When Lilliana Redding's Aunt falls ill from Cancer, Lilliana tries to do everything to say goodbye to her Aunt. But in this Futuristic world of Illuzia, the government cannot allow Lilliana to see her aunt, because Lilliana is different, special, she has powers. They cannot afford for her to become ill herself so they do everything to try and stop her.


2. Sickness in Health

Well then whoever you are, its time for my story to begin, there is action, romance, death etc, My life has it all but there is one thing my life isn't, Boring. If my life were boring then you would not be reading this. Now for some introductions. My name is Lilliana i'm 15, short, long red hair, green eyes, my dad is dead because of the government, and my aunt is dying of cancer. Now i know in the past cancer was a disease that was incurable and killed many, well they found a cure. Hooray! but the cancer mutated and now its cleverer than us, can kill you in a week if you're lucky, or in a year if it wants to be cruel. Being healthy in Illuzia is different. You'd think we'd be happy and enjoy life, but no. Anyone who is healthy is treated like porcelain, the houses we live in are built to keep out the diseases. I should be glad right? I should be thankful, but I would give anything to swap places with my aunt, she's dying. She should be dead withing a month and i would give anything to see her one last time. But the government can't risk a healthy person to get sick and no matter how much i plead they would never let me see her. i don't know why though. Sure i'm healthy but normally the Government let you see a dying loved one. My friend Nina saw her dying grandma last week who's dying of cancer like my aunt. So why can I not see my aunt? Its stupid and pointless. I've been told  can speak to her on the phone but its not the same is it? I want to say goodbye to her face to face. Is that too much to ask? But in this world i guess it is. 


Lilliana x 

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