxin, you will have to reason with Her. We will need distractions for the remaining generals; Lily, Anisa and that guy that loves Kate.” He stared into my eyes trying to make me understand.  

                “I know why you’re Vion’s brother, you’re so much like him.” Riley giggled.

                Zack dropped my wrist, turning to glare at Riley. She flinched away, looking like he’d slapped her. “I’m nothing like that coldhearted sarcastic jerk.” Next it was my turn to flinch away. His words stung.

                “I’m the one that’s supposed to die…” Duo said quietly, making me turn to him.

                “I can be a distraction!” Riley said throwing her hand up.

                “Supposed to die?” Zack asked, turning as well. “What the hell are you talking about? No one is supposed to die.”

                Riley’s jaw dropped as she gasped dramatically. “I love you, man! You’re not supposed to die!” She ran over to Duo and threw her arms around him. “You’re not supposed to die when you have friend love on you!”

                “I’ll be a distraction too.” Marissa piped up. “And Riley is right.”

                “We are all friends here, and we will end this together.” Zack added with a nod.

                “I will be a distraction, but my main purpose is to protect Kate. If that means dying, so be it.” Duo said flatly.

                I looked up at him in shock. “N-No! You don’t have to do that. I’m supposed to be the one-“

                He held up a hand to stop me from speaking. “I swore my life to it long ago. Before I even met you. I’m not sure what that means, but I know it’s true.”

                I looked away as my eyes filled with tears as I realized he was right. He had been meant for this all along. I sniggled and sucked it up, knowing I couldn’t change his mind. I looked to Zack. “Where is he…?”

                “Back at the base, he’s asleep. We have been working on this plan constantly since he got there.” Zack said. I nodded slightly. “And, Riley, you aren’t going alone. You’re putting yourself up against the three best generals she has.”

                “Of course, not alone!” She said, scoffing in exasperation.

                “You all need to work together for this plan to work. Lyllina, I leave the planning to you and Kate. Vaann and I have to work out the method of canceling out the Toxins.” Zack said looking from me to Lina. I looked to Lina and we shared a nod.

                Rissa stepped next to Riley, slipping her arm through Riley’s. “I’ll go with Riley!”

                “What exactly is the goal here?” Lyllina asked.

                “To keep the generals; Lily, Anisa and that guy who is Kate’s supposed lover distracted so Vaann, Kate and I can reach the Mother.” Zack said.

                “I hate Damien!” I added the small fact with a slight growl.

                “Coordinating this is all up to you. Vaann and I would help, but our hands are tied right now,” Zack said, ignoring me. “If you can convert any of them to our side, do so. Especially Anisa. Anisa would be a big help in saving the Mother. Damien can die for all I care.”

                I crossed my arms impatiently. “I agree with you there, Zack. Damien is a pain. But how can Anisa help?”

                He turned to me, scrutinizing me with careful eyes. “She’s blood related to the Mother. What you and her say could help persuade her mind to return. Once the Toxin is out, her mind won’t automatically go back.” He was right. It wouldn’t. And there was a large chance we could change her mind. It might be too late. The Toxins may have won this war.

                “I don’t want anything to do with my sister…” I said, cringing at the thought.

                “That’s fine, make your job harder.” Zack shrugged.

                “Even if I did allow her to get close enough to me, she wouldn’t help us!” I sighed closing my eyes, wishing that, when I opened them, this would all be just some crazy dream. Yeah, right.

                He stared at me for a second, not bothering to even reply. He blinked and sighed. “Well, I’m out of here, don’t want Vion to know I came. Goodbye everyone, don’t die. Oh, yeah, we will attack in a week, so be ready.” He lifted his hand to point to the sky where a large building sat; waiting. The base. “It’s about a three day walk. Adios.” He gave a small salute before disappearing. A little rain of black feathers was left in his wake.

                “Well, I’d rather go after Lily,” Lyllina said, peering down at me from a tree.

                “Why do we matter so much?” Duo demanded looking about. “It’s not like we have a useful power…” At first, I thought he meant all of us. But then I realized he meant only himself.

                I gave his shoulder a light bump with my own, providing a light smile. “Everyone is important.”

                “I’m just stating the fact- and being a downer, I say. We’ll fix the Mother, right?” Duo’s voice changed quickly taking on a lighter and more confident tone.

                “You bet.” I said with a smile. I looked to my braid. It was beautiful handy work but on me, it looked terrible. Riley’s work had gone to waste. I reached up to take out the braid, picking at the rubber band.

                Duo grabbed my hand, pulling it from the braid. “Don’t, it looks good on you.”

                “Kate, it looks fine,” Lina added.

                “Why does everyone keep saying that?” I asked with a sigh. I pulled at the rubber band again when Duo released me. It snapped back to my wrist. “Eh!” I chirped in pain.

                “Because it does,” Lina repeated. She sighed. “Kate, do I lie?”

                “Ouch. I don’t know. But it looks dumb,” I said as I continued pulling at it.

                “Riley isn’t going to like that…”Lina challenged.

                “I know but-“ SNAP! “Ouch!” I growled and pulled at it some more.


                “Meh?” SNAP! “Owowow!”

                “That’s not good, don’t hurt yourself.”

                “It’s just a rubber band.” I said looking to her. I picked up the braid and glared at it. “You are dead to me…” I said as if it could really hear me. Lina just sighed, shaking her head. I turned to Duo dropping the braid. “Oh, and by the way…” I started.

                Duo looked up at me in interest. “Yes?”

                I took a deep breath before continuing. “Before you said you don’t have any powers and it doesn’t matter if you die. Not true. I used to say that. I woke up with no memory and never had a vision before that I could remember. I was normal. But it doesn’t mean you’re useless.” I exhaled lazily with relief.

                “Yes, it does. I’m nothing more than a simple distraction.” Duo said ignoring my pep talk.

                “Not to me.” I said shaking my head. I stepped closer to him.

                “Then what am I to you?” He asked crossing his arms.

                “Well, more than just distraction, as you call it.” I couldn’t tell him that I was lost without him. He and Vaann were important factors in my life. Hell, all these people were important. I needed them all to thrive. I smiled to Lyllina. “It’s me all over again.”

                She nodded trying to hide her smile. “And it’s driving me nuts.”

                “Shut up before I cut your eye out and make you eat it,” Duo’s dark voice growled.

                “Duo, stop it. Everyone has their parts.” Lina growled back, finally taking charge.

                I sighed and rolled my eyes. “No one is hurting anyone or eating eyes, got it?”

                “Then stop bugging me or someone will be eating eyes, got it?” Duo said, sounding very childish.

                “Then start believing you’re useful and we will stop,” Lina shrugged nonchalantly.

                “God, I want to rip you apart…”

                I gave him a light tap on the nose, something you did to train dogs. “No.”

                He blinked a few times in surprise, staring at me. “Hey, why’d you do that?”

                I heard Lina snickering. Duo glared and chucked rock toward her. I tapped his nose again. “No.” Lina caught the rock and wrapped her fingers around tightly around it. I heard it crunch as she crushed it in her thin hand. “I only have seven days to train you. Day one starts now.” I said.

                “Oh, scary.” Duo smirked sarcastically rolling his eyes. He crossed his arms looking away. “When this is all over, I am killing her.”

                I tapped his nose harder, giving a stern, “No.”

                “Stop that!” He snapped. “I will bite you!”

                I smirked allowing my long fangs to grow into place. They were much longer than Sebastian’s. “I bite back.” I growled between my teeth. I retracted my fangs, looking to Lina. “Zack said it takes three days on foot. I think we should stay one more day, then go. What do you think?” I heard Duo give a small hmph but remain silent.

                Lina shrugged. “Sure. But we’ll have to think of a strategy.”

                “Do you have anything so far?” I wondered.

                She thought to herself for a while. She was quiet for so long I thought she wasn’t going to give an answer. “Lily is mine. I think I’ll send Marissa and Riley to Anisa…” She looked up at me to meet my eyes carefully, as if she was afraid of offending me.

                I gave an embarrassed smile. “I wasn’t paying attention to much before. What do I do? My mind was…” I looked to Duo and away quickly, hoping neither had noticed. “Elsewhere.”

                “You’re going to help Vaann and Zack with the Mother.” Duo said still looking away.

                I stared at him for a second. I sighed and looked away. “Right… that…” I closed my eyes, Vaann’s comforting face there was usual. There to comfort me. I opened my eyes, fingering the braid. “I doubt she’ll listen to me.”

                Lina suddenly jumped from her tree and walked to me, taking my hands in hers. “Kate, it’s going to be fine. I believe in you.”

                “I hope you’re right.” I said looking down. I could feel myself trembling just a bit.

                “I believe in you,” she repeated with a smile.

                I looked up at her sadly. “I don’t know what I would do if I lost any of you to my Mom… probably kill her.” My vision got blurry as my eyes filled with tears, one spilling over.

                Lina leaned her forehead on mine wiping the tear away. She spoke softly. “It wouldn’t be your fault. Besides, we’ll be careful.”

                I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her into a hug. I sniffled a bit. “Y-you better be!”

                She pat my back as she sighed. “Just let it out, Kate.”

                I pulled back shaking my head. “N-No, I’m f-f-fine.” I stuttered.

                “You need to let it out or it will hurt you later.”

                “I can’t.”

                “Fine.” I sniffled again looking around. Marissa and Riley were leaned up against a tree, giggling and talking. My heart throbbed as I worried about my friends getting hurt. About facing Anisa. She was strong. “Kate, stop worrying. Relax, will ya? You’re starting to worry me.”

                I felt my lower lip quiver and threw myself at Duo, shoving my face in his chest.

                Duo stiffened, holding out his arms. “What happened to hitting me?! What is this new punishment?!” He asked in shock. Lyllina laughed for a minute, a real laugh. He hesitantly hugged back, not sure what else to do. “I-It’s okay.” He said patting my back. After a few minutes of this he made his discomfort known. “C-Could you stop?”

                I pulled back blushing. I had calmed down a bit. I took a deep breath as I wiped my face with my sleeve. “S-Sorry.” I looked over to see Lyllina peacefully asleep against a tree.

                “Okay, thanks,” Duo sighed.

                I stared at the braid again as I picked it up and dropped it again. “You are useless.”

                “You are not.”

                I looked to Duo. “I meant the braid. It’s useless. And ugly.” I said picking at the band.

                Duo chuckled and picked it up. “Not totally useless.” He said using the braid to wipe my face and dry the tears I’d missed. “But its fine, you can take it out.”

                I pulled at the band and it snapped my fingers again. “OW!” I growled and extended my claws, ready to just cut the damn thing out. My eyes were tinted red now.

                “Hey!” Duo said grabbing my wrist. “It’s fine!”

                I held my hand straight, the claws still out. His action caused me shock. I could feel my eyes go back to normal, my face puzzled. “But it won’t come out.”

                “Here, let me see.”       

“Alright.” I said scooting closer to him in the dead grass. “Be careful, it’s evil!”

He rolled his eyes focusing. He nearly removed the rubber band before it snapped him. “Ouch!” He growled baring his fangs.

I squealed as it pulled my hair. “Ouch! I told you!”

He tried a few more times, getting the same results. Finally, he just gave up and started biting at it. “Rrr…”

“Don’t eat my hair!” I said with a giggle.

“Why would I? OW!” He shouted as it snapped him again.

“Are you okay?” I giggled.

He leaned over and spit out blood. “Bloody thing cut my tongue!” He growled and ripped it from my hair.

I squealed. “Ouch! Th-thanks. Is your tongue okay?” I asked as I raked my fingers through my hair, unwinding the braid.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” He said sticking out his tongue.

“You’re going to be fine then?” I asked jokingly.

“No, I’m going to die of a tongue cut!” He said sarcastically as he fell back, fainting dramatically. I giggled and poked him. He opened one eye. “I’m fine.” He flashed a charming smile before sitting up. I blushed at how normal I felt. But I wasn’t normal. We were invading the base soon. Which brought me to wondering; what was Mother planning? I thought hard, my face scrunching up in concentration.

“What’s on your mind?” Duo asked raising an eyebrow. “I don’t feel like searching.”

“Hmm? Oh, I’m trying to see what my Mother is planning, but she’s blocking me out,” I sighed giving up.

“I guess we can’t always know it all, hmm?” Duo sighed as well.

“But this connection with her… if its not there…” I started. I took a deep breath to steady myself. “I’m nothing.”

“What do you mean?” He asked leaning forward slightly.

“I know all the inside things about the Mother and how to win from the inside. Stuff that the Mother wouldn’t want reaching the outside world.”I explained.

“Could you tell me?” Duo seemed to whisper, his voice filled with angst.

I leaned back against the tree giving him a sad look. “Not really.” I felt myself begin to doze off yawning loudly. My eyelids fluttered closed.

“Goodnight.” Duo said with a smile in his voice.

“Night, Duo.” I just barely got out, my voice sounding like mush as I passed out, sleep winning this battle.

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