Cast Away

The 10 seated plane crashed on the deserted island. Cassie and her best friend Kara was in a plane crash with non other than One Direction, Eleanor Cadler, Danielle Peazer, and Perrie Edwards.They are now trying to survive in the island for almost two months. What will happen?


2. Meet Cassie and Kara

Cassie Anne Smith is an amazing girl. She is 18 years old. She is very beautiful. She has a natural ice blonde wavy/curly hair with some strands blue, violet and hot pink dip dye. Her hair is layered and almost up to her butt and she has side bangs. She has baby blue eyes, big-doll like eyes, with natural thick long curled eyelashes. She has pink soft, luscious lips along with her white teeth that is perfectly aligned. She has a curvy body that victoria secret models have. Her skin is flawless with white glowing skin. She stands about 5 feet and 6 inches tall.


Her Family just moved to Holmes Chapel. But she is now living in a apartment in England with her best friend Kara. Her family is wealthy but she prefers to work and raise her own money. She was very close to her family, they were well bonded. Her mom's name is Catherine Marie Smith, her dad's name is Christopher John Smith, her older sister's name is Cristine Demfray Smith, her younger brother's name is Charlie Isaac Smith and her youngest sister's name is Cloe Sky Smith.


Cassie was one of the popular girls in school, she has many friends and she has good grades. But she is very down to earth and very sociable and friendly.


Kara Mae Collins is Cassie's best friend. She is pretty. She has brown wavy hair and she dip dyed it blonde. Her hair is up to her mid-back. She has pink lips, curvy body, big brown eyes and she stands about 5 feet and 6 inches too.



There you have it! Hope you likee it! What do you sweeties think? Please fan/comment/like/fav!

Love lots, Yannie xx

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