It's the year 2013 and Mother Nature has decided that she is tired of the humans mistreating her Earth. She takes all the polution and bad energy and throws it back at the humans. Some humans are not able to take the energy and they die. Some become... different. They change into something else. Some gain powers. Some become dark. Many people take out on their own, but other survivors ban together. A small group of survivors ban together in an attempt to fix the Earth. Can they fix this Hell they have been brought into...?


5. Chapter Four: Lost and Found

Before I could move any faster, I felt myself thrown into the wall. I cried out in pain.

            “Not so fast!” He chuckled. It could have only been the Commander… “It’s your turn now!”

           He stalked closer, but before he could actually touch me, I saw Lyllina jump onto his back and start attacking. She grunted as she joined the spot beside me. I didn’t notice the girl slightly to the left until Lina gasped.


            “Hello, Lyllina.” She grinned devilishly. It looked unnatural and twisted on the face of this little girl. She might have only been five or six years of age.

            The girl named Lily held up a hand to keep the Commander from coming any closer. Lyllina was tensed, as if ready to spring at any second. “Go away, Lily! We don’t want you here…”

            “Well, I just don’t care what you want….” She said scoffing.

          I rocked forward onto the balls of my fee and into a standing position. “We aren’t in any mood for your crap.”

            “Excuse me, but who are you?” She said staring at me. She stepped closer, grabbing me. I scratched her arm, backing up. She hissed and I saw Lyllina push up her sleeve. A long bloody scratch rested there, sparkling with its freshness. That’s right….if I touch Lily…Lina gets hurt too!

            “Crap, I’m sorry!” I said rushing over to her.

            She pushed away my hands shaking her head. “I’m okay…” She stood up and faced Lily with a grave face. “You’re unwanted here, Lily… Go away.”

            All of a sudden, Lily was standing in front of us, crossing her arms at her sister. “I’ve always been unwanted, haven’t I? That’s the reason you left me there to die, right?!”

            Lyllina hissed and bared her fangs. “Shut up, Lily!”

            She waved her hand dismissively. “Don’t lie to me, I can see right through it….”
            Lyllina threw herself at Lily, a shrieking growl releasing from her lips. They both toppled to the ground rolling for a second before Lily launched her through the air. Lina landed easily, immediately taking a fighting stance. I gasped, taking it all in. If one got hurt, so did the other.
            “Kate, you have to kill me!”  Lyllina, suddenly shouted, grasping my attention.

            “What?! No!” I said shaking my head in refusal. “No way!”

            “It’s the only way to defeat Lily! When I’m dead, take my body back to my village and put me in the river!”

            “I’m not killing you, Lina!” I said rushing over to her.

            She pulled a sharp stone from her long cloak, holding it up with a smirk. “Then stand back. Remember, the river!” And with that, she took the stone and sliced Lily’s throat. They both dropped to the ground with a thud.

            I stood frozen for a second as the tears filled my eyes. “Lina, no!” I sobbed. I shook myself. The river, I had to take her to the river. It was her last wish. Lily disappeared slowly, as did the pool of blood. “The river…” I whispered. I heaved Lina up in my arms. She wasn’t that heavy, but being thrown at a wall did a number on you, right? I walked quickly to Vaann… He was in a tree…. Shit…

            I scaled the tree quickly and easily, reaching him in seconds. God, I loved trees. “Vaann?” I said shaking him. He didn’t budge. “Vaann!” I went to go slap him, but stopped. That wouldn’t help this time. I checked him for bodily wounds, finding many quickly. Damn him. I tugged at the bottom of my skirt, tearing off a strip and tied it to his wounds, stopping the bleeding. Almost immediately, I heard him make a small noise in the back of his throat, almost a whimper. “Vaann?” I said pulling him onto my back and jumping. I prepared myself for the impact, expecting the worst with Vaann on my back, but it was as easy as jumping from a normal tree.

            His eyes fluttered slightly as I laid him in the grass, a small distance from Lina. I felt a cold chill run down my spine as the wind blew roughly. My hair whipped out around me as I knelt over Vaann. “Vaann, wake up! Are you okay?”

            “Hmph…Blondie is that you?” He muttered looking up at me through blurry eyes.

            I pat his shoulder, “Yes, it’s me. Are you okay? We need to move! We need to save Lina!”

            “Lina? What’s wrong with her? I can’t move!”

            “She’s dead! She said to take her to the river at your village.”

            “Yes, go quickly! Go and don’t look back! I’ll be okay!” He said, trying to look over at Lyllina.

            “One, I’m not leaving you here, so shut up. Two, I don’t know how to get there!” I said angrily.

            “You’re running out of time…” Lina’s voice whispered in my ear. I shivered again.

            “That way, go!” Vaann said pointing out a direction. I sighed and put Lina on my back and carried Vaann in my arms. “No one is getting left behind,” and with that I took off running. I listened to what he told me and we arrived faster than I thought. Lina dangled on my back, like she was asleep. I put Vaann on the ground to rest and stepped into the river, slowly lowering Lina into the water. I stepped back and turned, hearing Vaann gasping for air. I rushed over to him quickly.

            “Hold on, it’ll be okay. Marissa will be here soon!” I almost begged him.

            He let out a small helpless laugh. “Rissa can’t help me. Lily paralyzed me. Only she can reverse it.”

            “Sh-she’s dead…”I whispered.

            He leaned his head back staring up. “Then so am I…” I saw him flinching in pain and tried not to flinch myself. I felt so useless!

            “You aren’t going to die…”

            “Sure I am. Don’t lie to me, Blondie. You’ve seen it plenty of times. I can handle the truth.”

            “N-No! This isn’t how I see you dying, okay?! So shut up!” I felt tears stinging my eyes… but why..?

            He laughed again, “You have, a hundred times…”

            “It’s not just you I see dying. It’s everyone. And the future can always change,” I smiled to him.

            “Kate!” I heard footsteps approaching, two voices mixing together as one.

            I looked up to see Marissa and Riley running toward us, fear plastered on their faces. Behind them, a figure was stalking toward us. The boy from the cliffs. Marissa ran to my side quickly, looking down at Vaann in worry.

            “Dark...” Vaann whispered.

            “Marissa, Riley, hide!” I gasped as Dark came closer.

            We all froze as the water from the river began to churn and almost glow. Even Vaann’s breathing came to a small halt for a second before it started again. Riley began to walk off silently, not in fear, but almost curiosity. Maybe that wasn’t it. I couldn’t place the emotion very well…. Marissa jumped up to follow her but tried healing Vaann instead. Riley was strong. I believed in her.

            Lyllina walked out the water, seeming to glow, her eyes pure black. My jaw dropped in shock. “So, that’s why you wanted to come to the river.” I said to myself.


Vaann’s POV:


I could just barely lift my head off the ground enough to see Lyllina’s retreating form. She was alive?! The thought sent a rush of happiness through me….but why? I shook my head. I didn’t have time to think of that. I could question myself later. For now I had to focus on keeping my eyes open.

            "Lina!" Kate's voice yelled. Lina turned to look at her as she pointed down to me. Her eyes followed and her gaze landed on me. She looked from me to Dark and back again. "Don't worry, Vaann, we will help you." Kate smiled down at me.

"Lily paralyzed me. You can't help me, Kate," I saw her face twist with sadness at my words. But they were all too true. She couldn't do anything to help me. "Only Lina can. She's part of Lily."

"He's right-" Lina started.

"When am I not?" I interrupted her with a slight smile. Kate rolled her eyes at me turning to look at Lina. "Don't roll your eyes at me, woman!" I stated before she could speak.

I saw a small smile play at the corner of Kate's lips as she ignored my comment, looking to Lina. "So, you can fix him?"

She just merely nodded as she looked to me. Lyllina stepped around Kate without a word and strolled easily toward me. She knelt down beside me, never breaking her careful eye contact. She slowly reached out her hand, placing it lightly on my chest. Her eyes pulled away from mine to settle her focus on her hand. I watched her face as I felt sudden warmth travel from my chest, up my neck through my head, down my arms and legs, and finally causing my spine to tingle. I gasped as my sight changed from the usual ugly sight to a white-ish blue light that made my brain feel numb for the slightest second.

I blinked for a second, the light fading away. What the hell? I slowly sat up, holding my head. It was throbbing and my spine was on fire. I shook my head, pushing the pain away. I stood and almost immediately felt a huge power rushing through me. It was unlike anything I had ever felt. I stretched out, letting it weave its way through my veins as my pulse started beating like the wings of a humming bird.

What was happening?

I felt my shoulder blades stiffen for a second before a strange tearing sound ripped through the air. My shadow revealed me, as usual, but with massive black wings. At first, I thought I was just seeing things, like the tree branches. But a quick peek behind me proved my shadow right. I spread out my large wings, like they were just an extension of my body. Well, I guess that’s exactly what it was. It was just a new part of me. And I could move them easily, as if I had been using them all this time. I was sort of unconscious of the easy, soft movements they made. Though, as soft as they were, they sent the dead leaves into frenzy.

I held my palm out in Kate’s direction, not breaking my new found eye contact with Dark. “Take Lyllina somewhere safe. Make sure nothing happens to her.”

“Hell no! You aren’t counting me out. This is my fight too.” Lyllina said taking a small step forward as her form started to quiver just a bit.

“Fine, but if you get killed it’s on your head.”

“If I get killed, it’s on your head too.”

“How so?”
            “You’re the one letting the girl fight.” She smirked, holding up her skeletal hand.

“Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind.” I said watching as Dark took a step closer, placing his hands on his hips.

“How cute.” He said in a mocking tone. “Too bad you won’t live to do that cutesy crap anymore.”

 He slowly began to shudder, his form rippling and changing. His skin started turning a sickly greenish brown as his blood seemed to boil, making his skin bubble up. Big sharp bat like wings jetted out of his back as he threw his head back in a loud shriek, one that made my ears hurt for a split second. His teeth began to lengthen and sharpen as his entire face began to turn into a snout and his ears turned into something else. He fell down onto his hind legs, his tail whipping out around him. He looked almost like a dragon, but uglier.

A growl left its muzzle as it leaned forward toward us. I sprang back a bit, going to pull my bow and arrows into my hands, coming up empty. I backed up more knowing I was almost useless without my weapons.

“Kate! I need you to get my bow and arrows!” There was no reply. “KATE!” I said whipping around. I found her on her knees holding her head, whimpering so low I could barely hear it. Her visions had the worst damn timing! “Crap! Lina, go get my bow and arrows!”


Kate’s POV:


I was running away as fast as I could, but not fast enough. My pursuer was right on my tail. I stopped at the edge of the cliff, gasping for breath. Crap! I was stuck. I heard his breathing right behind me. I was trembling as I slowly turned to face him.

Nausea over took me as his blue eyes met my own green ones. The wind rushed against my back, sending my hair into my face. His own black hair whipped out behind him wildly. Almost like fire. But still silky, comforting. His face was one of pure hatred and anger. His eyes, as blue as they were, seemed like a dark bottomless hole.

"You can't get away from me, Kate." He said his voice almost a purr. I turned quickly, ready to run, only to find my foot slipping off the edge. I gasped trying to regain my footing unsuccessfully.

This is it...

A hand wrapped around my wrist, a cold yet soft one. It sent a chill down my spine. I felt myself get yanked back, my feet finding the ground once more. I squealed as the hand kept its hold, pulling me closer. I looked up as he held me against him with a sadistic smile. "I told you, you can't get away.” He leaned down closer to me, lowering his voice to a deep, menacing whisper. "There's nowhere to run where I won't find you."

I struggled with all my might to get away from his grip, only causing his hold on my wrist and waist to tighten. I stomped on his foot, his grip faltering for a second. But that second was long enough for me to pull away and stumble backward. I felt myself lose my balance, damn my clumsiness!

I threw my hand out in a panic, one name fumbling off my lips. It didn't help that he was the one after me. But I called for him nonetheless...


I saw him grin and grab both my hands, pulling me back. Bad choice, Kate...Why was I so dumb?! He kept hold of my hands, twisting them with one quick motion. I doubled over screaming at the agonizing pain that flooded in my wrists and up my arms.

"D-dammit! V-Vaann, stop! P-please!" 

I heard him chuckle as he let go, dropping his own hands to his side. "Alright, but only because you asked so nicely." The acid in his voice made me want to puke. This wasn't Vaann... It couldn't have been!

"Wh-why are you doing this?!" I said rubbing my wrist.

 "Why not? You are just a burden, you're in the way! You're slowing us down. And it's also kind of pathetic..."

"What is?"

"Your love for me," he grinned.

I felt my cheeks get warm as I shook my head. "N-no! You're wrong! I don't-"

"Don't lie!" He suddenly growled.

I flinched and let my eyes widen as he took a step closer.

"I-I'm not..." I stuttered.

 His grin stretched from ear to ear. It looked really uncomfortable. "You hesitated. Why the hesitation?"

"There wasn't any hesitation!"

He took another small step closer. "I know you, Kate. You're faster than this."

I raised an eyebrow, "So, you're just going to jump the gun and assume?"

"I don't need to assume when I know I'm right."

"How do you know you are?"

He thought for a second crossing his arms, observing me. "Tell me, Kate. How often am I wrong?"

"Not often. But you aren't always right-"

"Plain and simple. I am hardly wrong, correct?" I nodded. "See, even you agree. Then, I'm right.” I saw his right hand twitch toward his belt.

I growled and took a step toward him to back him up. It gave me enough space to actually side step around him. I stood out in the open, away from the edge now. His back was to the edge as he watched me carefully. "You're just being a conceited jerk!" I snapped.

The odd grin plastered on his face turned from something off to something menacing. He walked toward me and began circling me. He ran his fingers slowly down my arm, sending chills down my spine. My reaction only made his grin bigger. "Then why do you show such little resistance?"

I held my breath as the blush crept back onto my face. Why was he doing this?! All to know that I...

I what?

I liked him? Was that even true? Could Vaann?

NO! I shook myself mentally. It wasn’t like that!

This time his voice was right in my ear. I could hear his smile. "You hesitated again, Kate."

I shivered turning to face him. His face was inches from mine. I felt something sharp on my skin and then warmth rushed down my arm. The pain didn’t start until a second later. I winced hissing and grabbed my hand to my arm, feeling the sticky heat. I squeaked as he grabbed my other arm and held it out; using the knife he was wielding to leave multiple cuts down my arm. My arm looked like I dipped it in red paint, the crimson blood dripping to the ground around me.

This is it. He’s going to kill me...

I turned to run as I pulled my arm away, leaving his hand streaked with blood. He grabbed a fist full of my hair dragging me back. I screamed out gripping my head. I fell to the ground as he pulled me toward him. I struggled trying to get away, only getting more pain in my head. I screamed as he used his knife, dragging it across my face, leaving scratches and cuts and deep gashes. I got lucky as his wrist stopped just below my nose and lunged forward, biting down. He released my hair and dropped the knife for a second, but of course that one thing wouldn’t stop him. He took my head and threw it forward smashing it into the rocks. I saw darkness for a second, and then red. I tasted iron in my mouth.

I sat up quickly, making my head spin. I cleared my mouth of the warm liquid, bringing my hand to my forehead. Blood was dripping down my face from a giant wound on my forehead. It was dripping down into my eyes, making me blind. I knew it was no use as I began crawling. I heard his laughter behind me and his foot falls as he followed.

I felt a sudden paralyzing pain in the middle of my back. I felt my knees give out beneath me and fell. He sat down beside me, dragging his knife down my spine. My mind felt hazy as I screamed out loudly, the pain was too much. It was too much....

He backed away laughing, thinking me dead.  I could hardly breath, hardly think as I urged myself to move. I wiped the blood from my eyes, pushing myself to my knees and then slowly to my feet. I turned to look around me, only to find a blade shoved through my stomach. I grabbed at it, gasping. I pulled my hands back to find blood and I was dizzy again. I looked up slowly to see Vaann grinning down at me. He grabbed me by the neck dragging me forward and turning.

I felt the ground beneath my feet disappear and my air cut off. I started scratching and clawing wildly at his wrists, trying to free myself. But he was too strong. I knew this was my last moment. He was holding me with both his hands, strangling me as hard as he could as he held me over the edge of the cliff. My lungs were on fire and I felt the blackness taking over. I felt like my chest was going to burst. My vision got blurry, but I swear his form changed. His hair got longer and his figure more feminine. The lack of air was getting to me. I saw him grin as he released my throat and I fell down, my life rushing out of me and the black numbness completely flooded me....


“Kate! I need you to get my bow and arrows!” I hear Vaann’s voice calling to me. I wanted to respond, to tell him I couldn’t, to tell him I needed help. My head felt like it was being squeezed harshly. I could hardly breathe! I knew I was down on my knees holding my head. Besides that and the echo of Vaann’s voice in my ears, I wasn’t really conscious of anything else. “KATE!” There was a pause and then I heard Vaann’s voice rise an octave filled with anger and worry. “Crap! Lina, go get my bow and arrows!”

            By the time I remembered what happened, I was holding a clump of my own hair in my hand. I gaped as I dropped it to the ground and looked around. I was no longer with Vaann and the others. I was in a town, walking around alone. In the back of mind, I remembered running. Running away from Vaann….running away from my friends. I was weak. And afraid, and alone. I hated the feeling more than anything but it was always eating at me.

            “Get used to it, Kate.” I whispered to myself. “You will be alone for a while.”

            I cringed hearing Vaann calling for me again along with Lyllina. To think he would kill me. Take my life and leave me. I knew I was nothing to them, but seeing this future was just proof… I would always be hated and useless no matter what I did. But why? Did I really deserve that? I probably did. But…what did I do to deserve it?

            “Of course you do, darling.” A voice rang in my ear. The voice was beautiful yet deadly all at the same time. My head started to throb and burn as the voice got louder in my ears, its laugh sounding like wind chimes.

            “Who are you?” I just barely got out.

            “Sweetie, you know who I am,” the voice whispered in my ear as the throbbing got worse. Whoever it was was definitely a major headache. “I’m your Mother.”

            “I-I don’t have a family.” I stammered.

            “Of course, you do. You have a mother and a sister. You even have a little fiance waiting at home for you. And it would all be yours, if only you joined me again.” Her voice was so consuming that I almost gave in then and there. Pictures were flashing in my head. Pictures of people I didn’t know. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to make the images go away. But they only became stronger instead.


I was walking down a brightly lit hallway, with tall glass windows. My heels were clicking against the floor as my dress trailed behind me. I wasn’t ready. Mother said dinner was special tonight. To dress nicely. And I did. I wore my best dress. Being fifteen instantly made me feel like I had walked right out of a Taylor Swift song, but there was no guy there for me. No guy I truly loved to sweep me off my feet. To ride us away in our “Love Story” on his “White horse” or whatever. But did I really want that? To be treated weak and innocent?

            That’s not who I was and definitely not what I wanted…

            I stared into my reflection of the big mirror like door outside the dining room. I did look wonderful. Maybe I had gone a bit over board. My usually pin straight hair curled down my back, bouncing as I walked and even breathed. My small earrings dangled, catching the light and sparkling at certain angles. I felt so out of place. My hair was so light. But my sister and mother had hair like dark silk curtains. And their eyes were different. I just didn’t belong with them at all. Our personalities clashed.

            My green eyes seemed to jump out. I was beyond nervous. Why would Mother want me to dress up? She never made us dress up for dinner… and yet, as nervous as I was, I was also deathly curious. I adjusted the top of my dress so my chest wasn’t hanging out as much, why Anisa dressed this way I will never know. With everything hanging out. It was too revealing! Her blue dress trailed down me, making me look taller than I was. The blue was like the Hawaiian ocean. When I walked, it seemed almost like waves. The slightly darker fabric that hung off behind it seemed almost to shimmer. It clung to my skin and hips and then slowly flowed down like a water fall all the way to the floor.

            I took a deep breath, watching my reflection. It’s just one stupid dinner, Kate! Calm down, I thought to myself. I shoved my way through the door, the glaring lights blinding me for a second. Mother had turned on her chandelier for the occasion. It was odd. She hardly ever turned that on. She said she hated how bright it was. That it gave her migraines.

            My sister smiled to me from her spot at the table. Usually we were set for three, but tonight there was four. A man stood at my Mother’s side, glancing at me, his eyes growing big along with his smile.

            “Kate, that dress makes you so beautiful!” Anisa chirped rushing up to me. My sister wore a black dress that was so tight; I wondered how on earth she was even standing right now. When she took my hand and turned around to lead me to our usual spot at the dinner table, I saw there was no back. She wore striking red heals that matched her lipstick. My sister looked so much more mature than myself.

            “Anisa, don’t be silly. Kate always looks beautiful.” The man smiled to her across the table.

            “Well, that’s my sissy for you, Dami. What did I tell you? She is just all too classy for you, dear.” She said sitting, pulling me with her. I just stared in confusion. Dami? As in…Damien? The boy she had been dating for the past three months? I guess she finally brought him home to meet Mother. I saw Anisa’s hand slither across the table toward Damien’s hand as she smirked one of her sadistic smiles, her dark hair falling slightly off her shoulders like a curtain around her. “But I can be so much more….fun for you darling…”
            “Anisa, enough.” Mother’s voice snapped. Anisa sat back frowning and looked to me. I smiled up to Mother. She sat in her usual spot at the head of the table. Her dark hair draped around her, not a strand out of place. Mother had chosen to wear her usual everyday outfit. It wasn’t as casual as you would think though. Her outfit was almost as glamorous as a queen.

            In her hair sat dried autumn leaves, tangling themselves in, but somehow still managing to look wondrous. Her flowing dress resembled the color of dirt, but looked amazing against her dark olive colored skin. Flowing down around her, down her dress and onto the floor was long willow leaves dressed with many colorful flowers of every shape and size. Her dark eyes met my own green orbs and she smiled a ghost of a smile, but even that smile seemed to make the room that much more beautiful.

            Mother Nature had a way of doing things like this.

            She could be a very cold woman, but somehow, you still found yourself wanting to be with her, wanting to follow her every move. A lot of times, she used her looks to gain anything she could, but other than that she dealt with humans and watched over the earth. Kept them safe and kept the seasons on track, coming and going. Of course my sister and I had to learn all the important things. But what I loved most as having the Mother as my mom was getting to watch the seasons change. It was always so fascinating. Especially watching winter turn to spring. I loved watching my Mother pick up her staff. The staff had a greenish purple crystal like ornament on the top, reminding me of warlocks from old stories. She would wave it and the snow seemed to sink into the ground. It puddled all around into little living ponds for the sunlight. The dead grass gained its green color back. Flowers bloomed in the place of weeds and the birds. Oh the birds always made it the best. They would fly back at the exact time. As if they knew! Sometimes if I was lucky they would land on my hand and I could feed them. They always landed on Mother.

            And that’s when She looked her happiest.

            “Right, Kate?” Mother’s voice called, shaking me from my revere.

            “I’m sorry…what?” I giggled a bit in embarrassment.

            “You like to learn how to be the new Mother right, dear? You do so much better than your sister that it baffles me.” She smirked, leaning forward with her hands under her chin. “But oh well. There is always one Daughter that seems to adjust better than the other. I thought Anisa would have been the one to take my place.” She shrugged lightly.

            “M-Mother! But I will! I am doing just as well as Kate! Maybe even better!” Anisa whined.

            “Be quiet now, Anisa. You’re annoying me.” Mother said giving her a dismissive wave. Anisa glared down at the table and began to eat her food. I looked up to Mother, who was smiling at me, waiting for me to taste my soup. “It’s your favorite, sweetheart. Rose petal and cream soup.”

            First she starts acting nice to me and now I’m getting my favorite foods? Something was definitely up…. Usually my sister was the favorite.

            I looked at my sister. She looked so much like me it was terrifying at times. The only thing that kept the boundary of difference was well… everything. Our personalities were total opposites. Her hair was dark brown where mine was light blonde. Her eyes were a shimmering blood red and mine were a misty forest green. We were the same height and had the same facial structure. It was so odd. It wasn't even that we were sisters. We were two halves separated at birth. We would eventually come together to make a whole. Mother separated us at birth, hoping to make something out of Anisa. She was the darker half of our whole self. I wasn’t sure what our whole name was. It had always just been Anisa and Kate.

            “Are you alright, Kate? You seem distracted.” Damien’s soft voice drifted across the table. His breath smelled sweet of roses. I looked up to him meeting his crimson eyes. His dark shaggy black hair fell in his face.

            “I-I’m fine. Sorry. I’m just confused as to what’s going on.” I said finally managing to take my gaze off the handsome man across from me to glance to Mother.

            “Might as well tell her now.” She placed her napkin to the table before standing carefully and walking over to me. She beckoned for me to come stand beside her. I did so, going to stand before her. She was a lot taller than one would think. Probably the tallest woman on earth. But then again, I guess that makes sense. She pushed her long hair down her back and then leaned forward slightly to take my hands. “Kate, my sweet, you are to be married.” She said smiling happily. She then gestured for Damien to come to us. I saw my sister glare up at me and then make a face and attempt to compose herself.

            Damien stepped toward us, smiling happily. Mother took my hands and placed them in his, sighing in contempt. My eyes widened as I looked to Damien. I couldn’t marry him! I mean, he was handsome but… I hardly knew him! Not to mention he didn’t exactly seem the type of guy I would be with. I shook my head and took a step back pulling my hands from his.

            “No, I can’t do that!” I said feeling my cheeks fill with heat. I saw Damien’s face twist in hurt and felt bad.

            “Of course you can, silly girl! You will marry him.”

            “I won’t! And I refuse to help you kill the humans! I’m leaving! Tonight! I am not your daughter anymore!” I said rushing from the room.

            “IF YOU ARENT MY DAUGHTER THAN YOU BETTER BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST. I WILL KILL YOU ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER WORTHLESS BEING THAT WALKS MY EARTH. I HAVE NO PLACE IN MY HEART FOR A TRAITOR!” Mother’s voice echoed behind me as the tears streamed down my face. I reached my room slamming my door before ripping the dress off of me, searching around my room for clothes that would fit for someone on the run. Unfortunately I didn’t own any pants, so I went with just a plaid skirt and a white shirt and boots before turning and almost crashing into Anisa.

            I gasped backing up. She watched me and carefully held out a tissue to me. I smiled and took it gratefully. “He really does love you, you know. He has for a long time.”

            “That doesn’t change anything. My future isn’t here. I know where I am meant to be. And it isn’t here.” I said shaking my head.

            “Why not? Was it another one of those visions of that boy? It means nothing! If you go….I will be forced to kill you. We will be enemies from the moment you step out that front door. I don’t want to hurt you, Kate. You’re my sister. I love you far more than you know. I know I act like a bitch, but that’s how I show my affection.” She said staring down at the ground.

            I rocked forward on my feet and ran to her holding her in my arms. “I know Anisa. Don’t hold back. I’m looking forward to see how strong you have gotten. I will miss you.” I said starting for the door. I turned back at the last second. “And that boy…. He means far more than you know.” I smiled.


I gasped grabbing at my throat, gulping air into my lungs. I always felt like someone had bashed my lungs with a hammer after having any sort of vision. But none of this could be right. Mother Nature…..was my mother?

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