Your So, I'm So...

Imagine. He brushes your light brown hair behind your ear, and suddenly your dimple appears as a smile stretches upon my face. "I won't forget." Your smile fades as you remember he was leaving, until who knows when. He wasn't yours any longer. "But your so... famous. I'm so... average." "You don't realize how long I've waited for this... I only want you." He hugs you one last time, and you breathe in his aftershave. He walks away, towards the plane, never to be seen again.


14. Surprises and Scars

Niall's POV:


In two days we would be having our first concert in MSG. It was almost sold out already, but It's not like it matters, I just am excited that we already have gathered so many fans in so little time, and that were actually going to Madison Square Garden, in New York, the big city! It was my dream ever since I began to want to be a singer, it was actually with Emily's help that I made it. She showed me the way, and she had always been my #1 Fan. I don't know why, but I was furious with her attitude yesterday, but it was wrong of me to do such things to the poor girl. She loved me, and I did too.

I just wish Paul was nice enough to accept the fact that just because I'm not one of the mains, I should still be able to bring my girl too. All he ever says when I ask is, "Eleanor paid for them! She's famous Niall! Emily cannot pay her own way, and the paps will be ALL over her! Do you want an ugly scared and bloody girl! Do ya?" I always shook my head, I would love her anyway, any form, but seeing her cut because of me, would kill me! Literally! I couldn't even imagine being her, shes never had luck in friends. Either they bully her, or she just doesn't want anyone. Besides me... but now I suppose that's different. I was way to harsh last night.

Right now, me and the boys were at a big ol' rehearsal, and I was busy daydreaming as Harry sang the chorus, same old same old. I was next, but I wasn't paying a bit of attention. "Niall...?" He questioned. I really couldn't hear through my daydreams. "NIALL!" Paul roared. I shot back to reality like a rocket and looked at him. "S-sorry Paul." I stuttered. He was mad. "Listen boys! This is what NOT TO DO when your on stage! This is why Horan is irresponsible and cannot have all that many lines to sing! This is why his girlfriend isn't here! Because he would be too darn busy to pay attention at a rehearsal for your FIRST SHOW AT MSG!" I felt my stomach churn. I choked down a huge lump. He didn't trust me. I was basically an immature 5 year old. 

Paul sighed. "Just sing your line!" 

"You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you, you'll never treat yourself right darlin' but I want you too. If I let you kn-o-ow that I'm here, for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, oh-oh-oh." 

Louis applauded and Paul hushed him. The line I sang always teared me up a little, thinking about her. She was my everything, and I blew it. 

Let me tell you, being famous isn't all it seems...


Emily's POV:


I woke up and rubbed my eyes, 10:00 on the dot.

I stretched and felt little tings all over me. Oh... the pain those cuts would bring me. Or should I say... 'The Payne.' Nah... That just reminds me...

I had begun to sob a little again, when Alex called me from downstairs. "EMILY GET DOWN HEREEE!" She yelled, but it was a good yell, I could tell.

I wiped away the worthless tears, that were almost as worthless as me. But I had A friend, and her name was Alex. 

I got downstairs and Alex had the BIGGEST smile on her face. "Oh My GOD EMILY!" She squealed. "What's happening?" I replied reminding her to tell me before she flipped. "Okay two good actually GREAT NEWS." I smiled. "What?!?! Tell ME!" I whined. She laughed and turned on the news. "They caught you Dad." She smiled. I sware, once the picture of him flashed in the jail cell I instantly hugged her. "ER MER GAWD!" I yelled. She laughed and flicked the TV off. "In other news..." She continued. "Go onnnn..." I urged. She gratefully held out two tickets. I grabbed on and examined it. I nearly collapsed on the floor.

"Whadda think Em?" She said, nearly a whisper. I gasped for air. Oh the pain... this would NOT end well... "I-It's good... good... thanks." I muttered. "Well get a-packing! We leave for Miami tomorrow babe!" She hopped up the stairs and I stared at the paper strip in my hand.

One Direction

Row 1

Miami Florida


Tomorrow we would leave.

This could either be disastrous, or wonderful.

Depending on me. Or Niall. Or, both actually. My hand shook nervously as I walked up the stairs. 

It will be fine! I reassured myself. But in reality, it Wouldn't. 

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