When Lilliana Redding's Aunt falls ill from Cancer, Lilliana tries to do everything to say goodbye to her Aunt. But in this Futuristic world of Illuzia, the government cannot allow Lilliana to see her aunt, because Lilliana is different, special, she has powers. They cannot afford for her to become ill herself so they do everything to try and stop her.


1. Introduction

Illuzia, a land with no happiness, no dreaming. If you think for yourself or say anything against the government then that's it. You're toast. Family life can be difficult but the Government provide everything for us, we do not need to work, all we do is go out, socialize or go to school. If the government ever needs you then you go to them. No questions asked. My father's service was required by the government but he never came back. That was 3 years ago when I was 12. My mother still believes he is alive but I know better. You're taught to believe in Science and not to dream. As we sleep our dreams are recorded and the government  keeps a tab on them. If you dream about the government in the wrong way then you are sent to prison or publicly hanged. This is how they keep control, with threats, empty threats. Nobody has been killed ever because everyone knows better than to defy them. 


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