Your So, I'm So...

Imagine. He brushes your light brown hair behind your ear, and suddenly your dimple appears as a smile stretches upon my face. "I won't forget." Your smile fades as you remember he was leaving, until who knows when. He wasn't yours any longer. "But your so... famous. I'm so... average." "You don't realize how long I've waited for this... I only want you." He hugs you one last time, and you breathe in his aftershave. He walks away, towards the plane, never to be seen again.


8. X Factor Preperation

Emily's POV:


(Saturday Morning; 8:04 am)

I woke up pressed against Niall's warm, toned body. He was already awake. "Hi." He said in an extremely sexy morning voice. I yawned and sat up. "Hey babe, what are the plans for today?" He frowned a little. "Well... I sort of have to go to the X Factor Arena in Chesire to practice for our actual audition." I smiled. "You and the band? That's wonderful Blondie!" He smiled. "Thanks but against the other competitors, we don't have a chance!" I frowned. "Don't be such a pessimist! You will win! I can feel it!" I said, and pointed to my appendix. He chuckled. "I hope so! But, if your coming, you need to get ready." I smirked. "You too!" 

I grabbed my clothes and walked into the bathroom, and shut the door behind me. I quickly brushed through my tangled hair and then continued onto my teeth. Then, I grabbed my Hollister T-shirt and slid it on. Same as my Hollister short shorts and flip flops. Then, without asking, I opened the door and walked out, to find Niall with his boxers OFF.

I immediately covered my eyes. "AHH!" Niall's head snapped around, just noticing I was there and pulled his new boxers on. "CHIZ EMILY!" I uncovered my eyes, as he slid his pants and shirt on. "I'm sorry I thought you would be done already." He shook his head. "It's fine, sorry I yelled." I grabbed his hand and squeezed it. "It's alright babe." 

He grabbed his car keys and we walked outside and got into his car. Once he was on the road, I turned on the radio to 106.1 and blasted 'Feel This Moment' By Pitbull and Christina Aguleria. I started singing, but then the song changed to 'Thrift Shop' by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Which, I couldn't easily sing to.

Niall glanced at me, but kept his hands firmly clutched on the steering wheel. "Your a really nice singer Em." I blushed and looked out my window. "Thanks." Was all that seemed to escape my mouth at the time. He smiled and held my hand, driving carefully with the other.

After about another hour of driving, we pulled in to what was the biggest stadium I had ever laid my eyes on. Actually, coms to think of it, it was the ONLY stadium I had ever laid eyes on. But, let me just tell you, It was HUGE.

Niall had a tight hold of my hand as we approached the building. We walked in, and spotted the boys and a girl on the stage. 

"Who's that girl?" I asked, cautiously.

Niall was thinking about it and answered, "I think It's the interviewer." 

 I nodded and we walked up to the stage and Louis waved. "Hey Em! Hey Niall! This is my new girlfriend, Tasha." The girl spun around just for me and Niall to gasp. She smirked, the most devilish smirk I had ever seen. "Hi." She said. Niall glared at her then looked at Louis. "Seriously? SERIOUSLY?" Louis looked hurt, "What shes not pretty enough for you?" "NO LOUIS! I JUST BROKE UP WITH HER LAST NIGHT!" Louis winced. "Is this true Tasha?" Tasha furrowed her brows, to achieve that dumb confused look again. "I've never seen him in my life! But, that girl, right there? She is the one who did this to me!" Tasha said, and pulled up her sleeve to reveal a long cut reaching from her shoulder to wrist. "It's still bleeeding." She said, pretending to tear up. I scoffed. "Do any of you believe that I would do that? Ask Niall! He was with me all last night!" Niall looked taken aback. "Yeah! Tasha IS LYING!" Louis shook his head. "Cmon guys, let's just discuss this later. We need to rehearse." 

Everyone nodded, except Tasha who was mad that her plan failed, and might I add, EPICLY. These boys would never ever believe that I cut her arm! They wouldn't even believe that I killed a fly last week! Well, haha on Tasha! She doesn't deserve Louis! I know he treated me horribly when I first met him, but still he was sweet, funny, and I had loved him since first grade.

Whoa... where did that come from?

Nevermind those thoughts...

The boys were standing up to practice. Niall came over and gently kissed my forehead. "You need to go sit in the chairs while were up here Em. Kay?" I nodded. "Kay." 

I jumped off the stage and headed to the back row, so I could watch and tweet, no offense! 

I mostly ended up listening. They sang their auditon song; 'Torn'. Which was an amazing song. Afterwards they sang three of their singles. 'What Makes You Beautiful' Which was another great song, and was very catchy. Then, 'Nobody Compares.' Which I really really enjoyed, especially since Niall had the opening solo. Lastly, they sang, 'Magic' Which was my absolute favorite song they ended up singing. 

When it was over, I gave them a standing ovation and clapped really loudly. 

Niall came over and hugged me tightly. "We did good didn't we?" I smiled and booped his nose softly. "Yes, One Direction will forever be my favorite band." He smiled. "Good! Your our very first fan!" I giggled. "That's good too!"

Niall led me over to meet the judges, who had secretly been listening. "Em, meet Demi, Britney, and Simon." I smiled. "Nice to meet you all! I'm Emily, Niall's girlfriend." Simon frowned a little, but kept his smirk. "How sweet!" Demi cooed. Britney laughed a little. "Your accent is ADORABLE Nial!" She said. Niall blushed a little. "Thanks Brit." She smiled and sashayed off with Demi. 

"So..." Niall said. Simon looked at him. "Well, Niall, personally, I think One Direction is a big hit. And just remember if you don't end up winning, I always have my record label, Syco, that I would gladly sign your band too. Nice to meet you, though." We both smiled in return of his kindness. "You too." Niall replied as Simon left to the lounge

Niall glanced at me. "I can't believe I might actually 'Make It Big Time'" He said, staring off into the dark, empty, arena. I smiled and squeezed his hand.

"You will make it, I just know it."



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