Whispers In The Night

Madison finds herself in a club with no one. She can't find her friends or anyone to help her. It is then when a certain man comes up to her, makes her feel uncomfortable.
He keeps finding her but she doesn;'t


1. Whispers on the Dancefloor

Madison's POV  

The music pounded against by brain as the alcohol rushed through me, spiking my veins with a sudden rush and excitement. I put the shot glass down, almost slamming it and looked round the darkened room.

The intoxicated people gave a buzz which circulated around the room, the smell of drugs and vodka giving you a constant reminder that most of us would all end up in a fight or in a cell for tonight. I stumbled off my seat, trying to search for someone, anyone. 

God, I sounded desperate but it was the alcohol, the vodka, the smoke running into my breathing system and polluting my brain.   I lumbered around until I stopped abruptly. He was enticing. Every inch of him made me weak at the knees.

His hair was styled yet messy, I could only guess that random hands who belonged to people he wasn't going to remember had gone through his silky locks. His v-neck t-shirt showed off his perfected biceps and abs. His eyes were dark and mysterious, pulling me closer and closer to him. Who was he?

He smirked as he saw me and cocked his head slightly. I pulled my gaze away from him and turned around. No. This wasn't going to happen. I stumbled slighty in my heels but something caught me," careful there." I turned arounnd swiftly and glared at the person who had caught me.

It was the boy. He smirked again and his lips lowered down to my ear.   "Don't pretend," he whispered. I shivered and he grinned, then lifted his head and dragged me to the dance floor. He turned me around in one quick motion and my back was now against his hard abs.

His head came lower and lower before he whispered again," now dance." Too scared to object or pull away, I did as I was told and danced, moving my hips to the rhythm of the music.   As we grinded each other, I smelt the aroma of smoking circulating around him.

The alcohol was drifting away and the realisation of my situation was coming back to me. His arms had loosened a tiny bit and I took this advantage to pull away quickly. He had fast reactions and pulled me back again," you can't leave... You won't leave."

He forced me back to our previous position but I turned around, kneeded him in his privates and whispered," I will be leaving." I smirked at him as he doubled over in pain and then walked away.


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