Nina Brecher is your typical 17 year old girl with a talent for two things. Making enemies among her teachers and peers, and getting into trouble. On a day in September she goes on a hunt for a stapler in her stepmother's office and finds a paper telling her she was adopted. She always knew that she was different than the rest of her family. Her eyes are the color of pure gold and with hints and flecks of bright red in them, and her hair, unlike the brown straight hair she should have inherited from her mother, is a hypnotizing red that seems to glow in the sunlight. When Nina goes on a search to find her biological mother and finally get some answers, she finds her in a mental ward. She makes several visits to her mother, each time hearing more of the story that put her there. The story of the magical community in the hidden city that her mother says she came from. Soon, Nina finds herself in between two worlds. Should she stay, or should she try to hunt down this hidden city?


2. Chapter 2

Later the same night everyone was gathered in front of the fireplace after dinner with a cup of Natalia's homemade chai. Natalia had studied in Thailand for five years, and everything anybody consumed in that house, was Thai food and drink.
Nina leaned back in her armchair and tucked her feet under her body. She looked away from her father laughing with Kitty while the two of them were playing Scrabble with disgust. Kitty was probably the stupidest creature on earth. She hadn't learned how to read before she was eleven years old, and now she was failing miserably at spelling out "Jingle". Instead Nina turned her gaze to the fire dancing around in the little brick frame.
She admired their effortless dance across the glowing embers. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and out her hand back on the armrest, slightly turned towards the fireplace. She blinked, and when her eyes opened the flames were going higher and flaring with energy. She absentmindedly  closed her finger around the edge of her sleeve, and when she did the flames seemed to almost calm down.

She got up from the chair to find a stapler for some homework assignment she'd been given last week. She'd written it already of course, she was a smart and ambitious girl, but it was due tomorrow, and it just needed to be put together.
She rummaged through the drawers in Natalia's office to find it and lifted a stack of papers. It was so big she couldn't hold all of it in one hand, so she divided it in two and while her one hand stretched out to pick up the rest a document with her name on it caught her eye. 
She slowly and carefully pulled it out and ran her eyes over the text. With a gasp she dropped the paper as she realized what it was.

An adoption confirmation.


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