It's the year 2013 and Mother Nature has decided that she is tired of the humans mistreating her Earth. She takes all the polution and bad energy and throws it back at the humans. Some humans are not able to take the energy and they die. Some become... different. They change into something else. Some gain powers. Some become dark. Many people take out on their own, but other survivors ban together. A small group of survivors ban together in an attempt to fix the Earth. Can they fix this Hell they have been brought into...?


8. Chapter Seven: Outmatched


As you Have noticed, I am updating fast. That is because the book is already COMPLETE, I just haven't had much time to update the story anywhere. SO, Im doing it now! Im in school so shhh! I dont have a computer at home to update so Im just hoping to throw it all together now. Please enjoy. R&R xx





Marissa’s POV:



            I was sitting with Riley, doing what Lina had told me. Riley didn’t talk as much as usual. Perhaps she was tired. I would ask a few questions, she would give me a small answer before returning to her staring at the sky. She just wasn’t mentally into it today. Maybe something was bothering her? A sudden tap on my shoulder caused me to jump.

            “Hey,” Vaann’s voice said from behind me.

            I calmed down and turned around to face him. “Oh, hey!”

            I heard Kate before I actually saw her, complaining at Vaann, “You left me behind, I have short legs! Oh, hi, Marissa.”

            “Hi, Kate!” I said with a smile.

            “Calm down, you weren’t that far behind. That makes five, got to find Lina.” Vaann said, scratching his head in thought.

            Kate smiled and hugged me, something she hardly ever did. “We missed you!”

            “Why do I have a feeling something bad is going to happen soon?” Vaann said staring down at the ground with a worried expression.

            “Because it’s a typical you thing,” Kate said with a laugh.

            “I missed you too! Well, we better find Lina. That might be why you have a bad feeling.” I suggested with a shrug.

            “Why does it seem like every time something good happens, a shadow asshole has to come and ruin it?” Vaann asked as he walked off into the forest.

            “Our luck?” Kate questioned, grabbing onto my hand as she pulled me along. Riley jumped up to follow us, taking a hold of Kate’s other hand. I followed her smiling. She was really starting to open up to people.

            I saw Lyllina in the distance, sitting on a rock looking like she was lost in thought. Vaann walked up behind her and said something I didn’t hear, but it caused her to jump. Whatever she was thinking about was really getting into her head. “No, that will never work either… oh, uh, hey.”

           Kate ran forward, releasing both of our hands. “Lyllina!” She stared ahead ignoring Kate looking disoriented. “Are you alright, Lina?”

            “If I know you as well as I think I do, which I do, Lily is around. I know that look. She is, isn’t she?” Vaann said crossing his arms, looking down at her with a hard look.

            “Don’t do that,” Lina said softly, not looking up. “Well, she’s, uh… different.”

            “Alright, I’ll take that. Any plan yet?” Vaann said, letting his arms fall. I stayed close to Kate, listening. Riley sat down on the ground next to Lyllina on her rock.

            “Well, I was thinking that we could… we cant do that…we….no….uh…well… no affirmative plan.” She said with a sigh.

            “Alright,” Vaann said slamming his fist into the palm of his hand, “here’s my favorite plan. We kick her spiritual ass, then throw her into the Mother’s front door and say hello.”

            Lina raised her hand slowly wanting to speak. Vaann nodded toward her. “Well, uh, there’s a problem with your plan.”

            “Wait, will it still hurt you too?” Kate said, cutting in with a grim look toward Lyllina.

            “No, Lily’s different now, not exactly spirit. Mother’s favorite, she is, so she got…”

            “Well, out with it.” Vaann snapped impatiently. Kate flinched before she looked away. I looked over at her for a second before looking back to the others.

            “Are you okay?” I whispered to Kate.

            She smiled over at me in reassurance, “I’m fine, or I will be anyway.”

            “Okay, but if something’s wrong, you know you can talk to me.”

            “I already talked to Vaann about it,” she said smiling is his direction before she smiled back at me.

            “Alright,” I sighed.

            “Well, if she…then she would… but then… no, no.” Lina said, lost in thought once more.

            Kate walked over to Lina, sitting on her other side, smiling up at her. “Want help planning?”

            Vaann started talking to himself, staring at the ground, lost in thought as well. “She’s not a spirit anymore, this has advantages and disadvantages.”

            “Uh, it’s…well…Vaann needs help…oh wait…did I mention she’s a shape-shifter now?” Lina said looking up.

            A shape-shifter? That might make things a little more difficult for us…

            “Well, that’s lovely information, Lina.” Vaann said with a groan, reaching up to grab at his hair for a second.

            “I didn’t? Oh, gosh, it’s getting worse. Oh, well…she is.” Lyllina sighed.

            “What’s getting worse?” I questioned.

            “Hmm?” Lina said looking to me.

            “This isn’t good. No more splitting up, guys.” Vaann announced.

            “What’s getting worse?” I repeated.

            Vaann frowned down, “This is going to going to go bad really fast.”

            “I don’t recall,” Lina said.

            “Don’t recall what?” Kate asked stealing a glance toward me.

            Lina shrugged, “She even sounds like you, it’s really identical.”

            “Sounds like who?”

            Kate sighed, “So what now?” Lyllina was staring up at the sky, dragging her fingers across the air like she was going to rip open the sky, muttering to herself.

            “I have no idea, Kate.” I said looking over at her. She just let out another small sigh.

            “Lyllina, what was my real name? I wasn’t always Vaann.” Vaann said, taking a step closer to her.

            She titled her head to the side, writing something in the sky. “Hmm? That’s why! Oh, and Luneth.”

            “Good, I don’t have to kill you. You said she was a shape-shifter. Not like I would have won that fight anyway without my weapons.” He said looking over at me and Kate. Kate looked down sadly. I wanted to ask about the weapons, but I had already promised I wouldn’t.

            “She is, but she isn’t me.” Lina gasped with a giggle. “I assure you, not yet.”

            “She could be any of us,” Vaann and I said in unison.

            Kate’s eyes widened as she looked around carefully. “What?”

            “Or she could be miles from here, killing someone for the hell of it.” Vaann shrugged.

            “Well, how do we know for sure?” Kate asked playing with the bottom of her already torn shirt.

          “If I was her, I would pose as one of us and find out more information to make a more believable cover later,” Vaann said looking at each one of us individually.

            “That’s really smart… and creepy. How do we tell if she’s one of us?” I asked. I looked over at Kate and her face was blank. She was staring at Vaann with a great intensity. He was staring back at her.

            “That’s it, you cant.” He said, not breaking his eye contact, his lips pulling up into a ghost of a smile. “Not after she get’s too smart,” he added in.

            “Hmm, we could…. No…” Lina said starting to mutter to herself again. “No splitting up. It’s the best we can do.”

            “Then we have to stop it before it starts,” Kate stood up quickly, her eyes flickered from Vaann to Lina in the shortest second before they locked back onto him.

            “It already has,” his voice was filled with acid, more acid than I thought he was capable of, causing me to flinch. “I’m sure; she’s already encountered Lyllina once.” I nodded, watching them carefully.

           “Well,” Lyllina said going back to her planning. “If she…then I’d have to…” she looked down at the ground. What was going on in that mind of hers?

            “If she what?” I asked curiously.

            “We need to be open to the possibility that one of us may not survive the next encounter with Lily.” Vaann said, breaking his stares from Kate to glance toward Riley and myself, before landing his gaze on Lyllina with a smirk.

            “Well, I’m not going to let anyone die.” I said clenching my fists. The thought of losing them at all made my heart throb. These people right here meant so much to me that it hurt at times.

            “Especially if she poses as one of us and gains any information, we may not have a choice, Rissa.” Vaann said, bringing his blue eyes to my face. Lyllina looked up at him nervously.”Of course, we can try to stop it if we can, but if she tricks one of us, they don’t stand a chance.”

            “I will heal everyone, so no one is going to die.” I said trying to make myself sound and look confident.

            Vaann stepped in front of me, staring down at me with cold eyes. His voice was as cold as his face. “Imagine having to fight me alone, Rissa. She can make that happen.”

            “Oh,” I said looking down.

            Lyllina jumped up from her rock to go to Vaann and wave him down to her with her hand. “But it wont be the same mindset I have. It will be me with a killing intent. What?” He said leaning down to her. She leaned up the little distance she needed to whisper in his ear.

            “Well hopefully that wont happen,” I said watching them. A thoughtful look passed Vaann’s face before he nodded.

            “I don’t want to fight Lina with blood lust. I will lose that fight.”

            I nodded, “That wouldn’t be good.”

            Lina and Vaann turned away from us to whisper with each other for a minute. Riley was staring off into space, trying to absorb everything. It was a bit hard to take in. One of us could be Lily? I didn’t want to not trust everyone, but… it seemed like the only option until we found her. What if it was Kate? She was acting funny all of a sudden…

            “Hey, Vaann?” Kate called, standing.

            “Yes?” He said narrowing his eyes as he turned to face her.

            “Do you remember where we left the weapons?” She said narrowing her eyes too.

           Vaann started walking toward the forest, stopping at the edge. “No, but we may need them. Now, follow me. I only need Kate. I need to talk to her about her vision.” He informed us before turning and walking away again.

            Kate hesitated before she followed him into the woods, seeming a bit unsure.

            About ten minutes later, the screaming started….


Kate’s POV:


            Following Vaann had been a bad decision. I felt unsafe away from the group! Lily could be anywhere. But… Vaann was acting… different. And it scared me.

            “That vision about you dying…. Are you sure it was me killing you?” Vaann said, still walking.

            “I don’t know, why?” I said looking up curiously.

            He ignored my question, glancing around us. “The weapons are this way, right? I don’t exactly remember where they are.”

            I shrugged and came to a halt. “I thought you knew. Maybe we should go back now. No splitting up, remember?” I was shaking slightly as I turned to walk back to the others.

            “No!” His voice was urgent, causing me to stop and turn to look at him in surprise. “If we don’t get my weapons back, I cant help you all fight Lily.”

            I took a deep breath, narrowing my eyes. He wasn’t himself. He couldn’t be Vaann. Either it was and he had eaten something polluted, causing him to hallucinate, or… this was Lily… “Vaann, what color are your eyes?” I said inching away, just in case I had to make a run for it.

            His face suddenly bubbled up morphing into another, his face turning feminine, long black hair ripping from the pony tail to fall all around her. “Brown,” she said grabbing my arm, “and yours are green!” I gasped and screamed loudly, trying to get away. Her whole figure turned back into Vaann, forming his hand into a large knife. “You really aren’t all that useful to us now!”

            I shook my arm away and took off running. I felt the traitor tears begin to form, blurring my vision. I always had the worst timing with my emotions. I cant believe I fell for it! I knew something wasn’t right! Lily stopped in front of me, smiling Vaann’s cocky smile at me.

            “I have his enhanced speed, you cant escape me now, idiot.”

            “Kate!” I heard mixed voices yelling.

            I turned just in time to see Vaann, the real Vaann, running through the trees. “Kate!” He said before halting to look himself in the face.

            “Vaann!” I called, attempting to run toward him.

            “I know your weakness, I know Lyllina’s weakness, information to be Luneth and more. Plus, the only one of you can kill me is your healer, which I can kill just as easily.” Lily’s voice said from right behind me now.

            “You ungrateful-“ Lina started. “Why did you do this?!”

            Lily jumped away from me, into a tree close behind us. “Too bad Vaann is horribly outmatched in close combat!”

            I saw everything go red as I hissed looking toward the real Vaann. “I told you not to get rid of your weapons!”

            “I shall retreat for now, but I have all your weaknesses, I can kill you off…one by one by one…” She said turning into her original form before disappearing into the shadow the tree.

            “If I had them, so would she!” Vaann said running over toward me with the rest of the group. “She wanted to find them so I couldn’t have them.”

            “Calm down, Kate.” Marissa said, placing a hand on my arm. I shook it off with a hiss.

            “This is my fault, I should have been able to tell…” I said shaking my head.

            “It’s not your fault, she fooled all of us.” Rissa said soothingly.

            “Ya think?” Vaann said reaching his hand down toward me. “I’m glad you aren’t dead, but tell us next time or you might be.” He said with a grimace.

            I took his hand, allowing him to hoist me easily. I looked away immediately, unable to look at him. “Tell you what? There’s nothing to tell…”

            “Tell us your damn visions next time and quit being so damn defensive!” Vaann said trying to get me to look at him. I just kept staring away. He sighed turning to Lyllina. “We should go after her before this happens again. Her visions are coming true and I fear she will die if we don’t.”

            “I’m not getting defensive,” I said with a pout. My eyes filled with tears as I looked down. “I just don’t know what to do anymore…” I sat back down on the ground, letting the tears come out silently, sniffling occasionally. Rissa sat down beside me and hugged me in attempt to comfort me.

            “It’s going to be okay, Kate,” she said.

            Lyllina nodded, “We meet back here…no wait,” she said hitting the palm of her head to her forehead. “No splitting up.”

            “We are wasting time!” Vaann snapped. “We need to kill her! Kate may die if we let Lily live. Lily knows everything about us. It’s been Lily posing as me since I ran off! I have no idea what the hell she was doing in my body but she obviously targeted Kate for some reason.” He said looking over at me. It stung to know that the person I connected with was Lily and not Vaann…  he didn’t really care like I thought he did. Maybe he did. But not like Lily pretended. Lily knew he was a weakness to me, somehow. She used him against me. I felt my cheeks turn red.

            “I told you already! But that may have been her…” I said shaking my head. “Ugh! I’m so confused!”

            “Okay, story time, Kate. How long were you with me after I ran off? Speaking of which, has anyone seen my weapons?”

            I sighed, time to let it all out, I thought. Everything I had kept inside for so long, kept locked up with my walls up. “Should I start with the vision or my memories?” I asked feeling my eyes fill with tears again.

            “Vision,” Vaann said sitting down, crossing his legs and leaning back, like this was a real story, one to keep the bad dreams away. But that was the problem… the dreams never left. We were living the worst nightmare.

           “Very simply, I had a vision of Vaann killing me, which kinda sorta almost just happened.” Lina was listening, playing with her hair. Rissa and Riley were staring up at me in curiosity while Dark stood to the side, a distance away from us.

           “Come sit with us, Dark. I believe you should hear this too.” He looked back up to me with a thoughtful nod. “Okay, and you got your memory back too?” He asked as Dark sat beside Lyllina.

            “Yeah, right after I had a vision. I remembered that my Mother erased my memories, which I told Rissa about, but there’s more to it than just that…” I looked to Rissa for a second before looking away.

            “Continue,” Vaann said.

            I sighed, “I’m supposed to be a spy for the mother but I went against her and didn’t want to be with her. She said I was betraying her and I was useless and if I tried to leave, she would kill me. I’m not dead, so I guess she must care somewhat.”

            “Or she had a blonde moment and slung you across the world instead.” Vaann said raising an eye brow questioningly.

            “Mom isn’t blonde.” I said with a smile. “Just me.”

            “Well, whatever the case, you’re alive and so is Lily with this information and more.”

            I looked down, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know… I-I thought..”

            “She is becoming more of a threat moment,” Vaann said standing, “and because she has this information, so does the Mother.” He looked to me with a soft smile. “It’s okay, Kate. No one blames you. It could have happened to anyone. It’s just bad luck that she got our vision girl.”

            I raised my eyebrow at him. “Uh, ‘our’? I belong to no one, thank you very much.”

            “Alright, no use going after Lily right now. I want two people with Kate at all times, we have to protect her from the Mother, period.” Vaann said looking to the others.

            “I agree,” Marissa nodded.

            “She is now our most valuable person.”

            “Great, now I have baby sitters..” I said glaring down.

            “Not baby sitters, more like body guards.” Rissa said.

            “She’s getting memories back. Eventually she will get all of it back. If she is still with us at the time, there’s all we need to know to win. Lyllina knows the most about Lily, sadly Lily seems to have gotten information on how to beat her.” Vaann said, with his dorky thinking face taking over again.

            “And, now I’m a tool. Awesome.” I rolled my eyes, sighing.

            “So, in short, stay together at all times possible. We can fight together now and cover each others weak points.” He said rambling on as he began to pace a bit.

            “You’re not a tool, Kate. You’re our friend and we want you safe.” Rissa said giving me a light smile, nodding toward Vaann.

            “Get to know each other down to the slightest detail and keep up to date in what’s happening so if this does happen again, we can find out. Dark, can you fight?”

            “This isn’t a social network, like Facebook, Vaann. We know what’s happening around us whether we want to or not. We don’t need updates.” I said staring at him clulessly.

            “Oh, thanks for reminding me. I am so going to update my status about this when this is all over,” he moved his fingers like he was typing on a keyboard. “Fought the Mother, had a hell of a fight. I’m exhausted, good night world and anyone who still inhabits it!” He said rolling his eyes. “I know this isn’t Facebook, stop questioning me, woman!” I heard Lyllina, Marissa and Riley laugh a bit and I held back a smile. “Made you smile.” He pointed out with a smile.

            I shook my head, changing the subject. I gestured to Vaann, “That’s not how he’s putting it. I sound like a pretty bag of information to him!”

            “You need to calm down and quite putting words in people’s mouths.” He said placing his hands on his hips defensibly.

            “Yes,” Dark said walking closer to us.

            “Kate, we all love you, so don’t count on any of us using you.” Rissa said crossing her arms.

            “I talk the same way about everyone’s abilities,” Vaann said with a shrug. I growled and looked down causing Rissa to be silent. “Just because I call Rissa the healer doesn’t mean I think she’s a tool. I respect Rissa as one of my friends and allies, and I would gladly put myself in danger to help her. I would do the same for anyone here.”

            “So don’t worry, Kate, okay?” Rissa suddenly perked up again, chirping happily. “No one is using anyone. We are all one big family!”

            “I agree,” Vaann said with a nod. “Lyllina, what have you got to tell us about Lily?” We all turned toward Lina and she was carving something into the ground. I sat down on the ground lying back, trying to clear my head. I could barely hear myself think.

            “I finally figured out what I am…” Dark said quietly.

            “Huh, Dark? You got something to add in?” Vaann questioned.

            “No. No, it’s fine.”

            Lina scoffed mumbling to herself before she began. “Arrogant, greedy, needy, selfish… ugh, she is five guys. Five. She’s always been scared of the water. Still is. She likes to play, so my guess is, she’ll wander near us playing her little games. Anything else?”

            “Did she change any since she died the second time? You sure, man? We will listen”

            “Stupid,” I mumbled to myself, rolling onto my stomach, my hair falling into my face.

            “That’s when she got the gift to shape-shift at will…”

            “No, I’m okay,” Dark said in reply.

            Vaann sighed. “Beautiful, we have next to no information on her and she’s got way too much on us.”

            “Does she have anything on me?” Dark asked.

            “Can you control weather by any chance? Water, perhaps?” I heard Lina ask.

            “Maybe we should stay near water if she’s afraid of it. She probably wont go near it.” Rissa suggested.

            “No, Dark, thank god, you’re safe.” Vaann told Dark. “Rissa has a point there.”

            “Any water around then?”

            “I don’t know, we are pretty deep into the forest.”

            “Water?!” Dark asked in a panic.

            “What is it, Dark?” Vaann asked quietly.

“Did I say something?”

“N-no, I’m fine..” Dark said an attempt to smile clear in his voice. Was he afraid of water too? Maybe it had something to do with the Mother. Were all the people that were associated with her afraid of it? Huh…

“Dark, this is important. Please?” Lina asked.

“Are you sure, bro? You look a little pale. We are here to help you.”

“Yeah, you can tell us anything and we can try to help,” Rissa added.

“Well, I’m afraid of water, also…” Bingo.

“How so?” Lina whispered.

“Then we need to stay close enough that we wont kill Dark’s nerves but can get to it if needed.” Vaann said.

A sudden burst of pain stabbed into my head, making me call out in pain. I grabbed at my head, yelling. I sat up grabbing at my head, gasping for breath, clawing my fingers blindly into the ground. I felt a warmth rush through me, the same warmth I felt when Marissa would try to heal me. She was probably trying to take away my pain. But as usual, it didn’t work.

“We will figure something out, don’t worry about it.” Vaann said kneeling down beside me. He placed a hand on my shoulder and as suddenly as the pain had come, it left. I looked up at him in confusion. “Kate, what did you see?”

“I didn’t see anything… it wasn’t  a vision. It just… hurt.” I said blinking a few times.

Why did it go away when he touched me…?

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