Nina Brecher is your typical 17 year old girl with a talent for two things. Making enemies among her teachers and peers, and getting into trouble. On a day in September she goes on a hunt for a stapler in her stepmother's office and finds a paper telling her she was adopted. She always knew that she was different than the rest of her family. Her eyes are the color of pure gold and with hints and flecks of bright red in them, and her hair, unlike the brown straight hair she should have inherited from her mother, is a hypnotizing red that seems to glow in the sunlight. When Nina goes on a search to find her biological mother and finally get some answers, she finds her in a mental ward. She makes several visits to her mother, each time hearing more of the story that put her there. The story of the magical community in the hidden city that her mother says she came from. Soon, Nina finds herself in between two worlds. Should she stay, or should she try to hunt down this hidden city?


3. Chapter 3

Her eyes widened, and she covered her mouth to avoid screaming. Her dad couldn't know that she'd been reading a private document. 
"Nina? What are you doing in there?" Her father called from the living room. She rushed to tuck the paper back in the pile and closed the drawer.
"Nothing!" She called back with a shaky voice and went to her room. She leaned on the door and slid down to her butt. Her eyes closed and she hid her face in her hands. The words from the paper still levitated in the darkness before her eyes. 

-We are pleased to inform you that your adoption forms have been finalized and signed by the mother of your daughter.-

It stung to know that her own mother had given me up. But then she reminded herself that I didn't know anything about her situation back then, and it might have been as much for her own sake as her mother's. 
What hurt more was that her father regretted adopting her. 
At that second she made a crucial decision. No matter if her mother was dead just like her adoptive mother was, she had to find out who she was, who she had been and why she had given her child up for adoption. 
She had to know where she came from. and she had to know why she looked as special as she did.

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