Cast Away

The 10 seated plane crashed on the deserted island. Cassie and her best friend Kara was in a plane crash with non other than One Direction, Eleanor Cadler, Danielle Peazer, and Perrie Edwards.They are now trying to survive in the island for almost two months. What will happen?


3. A day before take off

This is dedicated to @infiniteimagination xx

Harry's P.O.V.

The boys,El,Dani,Perrie and I have a big day a head of us. We are going to Bora Bora for two weeks. Management finally gave in and gave us a short break. I have just finished packing. I kept thinking of what will happen tomorrow and the following days. I know it's going to be fun, but i had a feeling something terrible will happen. I didn't realize i am drifting of to sleep...


I saw a girl. She was wearing a white sundress. She had icy blonde hair with dip-dye pink,blue and purple. She had white glowing skin, bi baby blue eyes with thick long eyelashes, pink lips. God was she beautiful. We were in a meadow. She had her back facing me. I was walking towards her. I was about to speak to her while her back was facing me but she started to sing.. Stay By Rihanna. I think i just heard an angel sing before me. It was just... wow. After I have composed myself again, i finally spoke.

"Hey" i said God was I speechless.

"Hi" she said

Unknowingly I was leaning towards her, to my surprise she was too. Our faces were centimeters apart...


"HAROLD EDWARD STYLES we need to go at the airport about 10 am and it's 9!" I heard Liam yell thru the door.

Dammit it was only a dream, I gotta find this girl.


Cassie's P.O.V.

Our faces were centimeters apart...


"Cas, we need to go to the airport around 10 or something! better get ready!' I heard Kara's voice behind the door.

There was a boy in my dream. I think it was Harry Styles? Probably not. I gotta stop watching chick flicks. 


We are going to Bora Bora for a week or two. It was a surprise from my mom. I don't know why though it's not even my birthday. I remembered the boy in my dreams. uggh.


I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I remembered the boy in my dream again. "Why can't I just forget you?" I mumbled to myself referring to the boy in my dream. It's like it's permanently inked in my mind now.




Hey sweeties, what do you think? :)


Love lots, Yannie <3

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