Cupids Fall 2: Harry (Sequel)

Sequel to Cupids Fall: Harry - After the bad break up, as Harry; he took his time for months but still, he just can’t forgetting the love of his life. He missed Diamond. It’s hard for him. He’s not ready to let her go. When he lost her, Harry lost the smile on his face. As Diamond; after the bad break up, she was sick of having her heart broken. But still, she always loved Harry and will always love him because Harry taught her how to love but not how to stop. As Niall; still and always, to see Diamond was to love her, love but her, and love her forever and he always will. Love never says sorry.


7. I want.


Diamond's POV
     The curly brunette girl also was shocked to see me. 'Hi', she said awkwardly. I just smiled to her. Well, actually I just wanted to hug her so bad right now. I am really miss her but all I could do is nothing. I stood there in froze. She stood next to me and press the level button. What she's doing here? Who's living on the 10th floor? We just stood there in silence. She then turned her body to face me with teary eyes, "So this is it then. You just think that I'm a fully stranger to you now?", she went on. I sighed and quickly replied, "No. It is not like that, Dani", I then quickly turned to her and hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I thought that you'll ignored me", I explained. She put her head on my shoulder and all I can heard now is her crying. I patted her back. "How could I'm going to ignore of one my bestfriends? Do you know how much I miss my bestfriend, that is you?", she replied. Then the elevator door opened. We pulled away then grabbed my hand before went on, "Come with me". I followed her out from the elevator and we walked next to each other until we reached infront of someone's door. "Who's living in there?"  I asked as Danielle bent down for a while, searching her keys in her big dancing bag. "It's mine, El and Anna. I knew you missed them so I wanna let you meet them right now", she said as she found the right key and opened the door. I was speechless as the door swung opened. Danielle smiled before grabbing my hand, "Come in". And the music went on to my ears. "Well, someone must not been sleeping yet", she said as I already got the music. Last first kiss was on playing. I followed Danielle. I stood there in froze watching all over the house while Danielle turned to lock the door. She then leaded me into the living room and there I saw a beautiful lady sitting on the armchair while reading her magazine. "Hey babe. Look who was with me now", Danielle announced. Eleanor then looked up to see Danielle and she smiled then gave all her attention back to the magazine she was holding. Within seconds, she looked up again and I could saw her eyes softly and tearing. She quickly stood. And ran to me. She hugged me tightly, not even wanting to let me go. I hugged her back. 

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