Cast Away

The 10 seated plane crashed on the deserted island. Cassie and her best friend Kara was in a plane crash with non other than One Direction, Eleanor Cadler, Danielle Peazer, and Perrie Edwards.They are now trying to survive in the island for almost two months. What will happen?


5. Airport

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omg i'm sooooo sooooorryyyyy i haven't updated in like two weeks!! :( I was out of town and there is no internet connection there!! Im soo sooo soooory :( AND ANOTHER THING, THIS FANFIC IS ALREADY IN 86 READS OMFGG THANK YOU GUYSSS!! I LOVE YOUUUU! i know it is only a few, but im still grateful


Harry's P.O.V.

"Hazza's inlooove hazzaaa's inlooove" Louis and Niall yelled at the top of their lungs.

"I've never seen you this head-over-heels in love harry, to the fact that you haven't met the girl yet" Zayn teased

"Now lads, stop teasing harry" Liam said to the boys all daddy direction kind of way.

"Yes dad" the three replied with their heads down jokingly.


We were now at a room located at the back part of the airport, waiting for the private plane to get ready.

"Awww, don't worry haz you'll find her soon" El told me while patting my shoulder.

"I hope so" i said to myself.


Then the door swung open and a man came in.

"Good morning, I am terribly sorry for this inconvenience but something went wrong with the booking of flights, and there will be two more passengers joining you." he said

"Oh it's okay" Paul said.

"Thank you the two should be here in about 10 min." the man said and walked out.


While waiting for the two passengers that will be joining us, we all were silent, everyone holding their cellphones.

Suddenly Louis screamed "I'M SUUUPEEERMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" Like in our video diaries when we were in x-factor but without the 'I'M' Everyone burst out laughing

"Sure you are Louis sure you are" Zayn said

"When everyone's in trouble i'm not gonna save you zaynie" Louis said folding his arms and pretending to be upset. Which caused everyone laughed harder.


The knock on the door caused everyone's head to snap to the door. The same man walked in again but with the company of two more persons.


"This is Cassie and Kara, they will be joining you on this flight" he said.

my eyes instantly on the other girl. oh my, i-i-it's her..



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