It's the year 2013 and Mother Nature has decided that she is tired of the humans mistreating her Earth. She takes all the polution and bad energy and throws it back at the humans. Some humans are not able to take the energy and they die. Some become... different. They change into something else. Some gain powers. Some become dark. Many people take out on their own, but other survivors ban together. A small group of survivors ban together in an attempt to fix the Earth. Can they fix this Hell they have been brought into...?


6. Chapter Five: Killing Games

Chapter Five: Killing Games


Marissa’s POV:


            The moment I saw Kate walk back into the clearing, I felt relief. She was like my sister now. Everyone here was like my family and I couldn’t stand to see any of them getting hurt. Vaann was off to the side talking to Lina now. Riley had gone off. I tried to stop her, but Vaann needed help. I had to stay and make sure he was okay. Though my healing didn’t work. A lot of the times I felt a bit useless, like Kate always claimed. I never seemed to be able to heal my friends when they really needed it. But it was okay as long as they got better somehow; whether it was I or another to help.

            Kate walked over and noticed Dark sitting down by the tree. She hissed and ran toward him angrily. His eyes widened and he cowered into the tree. I ran over fast, throwing myself in her path. “No! Don’t hurt him! He lost his memories. I don’t know what happened because I came back a bit late. I tried searching for Riley but that girl moves fast! I was too late.”

            “He lost his memories?” She sighed. “Whatever, I want to sleep anyway.”

            She turned to walk away, but I grabbed her wrist, pulling her to a stop. “Promise you won’t hurt him?”

            She gave a sad smile, a broken one at that. “Not unless he gives me a reason too.”

            “Are you alright?” I asked, worry taking over.

            “Yeah, I’m fine. I just have a lot on my mind right now. I will be fine; I guess I just need to sort out my thoughts.”

            I sighed, “Look, Kate. I know something is wrong. Call it womanly instinct I guess...” I said with a light shrug. “But you know you can talk to me right?”

            “It’s some stuff I have to figure out on my own.” I saw her shiver, but she attempted to hide it with a smile, wrapping her arms around herself. “Just some petty girl problems, that’s all.”

            “Okay, but if you want to talk about anything, you can come see me whenever.” I said smiling at her. “Now let’s go back.”

            I walked over to check on Dark before I walked back to Kate sitting in the spot beside her. She was lying in the grass, staring up at the sky. It was light out but even at night there were no more stars. You always tended to miss the small things. Small things usually turned out to be big things without you even realizing it. I stared out into space trying to figure out things myself. I always put others before me and it was really complicated to think of myself at times.

            “You okay?” Kate said looking up at me.

           Before I could really answer, I found myself zoning out, listening to the conversation between Lina and Dark. “Why do you look at me like that?” Dark asked.

            “You really want to know?”
            “I thought maybe I should help you. But then again, if I help you, you might kill me and go with Lily. But seeing who I am, I’d still help. I’m at a stand-still.” I heard Lina sigh.

            I shook my head and smiled at Kate, “I’m fine. Are you?”

            “Yeah, I’m just thinking about…stuff.” She replied with a sheepish grin.

            “Me too. What kind of stuff are you thinking about?” I asked curiously.

            “My memories and how they’re….gone.”

            “I’m sure they will come back.” I told her with an encouraging smile. “Maybe in pieces, but I’m sure they will come back.”

            “Yeah, I hope.” She sighed.

            “I’m sure it will.” I laid back in the grass next to Kate and stared up at the sky.

           Kate reached up to her forehead and began to rub it as she looked over at me. “I wonder where the others are. They’ve been gone a while. Do you think they’re okay?” She asked hopefully.

            “I’m sure they are okay. Maybe they just found something and are checking it out.”
            “Crap, I’m getting attached to you guys,” Kate said shaking her head with a laugh.

            “Well, we are all family now and we care for one another, I’m not surprised. I think of you as my sister now,” I said laughing along with her.

            “Wow, really? Thanks. You’re kind of like a sister, too. I don’t remember my family.” She said flinching.

            “I don’t remember much of mine, just a few memories. I never had a sister, just a brother.”

            “I bet he was nice like you,” she said smiling up closing her eyes.

            “From what I remember,” I started, “he was. He was very protective, almost too much.” I chuckled a bit before turning to look at her. “I bet your family was great. If they were anything like you, they must have been.”

            I saw her flinch out of the corner of my eyes, “Y-yeah. They were probably great.” She sat forward, staring down at the ground, her hair falling into her face. “I-I had a vision today….no not a vision… I remembered part of my past.”

            “What was it?” I asked sitting forward curiously.

            “I remembered my mom…. I know why I can’t remember anything. I mean, I can’t remember what it was like before. But this world is the only one I’ve known. And I know why I don’t remember.” She said letting a sob rip out of her chest.

            I leaned forward and hugged her, trying my best to comfort her. “We will figure it out, but if you want I can tell you what the other world was like. Well, from what I remember anyways.”

            She sniffled, whipping her eyes. “My mom erased my memories. She said I wasn’t worthy of them. That I failed her. I don’t even know what I did wrong, but I know she hates me now!” She said starting to cry again.

            “Oh, honey. I’m sure she doesn’t hate you. I’m sure she loved you very much. And if she was here now, she would say how proud she is for you being so brave in this new world. I’m sure she was angry when she did that,” I said hugging her tighter. “I’m sure she just overreacted, was too harsh. I’m sure she regretted it.”

            “You didn’t see her face! Like how Dark looked at Vaann when he wanted to kill him! It was worse than that. And her eyes were….I don’t know… freaky in a way. And the weird thing is, we look nothing alike.”

            “Are you sure she was your mother then?”

            “She said she was my mom… I don’t know, I think.” She said shaking her head.

            “Maybe she was a step mom or something. Just because she called herself your mom doesn’t mean she is...” I said biting my lip a bit.

            “Well, that’s not that weirdest part. She said that she was every-“ she gasped suddenly before clearing her throat. “Everything to me.” She laughed shakily shrugging.

            “Are you sure that’s what she said? You look a bit unsure about it.”

            “Yeah, sorry, I have a headache again.”

            “Okay,” I said doubtfully. “Want me to heal you so the headache goes away?”

            “No, I’m fine.” She said looking around. “Uh, hey, where is Lyllina and Dark.” She jumped up suddenly. “God, I am so stupid!”

            “Why are you stupid?” I asked looking around for Lina. My eyes paused on the collapsed figure on the ground. I jumped up and ran over quickly. “Oh my God! Lina what happened?!” Kate and Dark joined us a second later. I knelt down beside her, attempting to heal her. I looked up to Kate, noticing her eyes turning a blood red color. She stood up, claws extended from her hands as she ran forward toward the shadows that were stalking toward us. Lina attempted to sit up, but fell forward again, going paler than usual.

            “Watch over Lyllina, Rissa! I’ll hold them off!” I watched as Kate took out three more shadows quickly.


Kate’s POV:


“What do I do? What do I do!” Dark said from behind me.

            “Get out here and fight?” I growled taking out another shadow.

            “Watch Riley!” I heard a familiar voice say. Vaann appeared beside me, throwing a shadow into the distance.

            “Welcome back,” I smiled, ripping the throat out of a shadow. It dissolved into the air. “I thought you were dead.”

            He smiled at me over his shoulder. “Hardly. Thanks for holding out the fort.”

            I killed another with a sharp smirk. “Sure thing.”

            Vaann looked over at Dark, glaring slightly. “Well, are you going to help those shadows again?”

            “I-I don’t know what you are talking about.” Dark said nervously.

            I kicked another shadow watching it fly into a tree as I flipped over another, grabbing its throat, throwing it into the ground. I looked over at Vaann making sure he was safe, only to remember my vision. He met my eyes and a flinch ran down my body.

            His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “What?”
            I saw a shadow creeping up on Vaann, about to take a bite out of his neck. I kicked out my leg just passed his ear and his eyes widened. He peeked behind him, looking at the shadow that was now squirming on the ground. “No time for stories now!”

            “Well, then we will talk over a meal sometime. How does lunch tomorrow sound?” He asked with a laugh.

            I rolled my eyes with a light laugh, “Shut up and focus, you goof!” I said clawing at another shadow. “And I don’t think there’s a decent place for a meal here anyhow!”

            “Sure there is! There’s….oh wait, that burned…and…no that exploded…” I heard him muttering behind me.

            I smiled to myself, “How about fish around the campfire?”

            “Sounds good to me!” I heard a big crackling sound, and turned to see a fire spreading all around, killing shadows and keeping any live ones away. “Quick, start putting it out!”

            Rissa, Riley, Dark and I started kicking dirt and carrying the polluted water toward the fire, working on putting it out. Dark started muttering to himself before he dropped his bucket and stomped off.

            “Suck it up!” Vaann almost growled.

            I smacked his shoulder, glaring up at him. “Don’t be rude!”

            “He tried to kill us! Do what I did with Zack. Avoid him.”

            I grabbed at my head, avoiding his eyes. I couldn’t stand to look straight at him anymore. It wasn’t that it scared me, but it caused me pain. My head would start to throb, almost like a warning. I shook my head a bit trying to clear my brain.

            “Kate, if you’re having a vision, you have to tell me.” Vaann said looking down at me with a bit of worry.

            “It’s not a vision; I talked about it to Rissa. I started regaining my memory.” I said looking down.

            He ignored me for a second, “If you guys want to bring him, fine. It’s not my fault.” Lina pulled her hood up to cover her face, turning her head away from us. “I hate this...” Vaann whispered, barely low enough for me to hear.

            “Everyone does,” I sighed.

            “Hate what?” Rissa asked cocking her head to the side.

            Vaann scaled into a tree, pushing past me, sitting on the end of a branch glaring down at us. “EVERYTHING!” He shouted.

            “No one exactly likes what’s going on. So take your own advice and suck it up!” I said turning, stomping away angrily.

            “Where are you going?” Marissa said right behind me.

            “Unlike you, I don’t complain!” Vaann shouted back.

            I growled and spun around, ignoring Marissa, stalking back to the tree to glare up at Vaann. “I never say anything! Remember, you thought you had to learn sign language?!”

            “It would have been better if I did!”

           “Fine, I won’t warn you next time I see you die! You guys don’t need me!” I said turning to walk away again. “Stay here, Riss, I will be fine.”

            “I’d rather be dead already! This is pointless! Either way, we lose!” I heard Vaann drop out of the tree and when I looked back over my shoulder, I saw him walking away. “Have fun dying.” He called.

            “Have fun killing me,” I whispered. I stopped by a fallen tree looking around to make sure I was alone. I sunk down against the tree and began to cry, unable to hold it anymore. I didn’t want to see any of them at the moment. I was just a mess. I couldn’t take any of this anymore. And through the vision and all that happened…. I think I was falling for that idiot! I shook my head, I couldn’t do that. It wasn’t right. I knew he loved another. It was obvious in his face. I felt arms lock around me and froze. “I told you to stay with the others.”

            “I know. But I was worried.” Marissa’s voice said soothingly.

            I felt a small rush go through me as my head started to throb and a vision took over. Vaann was in trouble. “Shit, why can’t you just leave me alone?!” I stood up shaking Rissa off, running to the spot that Vaann was, sitting in a tree. He was screaming out into the sky, something about for the shadows to come get him. “Get the hell down here and shut up.”

            “No! It’s pointless, Kate!”

            I groaned to myself, starting to climb the tree. “No, it’s not. Please come down! I’m sorry.” He glared at me for a second before jumping into another tree. I jumped after him, attempting to tackle him.

            He pushed me off gently but forcibly. “Leave me alone!”

            “No, come down here!” I yelled from the tree beneath him.

            “Get your ass down here!” Rissa’s voice called from below.

            He jumped down to a branch beside me, leaning toward me growling. “Just go away.”

            I leaned forward too, so only he could hear me. “Please, come down. I’m really sorry. We can figure this out together. Family, remember?”

            “You're right… you are my family. That’s why you can’t follow me…” He said waving his hand at me looking away.

            I grabbed his wrist, smiling. “Family sticks together. I’m not going away no matter how much of a pain I am, so get used to it!”

            “No, it’s dangerous. I’m going to be hunted, I can’t let you come.”

            “Vaann, please, just come down. I’m begging you. I’ve resorted to begging. Are you happy now?” I said sarcastically.

            “Not in the least. I’m actually stressed out for the first time ever!”

            “We all have stress and to get rid of it you talk to someone or use a punching bag. I can be a therapist or a punching bag. Or both if needed.”

            All of a sudden, a huge hand began to form in the top of the tree. The hand was quivering, as if it wasn’t fully there. It was the size of a helicopter, its color a strange gray, like it was made out of some kind of dark energy.

            “See… I told you.” Vaann said, standing still, like he was waiting for it to take him.

            I started climbing quickly, reaching him fast, holding out my hand to him, my breathing a bit shaky. “Vaann, take my hand. Come on, we need to g-get back.” I stuttered.

            He shook his head, gripping onto the tree. “Get away, he’s too strong now. Dark will only kill you too. I don’t want to see that. You need to go. Now!”

            “I’m not leaving you!” I cried out, grabbing onto his foot just as the hand grabbed him and pulled him into the air. I was dangling by his foot, over the trees. I liked heights but this was too much! “Eek!” I said squeezing my eyes shut and holding on tighter.

            “Hey, can you do me a favor and throw her that way?” Vaann said, swinging his foot a bit.

            “SHUT UP, WE ARE VERY HIGH UP!” I squealed, tightening my grip.

            “Ouch!” Vaann muttered.

            “Everyone hates me…” Dark’s voice was a whispered growl, but still easy for me to hear.

            “What? No one hates you. Maybe this is all a big misunderstanding. Dark, bring us back to the ground. We can fix this!” I spoke confidently, hoping he would see it my way.

            “I hate him.” Vaann said, a smile clear in his voice as he swung his foot a little again.

            I let my claws dig into his ankles a bit. “Vaann, I am in a very low spot. If I swing my legs, I can kick you in a very vulnerable area!”

            “No, you can’t-okay fine.” His protests silenced quickly, sighing a little.

            “We are your family, Dark. I don’t hate you. You’re my friend.” I smiled up at his bird-like form.

            He lowered us to the ground releasing Vaann and I. Vaann glared in my direction for a second before turning on his heels and starting to leave again. I followed quickly, growling to myself. “I would have been fine if you hadn’t latched onto me,” he didn’t even bother to turn around. He must have known I was following him.

            I felt tears stinging at the back of my throat, and my eyes watered. I hated this new me. She was so vulnerable and weak. Especially around him! “Sorry if I was trying to keep our family from falling apart!” I said, feeling my cheeks burn with heat. In the back of mind, I knew that wasn’t the only reason, that it was more than just that. Maybe he did too.

            “I’m sorry, Kate. I really am.” He said turning to face me. I almost crashed right into him, looking up at him with wide eyes. He looked as broken as I felt. “I-I just don’t want to anyone get hurt because of one wrong move I make…”

            I stared down at the ground, trying to keep the tears in. “If we stick together, nothing can!” I felt the tears spill over and I sniffled.

            He was silent for a second before I heard him sigh. I looked up and he was looking at me with sad eyes. “Stop crying, dammit.” He looked away unhappily. “I hate it when girls cry.”

            “Th-then don’t go!” I said, feeling a small sob rip from my chest.

            His head snapped back to me his eyes wide. He grabbed my shoulders a bit too roughly. “Then tell me what you saw so I can decide if I should be here.”

            “I-I…” I looked down trailing off.

            “Tell me, Kate. We need to keep it from happening.”

            I smiled back over my shoulder. I could just barely see the forms of Riley leaning against a tree, and just a distance from her, Lyllina and Rissa were dealing with Dark. My family. The only people who truly cared for me. I was the danger here. Not him. He needed to stay and be their leader. Help them in the ways I couldn’t. Stop the Mother, my Mother. He was the one to fix this all. For some reason, this young warrior was the one who would change everything.

            “Yes, you need to be here. It’s me that doesn’t belong. Let me see your knife.”

            “The hell I will!” Vaann said frowning down at me.

            “Please,” I said reaching out my hand toward his waist, where his belt held the knives. I could feel silent tears streaming down my face. “I can show you my vision.”

            He shook his head, “Nuh-uh. I don’t trust you after that comment.”

            I let my hand fall to my side. I felt a smile spread across my face. I was okay with him killing me, as long as he took care of the others and helped them win. They all needed this and I was only in the way. “I’m the odd one out, I always have been, and don’t tell me it isn’t true.”

            “It’s not true. You belong with us. And even if it were true, that doesn’t mean you get to leave. I won’t let you leave us. We need you.”

            “It’s my future.” I said with a light shrug. “You will kill me, Vaann, whether it’s today or not.”
            I looked up and he was smiling at me, and my heart felt like it was in pain, but a good pain. I wonder if he knew he had a nice smile… I shook myself mentally, trying to focus on what he was saying. “We can change that later. Now come, we shall act like nothing happened!” He put his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer as he turned us to face the others with a big goofy grin on his face. “Don’t touch the knife,” he said between his teeth.

            I felt my face get hot as I giggled a bit. “And if I do?”

            “I will take it back. Duh, if I can’t die, neither can you.” He said looking down at me, smiling a crooked smile. That only made my face burn more.

            I pulled away, holding his knife in my hand up for him to see with a playful smile. “You have really bad reflexes for a warrior.” I giggled. I held his other knife behind my back, smiling at him knowingly. “Look again. You really suck at this.”

            “Of course,” he said, taking a small step toward me. He reached his hand around my back, wrapping his hand around the handle, trying to pry his knife from my hand. Our bodies were almost touching. “Now give me back my knives, seriously.” He took the one I was holding up easily. I spun around so I was out of his boundary, making him release his knife with a smile. His head snapped around toward a small sound, almost like a howl. I looked around as well, figuring it was just nothing. “Oh god, it can’t be. She’s gone.”

            “What?” I asked curiously.

            “Oh, nothing, nothing.” He said looking back to me.

            I put my hands on my hips impatiently, holding the blade of the knife away from me with the handle softly against my waist. “Tell me, Vaann. I have a weapon.”

            “I have two, so calm down with that knife.” He said staring at me in disapproval. I held up his knife again smirking at him. “It’s just my imagination,” he said shaking his head.

            “Can we just go now, please?” I said rolling my eyes. I dropped my arms to my side, the blade of the knife brushing against my skin slightly, but not enough to cut me.  Vaann walked over and snatched the knife out of my hand smirking back at me. “Hey!” I chirped.

            “Yes, we can go. Though, I don’t trust you after what you said. I won’t let you die.”

            “I’m not going to kill myself. That ruins the order.” I said taking his hand which still held the knife and held it over my heart, the blade pushing into my skin a bit. “It’s you.”

            He pulled his hand away shaking his head. “I’m not going to do it!”

            “Why! It’s what I’ve seen! Don’t you get that?”

            “You see a lot of stuff!” His eye brows furrowed, as he stared down at me.

            “And your point is?”

            “None of it has happened. If your visions were true, then why am I not dead?” He said crossing his arms over his chest.

            “Because I stayed to make sure we all kept your ass safe,” I said poking him in his chest. “Or some-what safe.”

            “Then I’m doing the same.” He said taking his weapons and throwing them into the forest behind us. “And you won’t go back either!”

            I shook my head, pushing past him to go retrieve them, but he grabbed my wrist, pulling me back. “Listen, you need them. I won’t do anything stupid if you promise to kill me if the time comes.”

            “No deal. You can fight, so can I. I won’t promise that. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever been asked. That, and which way is west.” He said letting out a small laugh at my stupidity.

            “It’s not stupid! And I asked which way south was, smart one!”

            “No, it was defiantly west.”

            “No, it was south, I remember!”

            “No, it was west!”

            “South! Don’t question me! I’m short, I can kick you low!”

            “And I can sho-alright it was south.” He said rolling his eyes.

            “That’s what I thought.” I said with a light smile.

            “Shut up!”

            “Wait, what were you going to say?” I said laughing.

            “Let’s go,” he said, taking my wrist dragging me along. I pulled my wrist away, waiting for an answer. “I didn’t say anything. I don’t know what you’re talking about, Blondie.” He said smiling ahead.

            I grabbed him by his hair, pulling him back. “What? What was that??” I growled. Blonde jokes? REALLY?!

            “Owowow! Let go!” He said flailing his arms out.

            “Not until you say sorry!” I said yanking harder.

            “I’ll just cut it off!” He shouted, reaching for his empty knife holder. “Shit. Fine, I’m sorry!”

            I giggled, releasing his hair. I leaned up on my tippy-toes to tap his shoulder. “Good boy.”

            “I’m not a dog,” he muttered under his breath. “I don’t see how I could ever kill you. Not literally, anyway.” He said a bit louder.

            “Oh? And why is that?” I said raising an eyebrow thoughtfully.

            He stopped walking for a second to turn and look down at me. “”Because you wouldn’t let me. Now let’s go!” He said turning away, his cheeks looking slightly red. Did he just admit I could kick his butt?

            “I think it’s something more,” I said skipping next to him with a laugh. “You grew attached to me. Like I did with all the others.” I said starting to laugh more at the thought.

            He whispered something to himself, peeking at me out of the corner of his eyes. He looked away quickly before laughing loudly. “Yeah, that’s it.” He said sarcastically. He clasped his hands behind his head, walking next to me before he smiled a bit, scoffing as he did. “Okay, I totally grew close to you. Whatever.” I laughed and shoved him playfully. “Meh!” He said shoving me back. “Attached to you? That’s funny; I wasn’t the one crying like a baby when I was going to leave!” He said rubbing under his eyes, sticking his bottom lip out like he was crying, mocking me as he walked backward in front of me.

            I growled rushing toward him, “Excuse me for being an emotional girl!” He backed up slightly throwing his head back with laughter.

          Marissa suddenly stepped up next to us. Vaann composed his face back into one of his sarcastic grins. “Hiya,” Rissa said.

            I smiled my first real smile at Rissa; feeling like a load had been lifted off my shoulders. “Hi!”

            Vaann stopped suddenly, causing me to crash into him. “What the hell?”

            “Ouch! Turn on your stop lights or something, would ya??” I said glaring up at him, but smiled when he looked down at me, raising an eye brow with a smile.

            “See, I did a good thing. I made her better.” Vaann said triumphantly.

            Rissa suddenly tackled us in a hug, pinning me against Vaann. “Yay!” She shouted

            I blushed rolling my eyes. “Yeah, cause it was totally you.”

            “It was me! You just broke down and cried!”

            “Oh god, why?” Rissa asked.

            “Cause she’s a girl?” Vaann said mockingly.

            “Nuh-uh! Liar!” I said blushing more.

            “Yeah-huh!” He said, laughing. Then he cocked his head to the side, making a hushing gesture at us.

            “Lalala!” Marissa sang, laughing.

            “Okay, she’s on something,” Vaann said staring at Marissa in confusion.

            I pushed on Vaann’s chest in an attempt to get free. “Too close!”

            “First she teleports, then she hugs us, now she’s laughing.” He pat Marissa’s head. “It’s okay, I accept you.”

            I pushed even harder. “Still too close!”

            He ignored my struggles, staying in Marissa’s hug. “At least she didn’t knock us over.”

            “Nyargh!” I said pushing on Vaann again.

            “Ow, hey! Ow!” He said grabbing at my wrists trying to stop my struggles. There was a wolf howl, closer but still a distance off. Vaann fell out the hug, almost tugging me with him before he released my wrists.

            “Are you okay? You’re acting funny all of a sudden.” I said staring up at Vaann.

            “Did you hear that howl too?” He said looking down to meet my eyes.

            “Puppy! Let’s find it!” Rissa giggled.

            “Yes, I heard it, why?”

            “Good, I’m not crazy. I know that howl. I thought she was dead.” He said thoughtfully. “Yes, let’s find it.” He started walking off, and I skipped forward, grabbing onto the bottom of his shirt staying close. Lyllina stayed behind with Riley and Dark, watching us from a distance. Marissa was skipping along happily beside us. I looked around nervously, tightening my grip on his shirt. “Scared much?” He said looking down at me.

            “Eh.” I said shrugging nonchalantly releasing his shirt, but still stayed close.

            “It’s okay, you can hold onto me,” he said with a light laugh. I smiled and grabbed back onto his shirt. “But if I move quickly, you may lose your balance.”

            “Then don’t move quickly,” I said pouting.

            “If I have to dodge an attacking wolf, I will and then I will commence laughter when you fall.”

            “No, take me with you! It might eat me!”

            “Last time I did that I almost died myself and no offense but I don’t think you would be the first on the list to be eaten. I have more meat on me.” He said flashing his cocky grin.

            I rolled my eyes ignoring him. “Then get a better grip, warrior.” I said nudging him with my hip.

            “Okay, fine!” He said nudging back gently.

            “Good boy. You’re starting to see things my way.” I said patting his shoulder again.

            He was looking straight ahead, ignoring me. I followed his gaze, only to find a girl. She had long dark brown hair with a streak of blonde that hung over her eyes. She was wearing blue jeans that were pretty worn out with lots of rips throughout them. Her black t-shirt clung against her, not to tight but not to baggy either. Just right for her. Her eyes were two different colors. One was a flame blue and the other was a smoke gray.

            “Whatever,” he said in my direction as he walked over to the girl. “You’re alive.”

            “As are you.” She said in response, pulling the hood of her cloak down to reveal her pale face.

            “Nope, not anymore. Ready to join us again?”

            The girl nodded, looking at Marissa and I. “How many of you are left?”

            “We have about six now.” Vaann informed her.

            “Hi!” I said waving.

            “Let’s go get your wounds fixed up. Rissa, can you heal her?” Vaann said turning to Rissa.

            “Yes,” she said taking a step closer to the girl.

            The girl waved back to me as she thought to herself. “Wow, six. I’ve been asleep this whole time.”

            “You’ve missed a lot. I’m glad you aren’t dead. She’s a friend. She was with Lina and me from the beginning but we got separated during an attack by the army. We thought she died. I’m glad we were wrong.”

            “Aw,” I said frowning. “That’s sad.”

           “I’m glad you’re alive as well. I couldn’t handle being alone again.” The girl said, seeming to shudder slightly.

            Rissa smiled, rocking back and forth on her feet. “I’m Marissa.”

            “I’m Kate.”  I said with a smile.

            “Nice to meet you, Kate. I am Tamber.” Tamber said with a light grin to me.

            “Well, be happy you aren’t anymore. She heals and she’s annoying.” He said jabbing a thumb toward me.

            I grabbed him by the hair again, growling. “Excuse me?!”

            “OWOWOW! I’m going to cut my hair off because of you!”
            “With what knives?!” I shouted back.

            “She can still grab it even if it’s short.” Rissa said with a laugh.

            “Meh, don’t remind me! I’ll go bald!”

            “You’ve made quite a group.” Tamber said with a smirk.

            “You could say that.” Vaann replied.

            “Can’t go bald,” Marissa started. “No razors.”

            “Dammit.” Vaann sighed.

            “I win,” I said smiling as I let go of his hair.

            “Wait, Kate has your knives?” Rissa asked.

            “I wish…” I muttered.

            “No, I left them behind. Please, don’t ask why.”


            “It’s near impossible to find them.” Vaann said, stealing a warning glance at me.

            “So, where are we going exactly? Or are we staying here?” Tamber asked, watching us.

            “Good question,” Vaann said.

            “Back to the mountains where my vision was at!” I offered happily.

            Vaann grabbed my wrist angrily. “Hell no.”

            I growled. “It will happen.”

            “No,” he said releasing me, turning his back. “It won’t.” And with that, he started walking again, expecting all of us to follow behind him.

            How I thought so much of him, I will never know…









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