Your So, I'm So...

Imagine. He brushes your light brown hair behind your ear, and suddenly your dimple appears as a smile stretches upon my face. "I won't forget." Your smile fades as you remember he was leaving, until who knows when. He wasn't yours any longer. "But your so... famous. I'm so... average." "You don't realize how long I've waited for this... I only want you." He hugs you one last time, and you breathe in his aftershave. He walks away, towards the plane, never to be seen again.


3. The Worst Day

Emily's POV:


My alarm went off beeping It's annoying default tone, chirping birds. 

I slowly dragged my bruised, and temporarily wounded body out of bed. I still hadn't recieved any text messages from Niall, so I didn't bother leaving early to walk with him. Not that I didn't want to.

Things for me were so off without him around. I usually vented out all my problems to him, and this time it would just be awkward. 

I brushed my tangled hair and tied it up in a high ponytail and slid an elastic hairband on as well. I changed into my school clothes, which I had carefully picked out on Sunday, like every week. I continued by eating, then brushing my teeth. I grabbed my backpack and left my house, making sure to tell my 'Dad' goodbye.

(Skip to school; 8:46 am)

I arrived at the school's main building within minutes, just to see Niall and his four bandmates talking at his and my usual 'before school meeting spot' I sighed and stood there listening for a mere moment, when Louis noticed me. "Hey look!" He said pointing. "It's Niall's looover!" He said, stretching out the O. I glanced at Niall, and then continued on into the building pretending as if I was never there. 

I started twirling my locker dial, perfectly hitting the combination of numbers. I pushed up the lever and swang it open. I unpacked my binders and grabbed the ones that I needed for my classes today. I guess it really sucked to be me, Louis was in my first period, along with Niall and Harry. 

I jogged to LA, (Where all we practically do, is TALK!) and slid into my seat, next to Niall. (sigh....) He came in after me and sat down. Louis walked over to me and said, "Awh looky here...! Emily is sitting by Niaaaal!" He said and formed his hands into a heart shape. I sat there, taking it all in, and trying to pretend that he wasn't here. He snapped in my face. "Hello? I said...." I stopped him. "I can hear you, you know!" I yelled in his face. He looked taken aback and Niall's head snapped around and looked at me in awe. 

What can I say? I'm not one for standing up to others.

Louis stared at me. "What?!" He said in complete disbelief.

Apparantly he isn't one who gets stood up to.

Then, my new FAVORITE habit, (Note the sarcasm,) started to take over.

"I never knew you were such a jerk." I covered my mouth. Oh god! What had I done? 

'A- Excuse Me? How can you judge someone you've only known for a day?!" Louis said. "Uhm... I've been in your class since first grade. I think I know enough about you to write a 379 page novel." I said, as a matter-of-factly. His cocky smile faded. "Really? Oh I'm sor...." He began. "Stop, I think I'll be better off with you not knowing a thing about me. I already lost everything anyways, so you aren't such a big deal." I said stretching my legs out. Niall stared at me, silently, probably knowing what he had meant to me. "I don't need sympathy." I told Louis one last time. He sort of nodded and walked away. Niall turned to face me.

" I'm real sorry about him Em." He said sadly. "I don't need your sympathy either Lep- I mean Niall." I said, blowing my cool. He smirked. "I thought you liked me?" I started laughing. "No offense... But me... like you? Hahaha No way!" He blushed again. "I aorta guessed it was about Louis." He said. I frowned. "Yeah, now I could care less about that jerk!" Niall frowned. "He's nicer once you really get to know him." I laughed. "Like that will happen!" 

We both laughed and stood up.

This day wasn't too bad...  So far...

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