Cast Away

The 10 seated plane crashed on the deserted island. Cassie and her best friend Kara was in a plane crash with non other than One Direction, Eleanor Cadler, Danielle Peazer, and Perrie Edwards.They are now trying to survive in the island for almost two months. What will happen?


6. This is it..

OMG I'm so sorry for not updating for like asdfghjkl family outings and problems you know! Plus my birthday is on April 24 and i have to sort things out. SORRY


Cassie's P.O.V. 

"OMG Cas! Why didn't you tell me before that you had a dream like that?! And to the fact that it might even be Harry Styles! I can't believe you!!" Kara said 

"Cause I'm not even sure it's Harry Styles. It could have been anyone really" i said.

"What if it really is him? huh? what then?" She said

"I.. I don't know" I said

     We have just arrived at the airport. Suddenly there was a man holding a small white board with the words " MS.SMITH & MS.COLLINS" were written in black bold hand writing. We both exchange a omg-our-name-is-written-in-a-whiteboard-cool look. We approach the man and he said.

"Cassie and Kara?"

We both nodded.

"I'm sorry but there has been a mix up in the booking of flight, and you will be on a private plane with 9 others, is that okay with you ladies?" he asked.

"Umm.. I guess it's alright" I said.

"Great so please follow me" he said while walking towards a hallway. Then he walk towards a room and opened it. He gestured us to come in.

"This is Cassie and Kara, they will be joining you on this flight" he said

My eyes caught a curly haired boy.. It's him...



Hope you enjoyed :)

-Yannie <3

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