Walking in the Rain

Preston is old bestfriends with Liam Payne , but when liam tries out for The X-Factor and becomes a world phenomenon Preston loses her bestfriend....3 years later One direction comes to Wolverhampton on their Take Me home tour Liam and Preston meet again.She gets introduced to the rest of the group time goes on and Preston & one of Liams groupies .Later on something very very bad happens.


1. Me

  Peston P.O.V



 "Promise me that you will never leave?" was the last hting i told him before he dissapeared ou of my life. Liam Payne is his name , now he's in a Band with 4 gay guys((I know they are not Gay its just for the story) .Liam was my bestfriend , but when he tried out for the X-Factor it changed everything he told me that he would call your text me everyday but he never did! The only thing i got from him was a postcard from  flordia and only thing on the was my name which he spelled wrong , my address and his name as soon as I saw it I ripped it up and threw it in the trash can. I hate him now !

Oh, by the way my name is Preston Collins blond hair blue eyes you might think i am the most popular girl in school because I fit the perfect descrition of a popular girl , but im quite on the contray im not that popular i dont have a boyfriend and i have only a few friends but im okay with it because i  have all the friends i need at home! I live in a  home with 11 other people THere is Rainy my bestfriend, Benji my other bestfriend, they are both the same age as me , also there is Mark he is 14 , Mary who is 12, Jenna is 11, Blain is also 11, Toby is 9 , Hanna is 7 , Emma is 4 Jake is 7 months and Ezra is 4 weeks. They are all Great and so are my foster parents Deana and Jonna  Collins. I have no idea where my real parents are Deana and Jonna  said their name are Mark and Johanna Tomlinson and that  I had a twin and his name is Louis. I didnt get why they would keep Louis and not me maybe they didnt like girls or something but I got over it really quick. But i did always wonder what they looked like and what the guy version of me would look like? He would probably have blond hair and blue discribed louis with blond hair) Anyways Deana and Jonna also told me that the Tomlinsons live in Denmark. I haad been there before for a wedding but i didnt meet anyone with the last name Tomlinsom. Also Benji is from Denmark but he isnt full on British his mom was from Africa. But they lived in Denmark! Rainy is from America so she is not british at all deana and Jonna went there on Vacation and came back with 7 year old Rainy.

Some people say that im wierd because i am in love with food but I never seem to gain any weight! Aslo because I have this weird obsesion with Carrots and Disney Movies!(sounds like a Louis/Liam mixture)Deana told me that she would buy me a bag of Baby carrots when I was about 8 ,and  I would eat the carrots while I watched Toy story!Well atleast I didnt have a problem with eating my Veggies!!

I have this weird thing with babies every time i see one thay would smile or if they were crying I f I held them they would stop Crying  as soon as i touched them. It actully comes in handy considering that there is about 1 billion babies in the house!(sarcamem)




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