Cupids Fall 2: Harry (Sequel)

Sequel to Cupids Fall: Harry - After the bad break up, as Harry; he took his time for months but still, he just can’t forgetting the love of his life. He missed Diamond. It’s hard for him. He’s not ready to let her go. When he lost her, Harry lost the smile on his face. As Diamond; after the bad break up, she was sick of having her heart broken. But still, she always loved Harry and will always love him because Harry taught her how to love but not how to stop. As Niall; still and always, to see Diamond was to love her, love but her, and love her forever and he always will. Love never says sorry.


10. Taken.

Diamond's POV

I dreamed that I was in a hospital gown and I couldn't even breathe for a moment. I heard a voice filled up the room. The sound of a baby's crying. I closed my eyes for a while when I saw mum holding something in her arms. 

'Diamonds....', mum called and I fluttered my eyes opened. 

'Its a girl', she added. 

'Diamond? Diamond?' I heard Alex's called and I fluttered my eye opened. I was laying on a bed in one of the dressing rooms. It wasn't mine ofcourse. It was probably Roo's I guess. 

'How are you feeling, Didi?'

'I-I'm fine', I replied, sitting up. Alex was beside me. 'Uhm what happened?'

'Let me see her!' Roo shouted from outside the door. 

'No, Roo. Give her some space'

I remembered now. I had fainted. My breathing quickened and I felt dizzy again. 

'Im going to be sick I guess', I cried with my hand over my mouth and I ran in the bathroom. I dropped on my knees ofcourse and vomited in the toilet. I groaned in pain, clutching my stomach again and again and then wiping my mouth with some toilet papers. 

'I don't want to jump into any of conclusions here, Didi. But did you happen to mis your periods this mobth?', Alex asked again. 

'Uhm yes I guess', I replied. 'But it's only because of all this working stress. Alex, I'm ok', I added, washing my face in the sink. 

'Ok If is it really though', she calmly insisted and I glared at her with a tired faces. 

'Yes, Alex. It is' I said walking back in the dressing room. I sat on the end of the bed and pulled out my phone. 

'B-but', I stopped. Thinking not to tell her about what had happened between me and Harry in the last two months. 

'Just try me, Didi. I'm all ears', she said. 

I rolled my eyes, 'Harry used protection everytime we had sex', I was a bit blushed when I told her. Then I remembered having the nights with him. How I really miss his touch. 

'But', she sighed, 'Did you know that even he uses protection, condoms are only 98% effective though?', she argued. 

'Alex, I'm not pregnant!', I yelled and gasped were heard from outside. 

I was shocked Roo barges into the room followed by Cara and some other crews. He looked at me, breathing hard, before he slowly walked towards me. 

'Uhm, are you......' He began but his voice trailed. 

'No, Roo. Alex's just imagining things', I told everyone in the room. 

'Oh', Cara replied. Was she disappointed?

'Thats a really good news!' Roo replied.  Then he looked at me. 

'I don't know but if you're really pregnant, I'll be the father. I'll take it', he said and sat next to me, holding me tight. Cara and the rest of the crews were just standing at the door. Alex wasn't there anymore. 

'Im sorry. I couldn't take that for you, Roo. Even thought if I'm pregnant, this is mine and Harry's baby', I said. And hugged him tighter. For me, Roo's just a good friend of mine. I love our amazing friendship but I couldn't make it if he want me to love him more than that. But where wa Alex?

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