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What would've happened if Katniss didn't volunteer for Prim? Does Prim have what it takes to come home alive?

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        The tribute plate rises and the bright sun blinds me. The career tributes have their feet turned towards the cornucopia. The other twelve year old girl Rue is getting ready to go towards the woods. 10 seconds. If only Katniss were here now. But that's not really what I want I'm glad she's safe in district 12. The reaping was so scary.

Flash back of the reaping.

"Primrose Everdeen!" I knew it was my name but I couldn't move. I slowly made my way towards the stage when Katniss called out "Prim" She started to run to me but peacekeepers blocked her. "Prim! No Prim you can't go." She screamed. That was when Gale picked her up and carried her to our mother while she screamed. Effie Trinket the odd escort from the capital pulled the baker's son Peeta Mellarks name from the bowl and we were hurried inside the justice building.

End of flash back

.1. "Ladies and gentlemen let the 74th annual Hunger Games begin!" Claudius booms.
The gong sounds and the tributes are off. Come on Prim I tell myself. MOVE! I jump off the tribute plate grabbing a loaf of bread and some plastic. I am running for the woods when a boy from 9 I think falls next to me with a knife in his back. I resist the urge to help him and instead take the backpack he drops and run.
        The career from 2 Clove throws a knife at me but I duck behind a tree before it hits me. She turns around unable to resist all the supplies waiting at the cornucopia. I run deeper into the woods because I know this is what Katniss would want me to do. It's as if she's sending me a mental message. I know I need to find water that's the second most important thing the first is staying alive if you have a twisted sense of humor.

Flash back to train

        I sat down at the table next to Peeta when Haymitch stumbled in and spilled his drink.
"Damn it" he muttered sitting in a chair across from me.
"So" Peeta said. "What's the first thing we should do in the arena?"
Haymitch took a while to consider this before he said "STAY ALIVE. Then find some water." He chuckled to himself before he threw up all over the floor.

End of flash back

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        I walk on the forest floor flinching as the shadows dance around me. Katniss wouldn't be scared I tell myself. She'd be telling me to be brave and remember good things because it makes me stronger. I focus on remembering the seven I got for a training score. For my training session I tried shooting some arrows but I'm nowhere near as good as Katniss. At least I hit the target every time.I also made a snare but it was sloppy unlike the perfect ones Gale makes. Then climbed a little bit and that was successful because I'm surprisingly nimble. Last I mixed together some berries to make a medicine that cures headaches. Everyone was very pleased with my 7 especially Haymitch and Cinna.
        As I walk along I stop at a fallen tree to inspect the contents of my pack. It has a sleeping back that keeps heat in, some crackers and dried beef, iodine, an empty water bottle, a useless pair of sunglasses because when I try them on they make it harder to see, matches, and some wire. I put the loaf of bread, the plastic and the knife I picked up from Clove into my pack. On the bright side I have the knife and Clove doesn't. Not that I'll be any good with it but at least I'm not unarmed.
        I decide the safest place to be is in the trees so I look around until I find a big clump of willows. Just as I'm about to climb it a cannon sounds. The bloodbath must be over and the killers dispersed. No longer preoccupied the careers who survived will be on the move. I quickly start to climb the tree while counting the cannon shots. 12. Half of us dead and gone on the first day. I find a fork in the tree and as I fix my sleeping bag I wonder about Peeta. I really hope he's okay. He probably is. Peeta is big and strong he must be okay.
        Night comes quicker than I expect it to and it becomes freezing outside. I climb into the sleeping bag and nibble on a cracker. Suddenly the capital seal lights up the air and the anthem blasts across the arena. The face of the girl from 3, boy from 4, boy from 5, both from 6, both from 7, the boy from 8, both from 9, and the girl from 10, and Peeta appear in the sky.
        My stomach hurts and I want to cry for all those dead tributes especially Peeta. I liked him so much and he was always nice to me. I loved to look in the bakery window and see all those wonderful pastries. His poor family must be so sad. Afraid I'm going to fall out of the tree I use the wire to hold myself in. It's not that I knew Peeta very well but he was from home. And of course there was the time he threw Katniss the bread that saved our lives. Other than that I had no real connection to him.Right now all that matters is that I'm alive and am not struggling. If I weren't in the Hunger Games I would be content. I survived the first day and that's all I can ask for right now.
        The warm sleeping back is just about to let me drift into sleep when the sound of a snapping branch alerts me. Another snap. Then another. For a while it's quiet but then an orange blaze starts not fifty feet away from my tree. A pair of hands warm themselves over the fire. I feel bad for whoever has to endure the cold but at the same time I can't help but resent the fire starter. They're not only broadcasting their location to the whole arena but mine too!
        Dawn comes and I think we may have made it through the night when a high pitched scream comes from the fire starter. "Please don't kill me!" she begs but soon enough her cannon sounds. 13 dead 11 left to play I think. The career pack stands about 20 feet from my tree while I silently hope they don't find me.
"Finally Clove you did something useful unlike yesterday when that stupid 12 year old got away." Clove scowls.
"I'll get her don't you worry. When we find her she's my kill. Just to prove to you that I'm not weak I'll kill both those stupid little 12 year olds."         I take a deep breath because these games just got a lot more dangerous for me and Rue. The career pack left after the girl from one Glimmer started complaining about her hair. Then I remember our interviews.

Interview flash back

"I'm very hard to catch so don't count me out." Rue said.
"I wouldn't count you out in a million years" Ceaser said. Before I knew it Ceaser was calling my name and I stumbled to the seat.
"So Primrose is there anything we should know about you." He said.
"Well I have an older sister Katniss that means the world to me." Ceaser nodded and patted my hand.
"I understand" he said. "I also have a healing hand so don't forget me" I said
"Never" Ceaser said.

End of flash back

        Good luck with that Clove. I neatly roll up my sleeping bag and put my things back into the backpack. I rip off a small piece of bread for breakfast and begin to search for water. A few feet away from my tree a wounded rabbit is caught in a thorn bush. I instantly want to help the poor thing but instead I kill it with a stone. It pains me but I then attempt to skin and cook it on the dying coals of that girl's fire.I wrap it in the plastic and now that I have enough food I set out in search of water.
        I search all day for water but it's no use. I think about going back to the cornucopia to the lake but that would take about a day and by then I'll surely die of dehydration. Defeated I eat another cracker before climbing into a tree to sleep. The capital anthem wakes me up and a picture of the girl from district eight lights up the sky. I have no energy and I couldn't produce tears if I wanted to so I settle down for another restless sleep.
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