What if

What would've happened if Katniss didn't volunteer for Prim? Does Prim have what it takes to come home alive?

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        When I wake up first thing I think is water. I climb down from the tree and use all the energy I can to search for any sign if it. None. I slump next to a rock and look up at the sky.

"Water" I croak. Still no water comes. Maybe Haymitch thinks I'm worthless and can't be saved.
        Then I remember how on my eighth birthday Katniss told me I had to find my surprise gift. I looked everywhere and I finally gave up. Katniss didn't say anything and I thought it was because she was disappointed but it was really because my surprise was right next to me and I didn't notice. She didn't help me because I was already so close. The surprise turned out to be a cookie from the bakery.
        I get up and keep looking but I realize that I must be wrong. Haymitch just doesn't care. I drop into the disgusting mud and think about how much I hate it. After a storm my shoes get all muddy because if the stupid mud. Mud…mud…MUD!
I open my eyes to find a small pond. I fumble for my water bottle put the right number of iodine drops in and wait for a half hour. I take small sips of water and when I'm done I fill it up again. I do this 4 times before filling it up climbing a tree and eating some delicious rabbit.
Finally content I fall into the first pleasant sleep I've had in weeks. When I awake I'm gasping for air as a wall of fire descends upon me. I scramble to pack my things before jumping from the tree. I follow the animals until the smoke becomes too much.
         I crouch under a rock and throw up all the water I drank. Suddenly a fire ball is coming straight for me. I dive out of the way before it hits me. The air is a gray haze and my eyes sting as I scrape past branches. I know that this fire is a gamemaker-made to draw tributes together. The day has been to quiet and the audience will be getting bored. There haven't been any deaths and probably no fights.
 I jump over a burning log but the bottom of my leg catches. I frantically try to put it out. I duck under a stone and tremble while I cough up what feels like my intestines. I drink a spoonful of water and keep moving.
        I hear a hiss and flatten myself on the ground as a fire ball blasts over my head. I scramble to my feet as the third fire ball hits where I was lying. My jacket tail catches flame and I rip it off because have a jacket is better than none. I leap and dodge to avoid the fire balls that could kill me with one direct hit. As much as I want to stop something keeps me moving forward. 12 years of Hunger Games lets me know that certain areas are rigged for attacks so soon enough the fire will stop. As if watching a bunch of children fight to the death is not enough but they want to make it more interesting. It feels like hours but finally the attacks seem to abate. My hands and calf burn but I know there must be a remedy for that somewhere in here. My clothes are drenched in sweat and the stinging brings tears to my eyes. I really hope Katniss isn't watching me convulse. The bottoms of my braids are burnt and strands of blackened hair fall into my hands.
        I hear a hissing sound and I react but not fast enough. The fire ball sets flames to the area right next to me after it skids across my thigh. I attempt to rip it off with my bare hands without thinking. My hands are covered in red welts and my lower and upper leg are screaming. I can feel that the attack is over because the gamemakers don't want me dead. Not yet at least. The real enjoyment of the Hunger Games is watching the tributes kill each other. The smoke could still kill me so I get up and limp away. Daylight starts to emerge through the smoke and trees. I hate burns because I have to stare into the people's eyes as mother tries to save them. Katniss always leaves the house to hunt.
         I come to a stop at a small pool of water. The first treatment for a burn is cold water but that will in no way help the burn on my calf. I try to remember any herbal remedies mother taught me but that all seems like a distant dream. I carefully dip my hands in the pool and wait a while. I wash away the blood and ashes while I think of a way to help my burns. Many miners get horrible burns in the mines. They take them to my mother but depending on the burn some can't be saved. Once an unconscious young man was carried to our house by his family. They were begging us to heal him because the district doctor had given up on him. The burn was awful it went right down to his bone. Katniss ran from the house to hunt but I stayed and helped. I may be scared of everything but healers are born not made.
         I carefully roll my pant leg up to inspect the burn. The burn is red and covered in welts. The burned area is about the size of my hand and could be a lot worse. I'm very lucky if I had a gift from a sponsor I could heal this in no time. I stretch my leg into the pool with my heel on a rock. I have to find those herbs (I forgot the name) that speed up the healing process but I'm in no condition to do so right now. My hands can handle small breaks from the pool but my leg is still in intense pain.
           First I refill my water bottle, treat it, and attempt to rehydrate my body. After a while I eat a small bit of bread to settle my stomach. I'm extremely tired even though the pain is overwhelming. I'd climb a tree but then I would be too easy to spot. I still need to keep my burns in water anyway. I put my pack on my shoulders but I still don't want to leave.
         I see some water plants and roots but are they edible? I can vaguely them. Yes they are edible. A couple weeks before the reaping Katniss brought some home for us to eat.
I make a small meal with a little bit of rabbit and the roots and plants. Every now and then I take a small sip of water. The sun makes a slow arc across the sky and I lean into my backpack. If Clove wants to kill me let her come I think falling asleep let her come. And find me she does. I scramble up ready to move with only a minute's head start.
         Evening is beginning to fall and as soon as I'm awake I'm splashing threw the pond and flying into the underbrush. My calf slows me down but I'm faster than the careers. I can tell it's them because they're the only alliance that big. They're closing in like a pack of dogs that Katniss tells me roam the woods.
         I find a high tree and begin to climb not knowing if this is the right choice. The pain is agonizing but I manage to work through it. I'm fast though and I'm 25 feet up by the time they spot me and gather around the base of the trunk. For a moment we stop to survey each other and I decide that if the gamemakers want a show I'll give them one. They're much too big to climb this tree whether they know it or not. I have no chance against them. At least they're beat up too. They're bigger and stronger but they're also a lot heavier than I am. I must weigh 70 pounds less than the smallest career. Why not have a little fun during the brief remainder of my life. I smile.
 "How are you faring today?" I call down cheerfully. This startles them but the crowd will eat it up.
"Well enough" says Cato the boy from district 2 "Yourself?"
 "I don't know it's been a bit warm for my taste" I say. "The air is much nicer up here why not come up?" Instantly I regret my last words what am I doing!
"Why not" Cato says.
 "Here Cato take this" says a blonde from district one, offering him silver bow and sheath of arrows.
"That's alright Glimmer I'll do better with my sword." Cato hoists himself into the tree and I begin to climb again.
        I'm another 30 feet in the air when I look down and see Cato falling a branch in hand to the ground below. He hits the ground hard and it's sick but I'm hoping he broke his spine when he gets up calling me every fowl name he can think of.
         Glimmer scales the tree to but has the good sense to stop when the branches crack. I'm at least 70 feet high now. She tries to shoot me with an arrow but has sloppy technique. I grab it from a nearby tree and wave it teasingly above their heads.
         The careers huddle together on the ground muttering among themselves furious I have made them look stupid and weak.
 Finally I hear Marvel the boy from district 1 say "It's not like she's going anywhere. We'll deal with her in the morning." Right now Marvel's right I'm not going anywhere night is beginning to fall and I sit on the sleeping bag carefully putting water on my calf.
         I look over into the tree next to me and see eyes peering over at me. I jump scared by the eyes. What if they're mutations eyes? No that can't be it they look to human. Suddenly I realize that the eyes belong to Rue. She silently points to something above my head. A nest I think. It's big and a low hum comes from it. Rue points to the sleeping careers then to the nest. She makes a sawing motion with her hand. I nod and she disappears into her tree.
 I look down at the sleeping careers. I have to wait for the anthem or else they will hear me sawing the branch.
         I know they can't be regular wasps or bees because this is the Hunger Games. They must be Tracker Jackers. Fear runs through me and suddenly I am very frightened. One sting makes a lump the size of an orange. If you get to many stings you could die. If you live you have extremely powerful hallucinations brought on by the venom. Some people go completely insane. I'm wounded and treed so either way being near the nest is dangerous. By daytime the careers will be ready with a plan to kill me. That nest is my only option.
 I take a sip of water and munch on the last of the rabbit. I'll risk my life trying but tracker jacker stings have to be better than a slow painful death at the hand of a career. Clove will be sure to make it painful.
         I drag myself out of the sleeping bag and secure my knife to my belt. The branches are dangerously thin even for me but I keep going. When I reach the branch that holds the nest the humming becomes more distinctive. It must be the smoke. I learned something about how smoke sedates them or something.
        The anthem comes on above me and I instantly begin to saw. My hands are bursting as I pull the knife back and forth across the branch. It requires less effort once I cut deeper into the limb but the pain is still agonizing. I glance at the sky and note that there were no deaths today. There will be so they don't have to worry. Everyone in the Capital will be leaning in their eyes glued to the screen to see what happens to the poor little girl from 12. This realization makes me saw harder and faster but the anthem ends so I make my way down to my sleeping bag.
         When I get there a small parachute sits on my sleeping bag. I and smell what can only be medicine. I dip my finger in and the pain goes away. I wonder who on earth would give their money to sponsor the 12 year old from 12. Probably a love-sick mother or a family who lost their child maybe. This must have cost a small fortune.
"Thank you" I whisper to the starry sky.

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