a lost girl trys to find her way home.


2. Who am I?

Anastasia's POV

I rubbed her eyes and looked around, then blinked, 'where am I?' I thought. Looking around I saw a dark forest surrounding me with dark trees towering above me. A piercing scream shook my body. 'Only a crow, only a crow!' I reassured myself shakily getting to my feet. I tried to remember how I'd got there but all there was in my head was a fuzzy mess.  'All I have to do now is get out.' I muttered peering through the black shadows as small animals scuttled about. I searched trough my pockets looking for a mobile I somehow knew I had and pulled it out. Scrolling down through my contacts list lots of peoples names that I didn't recognize. Seeing a contact labeled 'Mom' I pressed the call button. A message popped on the screen, 'call not recognized', and my phone went dead. I carried on walking in no direction in particular when I heard a somehow familiar noise, the drone of traffic. I jogged a short distance and came out of the forest and into a roadside park in Leeds. I quickly walked out of the park and into a back alley to escape the crowds. I sat down and was soon asleep out of exhaustion.

-Her Dream-

running, running, I can't stop, if I do I'll die.......die......die.....die.....die

-End of dream-

I woke up and saw a figure at the end of the twilight filled alley. 'Hey you there, you okay?' he asked in a gravelly voice. 

'I-I'm O-OK.' I stammered backing up against a wall.

'I know some thing to make you feel better. Here take this.' he said handing me a packet.

'n-n-no.' I whispered.

'What was that darling?' he said in a leering voice.

'NO!' I shouted pushing past him into the main street.

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