Cupids Fall 2: Harry (Sequel)

Sequel to Cupids Fall: Harry - After the bad break up, as Harry; he took his time for months but still, he just can’t forgetting the love of his life. He missed Diamond. It’s hard for him. He’s not ready to let her go. When he lost her, Harry lost the smile on his face. As Diamond; after the bad break up, she was sick of having her heart broken. But still, she always loved Harry and will always love him because Harry taught her how to love but not how to stop. As Niall; still and always, to see Diamond was to love her, love but her, and love her forever and he always will. Love never says sorry.


2. Still The One.



Harry’s P.O.V

     “So how was your holidays? I mean, you got the off days work about a month, my baby?”, mum asked me as we all sat around the table eating dinner. Grandpa and my aunt Lana were here too. Since the bad break up with Diamond, I found myself like an idiot because I cheated on her and let her go. But after the day I was broke up with her, I dumped Taylor too. She seems like angry but I couldn’t think about anything else except Diamond. And the worse part is, Taylor is cheating on me too that time. I was so stupid. I busted her sending texts to her ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy. She had accidently sent a message meant for him, to me before we headed to celebrate the end of 2012. Even worse, the text was all about how she wished she was spending New Year’s with Conor, I only found out by accident and I was furious. I felt hurt and betrayed, confronted her, but I wasn’t convinced when she insisted it was just a friendly catch up text. I knew about their history, but I didn’t know they were still in touch. I got the vibe that this was only the latest in a long string of texts. Although Taylor assured me there’s nothing going on, I wasn’t convinced and I walked out. But then, Diamond still the one and will be mine again. Then but not now.

     “Uhm, I don’t know”, I said, and her eyes widened. “How it can be?”, she said. I shooked my head. “I missed her, mum”, I said sadly. And try to hold back the tears. Mum smile weakly at me and rubbed my back. “You have to move on, baby”, she said softly. “What? I beg your pardon?”, I replied. Shocked to hear that from my mum. “Well, I think the best way is, you to move on, sweetheart. How many times do you need to get hurt for you to know it’s time to let go?”, she said even more softly. “I… I don’t know, mum. I still loved her. like before and it will never changed. She’s different”, I said. taken aback. “It’s up to you, then. As long as it can makes you happy. I will always support you”, she said and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled weakly, “Thanks mum”.

     “So, when will the documentary will be starting for the shoot?”, she asked. “Next week. After we all set up our new single for the red nose day, one way or another and then we’ll be on tour again”, I said. She nodded. “Paul asked me to be in the studio then. To say something about you guys” I nodded, “Yes. I know, Lou called me yesterday. But I’m not ready to see them. I knew, Niall, Zayn and Liam were still mad at me. It’s all my fault let Diamond go”, I explained. “Don’t worry, my dear. They’ll be fine”. “Oh, you guys will be starting doing the documentaries this year, Harry?”, mum and me turned to see Gemma walked into the kitchen and she take a place next to me. “Yeah, on homelessness”, I teased with my mouth full of food. “Harry”, mum scrunched up her nose at me, “Don’t talk with your mouth full”. “Sorry”, I said, and spat the food out on the table. Gemma burst out laughing, while mum looked away in disgust.

     “What did you say you were doing, son?”, grandpa asked, trying to avoid a family fight. “No. Me and the boys just doing the documentaries for our band. It’s called 1D3D movie this year”, I said. “Oh, very good”, he replied, retreating back to a world of his own. “What member of the family are you using as your subject this time? Gemma?”, aunt Lana said shyly. Gemma slammed down her knife and fork, “That’s not funny, aunt Lana”, I said seriously, surprising Gemma. “God, why is everyone so touchy these days?”, aunt Lana asked, looking around, “It was just a joke”. “It wasn’t funny, Lana”, mum said sternly. “What did she say?”, grandpa asked mum after snaping out his trance. Mum just shooked her head dismissively and he knew not to ask again. “So, that’s mean Diamond will be there too?”, mum asked. I sighed. “Yes” “Great! It’s been ages I haven’t seen her. I missed her!”, Gemma yelled happily. “Oh, Gemma”, I sighed, slicing into my chicken breast, “You really need to grow up, you know. There was nothing left with me and her”, I said sadly. Gemma finished her beer and glared at me. I then calmly picked up my cutlery and plate of food without a word to anyone and made my way into the living room where I turned the television on and ate my dinner in peace.


Niall’s P.O.V

      I flicked through the newspapers to see which one contained photos of Alex’s fashion line that was in Korea. She succeeded in persuading her fashion line. She’s happy to have succeeded in her chosen career. And I was happy for her too. Then there’s some photos of Diamond with other models from Burberry on the walking stage presentating their clothes. “Hey!”, the grumpy newsagent yelled at me, “This is not a library. You either buy it or put it down”. I sighed and began to gather every newspaper from the newsstand once again. I had to take two trips to the counter, due to the weight of the papers, and the man didn’t even think to help me. Not that I would have wanted his help anyway. Once again a queue had formed behind the till. “It’s really him…” “There… Niall Horan” “One direction’s Niall Horan is here!”, I could heard those words they whispered to each other. I smiled to myself and took my time. It was his own fault, if he would just let me flick through the papers, I wouldn’t have to hold him up. I made my way to the top of the queue with the last of the papers and began to add bars of chocolate and packets of sweets to the pile.

     “Oh, and can I have a bag too, please?”, I batted my eyelashes and smiled sweetly. The old man stared down at me over the rim of his glasses as though I was a naughty boy. “Oh, you Niall Horan!”, he yelled. He was shocked to see me. “I’m sorry. I didn’t noticed that was you”, he said softly. I laughed, “It’s okay. Thank you”, I smiled and made my way towards the door. Just as I was about to pull the door open it was pushed from the other side, causing my purchases to spill out all over the floor once again. “I’m so sorry”, the boy said, bending down to help me. “Oh, it’s OK”, I replied politely. “Oh, it’s you Niall!”, the other voice said, and I looked up startled. It was Ruby with the unusual grey eyes. “We meet again”, she said. “Max isn’t it?”, I smiled as I turned to see the boy that was next to her. Max nodded, handing me, the kingsize chocolate bars. “You’ve a good memory, how are you bro?”, he laughed and I went to give them a big friendly hug. “I’m fine, thank you”, I said and Ruby helped me piled everything back into my bag, lost in thought, and got back onto my feet. “Well, I’m sure I’ll bump into Niall Horan again soon”, Ruby smiled. “Niall, is there any chance you would like to go for that coffee today? If you cant, that’s fine…”, she bit her lip. I smiled and nodded.


A week later.

Liam’s P.O.V

     I locked my car and make my way to the studio front door. Today is our first rehearsal day for our ‘Take Me Home’ tour that will be on a month away. And I has been told by Louis that Harry will joining us after months I haven’t seen him. I felt bad for ignoring him but I decided that he deserved that after what he had been done to Diamond. “Hello mate!”, I smiled when I saw Zayn waiting for me at the door. He was alerted. I gave him a big bear hug. “How was your holidays?”, he asked. “I spent the whole holidays with my family and Dani. You?”, I replied. “Not so bad but it was great having some chilling times with our family, right? I didn’t have enough time to see Perrie”, he said sadly. I smiled then we talked about other things until, “Hey, did you already knows about Alex? She succeeded in persuading her fashion line”, Zayn told me. I nodded. “Yeah, I already read that article in the internet yesterday”, I said.

     We then saw Niall walked in, followed by Louis and Eleanor. I heard that they’re planning for their wedding because last week, Louis told me that he had proposed El and she said yes. After giving them hugs, Louis suddenly said, “You guys know right that Harry will be here too today, so I was just wondering, I hope that you guys wanted to talk him. Just stop ignoring him”. Zayn sighed. Niall did too. “What the hell, Lou?! Listen, I am not talking to him!”, he yelled and walked out. Seems like he still didn’t forgive Harry for what he had done. “Uhm, I don’t know. I just can’t. I’m sorry”, Niall said that and followed Zayn. Louis then looked up to see me with his sadly face. “Don’t say that you’ll not talking to him too, Liam”, he said. I shooked my head, “I always cry when I’m thinking of Diamond because I just lost my bestfriend. I put the blame on Harry”, I said slowly and walked away. I heard Louis sighed. I’m sorry, Lou. It still hard for me to forget all the things that happened that day. I haven’t seen Diamond for ages since that day. And I felt bad for her for telling her the truth before she knew it herself. Poor Liam.


Diamond’s P.O.V

     I would daydream the majority of the day, make personal phone calls, especially abroad, because I didn’t have to pay the bill, and would be first in queue to collect my monthly pay cheque, which was usually spent within two weeks. Yes, this was very different from my previous jobs, but I was looking forward to every minute of it. And I love my job. When I was in Korea for Alex’s fashion line show, Cara had been good company over the last few weeks and had always succeeded in cheering me up when I felt that life just couldn’t be worse. I just miss them all, but I understood that we all needed to be with our family. Roo was a nice guy and I was happy that we had found each other.

     We’ve been closer too over the last few weeks. Rob was such a good friend that always make his effort to make me laugh and smile. They all already knew about my broke up with Harry two months ago. That was so sad. I’ll be joining them for the Burberry modeling. The management wanted to take me as one of their model so it was an oppurtinity for me, who else will reject that kind of job? I love it. But. Oh, there’s a but. But, I have to stay in London for God’s sake. The management bought a house for me to live and a car. And unfortuanately, mine house is not far from Harry’s apartment. That’s sound of weird.

     I knocked lightly on the door and a gruff voice told me to enter. My heart did a little at the sound of it, feeling as if I had been summoned to the principal’s office at school. I wiped my clammy hands on my dress and entered the room. “Hello”, I said more confidently than I felt. I walked across the small room and held out my hand to the man who had stood up from his chair. He greeted me with a big smile and a warm handshake. The face didn’t match the grumpy voice at all, thankfully. I relaxed a little at the sight of him; he reminded me of my father. He looked to be in his late fifties, with a big cuddly-bear physique, and she had to stop myself from leaping over the desk to hug him. His hair was neat, almost a sparkling silver colour and I imagined he had been an extremely handsome man in his youth.

     “Diamond Brown, isn’t it?”, he said, taking his seat and glancing down at my CV in front of him. I sat opposite him and forced myself to stay calm. I had read every interview technique manual I could get my hands on since drawing up my CV and had tried to put it all into practice, from walking into the room, to the proper handshake to the way I positioned myself in the chair. Like, come on, I am a model. I have to get use of all of these things. I wanted to look as if I was experienced, intelligent and highly confident. But I would need more than a firm handshake to succeed in proving that. “That’s right”, I said, placing my purse on my lap and resting my hands on it. He put his glasses on the end of his nose and flicked through my CV in silence. I stared at him intently and tried to read his facial expressions. It wasn’t an easy task as he was one of people who had a constant frown on his face while he read.

     “Victoria had told be a lot about you. And she’s right”, he said. Well it was either that or he wasn’t at all impressed by what he was seeing. I glanced at his desk while I waited for him to start speaking again. My eyes fell upon a silver-framed photo, featuring three pretty girls close to my own age, all smiling happily at the camera. I continued to stare at it with a smile on my face and when I looked up I realized he had put the CV down and was watching me. I smiled and tried to appear more businesslike. “Before we start talking about you, I’ll explain exactly who am I”, he explained. I nodded and trying to look very interested. “My name is Chris Feeney and I’m the founder, the head of management and or ‘the boss man’, as everyone likes to call me around here”, he chuckled, and I was charmed by his twinkling eyes. “Basically we are looking for someone like you. Beautiful, cheerful and friendly, perfect package. How would you feel about that?”. I nodded, “Thank you. That would be no problem at all. In fact, I love this job and I’m eager to begin work as soon as possible with Burberry”. Chris nodded and looked down at my CV again.

     “I see you’ve been out of the workforce for over a year and half now, am I correct in saying that?”, he lowered his head and stared at me over the rim of his glasses. “Yes, that’s right”, I nodded, “And I can assure you that was the purely out of choice. Unfortunately my fiancé was involved in a terrible car excident and I had to take time off work for that”. I swallowed hard; I knew that this would be an issue for every employer. “I see”, he said, looking up at me, “Well, I hope that he’s fully recovered now”, he smiled warmly. I wasn’t sure whether that was a question or not and didn’t know what to say. Did he want to hear about my personal life? He continued to look at me and I realized he was waiting for an answer. I cleared my throat, “Well, no actually, Mr Feeney, unfortunately he passed away since that incident. I was so sad. I cried all day and that’s why I felt it was important to leave my job at the Starbucks café”. “Gosh”, Chris put down the CV and took his glasses off. “Of course I can understand that. I’m very sorry to hear it”, he said sincerely, “It must be hard for you being so young and all…”, he looked down at his desk for a while, then met my eyes again. “My wife lost her life to breast cancer just last year so I understand how you may be feeling”, he said generously. “I’m sorry to hear that”, I said sadly, my eyes meeting those of the kind man across the table.

     Chris smiled and nodded, “Anyway, getting back to the interview”, he laughed, “So how do I know you won’t desert me after a few months?”, he smiled, but I knew he was serious. “Because this is the right job for me”, I said seriously. I took a deep breath, “Mr Feeney”, I said, moving forward to sit on the edge of my chair, “I’m a very hard worker. When I love something I give it one hundred per cent. I’m a very capable person and what that I can do my best for myself, for you and for the management. If you put your trust in me I promise I wont let you down”, I stopped myself. “Well, then, actually, I will hiring you eventhought your answer didn’t really satisfying me. Victoria and some of our models here were talking about you a lot lately. About how good you are. So it will be pleasure if you want to sign some contracts. You’ll be under Burberry for five years. And if your performance are vey good, we’ll be renewing your contract with us”, he explained. I nodded happily and laughed, “Thank you”. “Please come tomorrow morning and I want introduce you to our stuff here and the models that working under Burberry”. I nodded. I smiled to myself as I made my way out into the fresh air.

     I was shocked to see Victoria when I walked out from the room, she was talking to Alex. And when she saw me, she quickly ran and hugged me. “Oh, I miss to see you!”, she said happily as we pulled away. “Yeah me too. Where’s Cara, Roo and Rob?”, I asked. “They had their day off today. But they will be coming tomorrow to see you”, she replied. I smiled and nodded. “So, you like the new house?”, she asked. “Yes, it’s great. Isn’t it, Alex?”, I replied. Alex nodded and smiled, “Definetely”. We then gave Victoria big bear hugs before we walked out. I have to rush because I was late to see Joe. He asked me to join him with Nick at the studio. He said that he has something important to tell me.



     I had my eyes focus on the road. I took a look at my car dashboard, its already 10.07 am. I already late seven minutes. I sighed. “Oh, I better switch the radio on!”, Alex said tiredly and her hand quickly raced to the radio and flicked the switch.

     “Hello I’m Clark O’Connor and you’re listening to Hitz. FM. If you’ve just joined us we are having the biggest band boy in the world, One Direction!”, the Dj said in a cheerly tone. I sighed. Why must them?! Alex turned the volume loudly. She seems interested to hear them. But I’m not. “Helloooo!”, I started heard that voice, it was exactly Louis. “Hi everyone”, Liam said. “Hello, thank you for inviting us”, Zayn said. “Hello hello”, the voice with the thick irish accent, Niall. And… “Hello, morning people”, of course it was Harry. “Alex, could you please slow down the volume? I couldn’t foucs on my driving”, I said tiredly too. “No. I missed to hear their voice!”, she replied. “Whatever”, I mumbled. “So guys how are you doing?”, the Dj asked. “We’re doing great!”, Louis answered. “Yeah…”, Niall agreed with Louis. “We are all exciting to start on Take Me Home tour!”, Liam said happily followed by the sounds of the lads cheering ‘Yeahhh’ at the back. I remained quiet listening to the radio while driving my car.

     Five minutes later. they were all talking about their tour, I was shocked to hear that they will be coming to Ireland in two months away. I sighed because I will be home that time too. I kept asking my heart why, why, why, why and why?! I hope I didn’t have to meet or see them anywhere in Ireland because I don’t want to. I was happy that finally we reached our destination. There was a few people who was there at the street looking in my car. And they smiled back to me when I waved to them. “Alright, Alex,”, I paused and flicked the switch off on the radio. Alex sighed, “Well, could you please get in first while giving me some time alone in my car? I just need five minutes. Please…..”, I said sadly to her. She then nodded, understands me, “Alright, don’t be late. I’ll wait for you in the studio”, she said as she grabbed her bag and get out quickly. I then sighed and smiled weakly while I saw her walked in to the studio. My heart forced me to switch the radio on back and my hand did it. “…let’s take a break…”, the Dj paused, “…and this is for you…”, Liam continued, “Little Things, on Hitz. FM”, Harry finally last the sentence. My heart then started to beat like crazy when the radio started to play ‘Little Things’ followed by Zayn’s solo after that. Tears started to fill in my eyes as I heard Louis’ solo then because I knew that after this is Harry’s part.

     “I know you never love the sound of your voice on tape you never want…”, tears started to stream down my face as I heard his voice. I tried to control my cry because there were people staring in to my car from the street but I couldn’t. My hand quickly switch off the radio and I wore my sunglasses and grabbed my purse before I got out and locked my car. I spent about ten minutes to get in to the studio for some pictures and autograph with the fans. I couldn’t believe that I have fans?


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